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Gigabyte M27Q 27" QHD 170hz IPS 0.5ms Gaming Monitor $449 Delivered @ Centre Com


Ripper price for a very very good monitor.

Excellent colours, good brightness, 1440p 170hz, excellent response times, good contrast for an IPS, reasonable mount, and built in KVM switch, which if you don't know is very handy if you want to connect both a laptop and a PC to your monitor. Plug your keyboard and mouse into the montor, connect your laptop with just a USB-C to the monitor and you can get video out + use the keyboard and mouse. Then to switch to the PC you can just hit button on the monitor

Only downside is the BGR subpixel ratio, and it's maybe not quite as fast as the Dell S27DGF but has less inverse ghosting so ends up just as good for all intents and purposes. If I hadn't just got the Dell I would've got this

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    Hmmm. apparently the fix for the BGR subpixel is to…. turn the monitor upside down??

    • With loss of gsync functionality sadly

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    Bought it a month back - excellent monitor. I also read the review above but never felt a need to use the monitor upside down :).
    KVM is excellent saves time and cables.

  • I have had this for over 2 months now and can fully recommend it. I knew about the BGR pixel layout prior to purchase, but TBH it hasn't bothered me at all. In fact, I wouldn't have known it was BGR if I didn't know about it.

    I use the settings in RTINGS for the "best" PQ. Had HDR on just to test some YT videos as this is the 1st HDR display in the household but now I just turn it off as with HDR enabled it just sets brightness to max every time I turn on the PC (which, I understand, is a HDR monitor thing).

    BTW, RTINGS rated this monitor just a little bit higher that the beloved Dell S2721DGF even with the BGR layout if that sort of thing matters to you.