ShopBack Rejecting My Cashback Even Though It Is Listed as Their Category

Hi All.
I'm really disappointed with shop back and I'm usually pretty laid back with these cashback companies.

I purchased some Philips hue gradient light strip ( on amazon and before I purchased, I had checked to make sure i would receive 6% for smart lighting. Their website advertised as 6% for Home Improvement ( Includes Kitchen & Bath, Electrical, Smart Lights, Fans, Hardware )

After purchasing, the cashback tells me 0% cashback is rewarded.
I contacted shop back and they indicated this smart lighting is classified as Home (Includes Bed Bath, Decor, Storage & Organisation, Heaters, Fans, Vacuum Cleaners, Mattresses, Furniture).

I tried to find more information where this smart lighting product would tell me how it is categorized as Home and not Home improvement as the amazon page has the words Smart and lights all over and not Bed or bath, or fans, or vacuum. The shop back clerk cant explain to me and just tells me it is not in the right category.

It's quite disappointing as I have used cash rewards to purchase amazon smart lights stuff before and id always get cashback.

Shopping with shop back has been frustrating as it seems they can deny your cashback on however they feel like. I have been loyal and recommended many friends and family to shop back and after this experience, Ill be telling them to move right away from them.

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  • You are one in a long line of Shopback 'clients' that have been refused their claim despite having satisfied the criteria.

    They will be vague and refer to general terms and conditions which do not apply.

    Just take what money you have and leave Shpoback.

    • Shopback rejected my claim initially because the website (Mr Porter) apparently didn't track - after complaining via email they agreed to honour it out of goodwill. Still waiting for the refund period to end before I can cash out.

      Looking rather unlikely I will use Shopback given how much hassle it was and so many reports of unreliability. Cashrewards doesn't always have the best rates but it generally works for me…

  • I think the category is being defined by Amazon, they will let Shopback knows what category your product is under and if Shopback receives no commission from Amazon, they can't pay you out.

  • Looking at that product page, it shows the category breadcrumbs as Home -> Lighting -> Indoor Lighting -> etc.

    • On a desktop browser the category is on the far left in bold text next to "Best Sellers"

      • its weird coz when i look under category home improvement, its also there as well. no different to home > lighting > etc

  • Best to air your grievances publically and angrily on Suneeta will email you and you might have better luck with her.

    • ShopBack need to handle their service design better if the only way to get a desired outcome is after leaving a bad review.

      Based on the comments I have read on here, this 'Debra' from name is tainting their reputation so I'm surprised that service design hasn't been revised.

      I'd recommend you also sending a private message to the ShopBack rep on here as they have been helpful to me at times.

  • If it was almost any other company they'd be banned twenty times over.

    They might offer you a pittance if you keep complaining. I've had success claiming the difference ($10ish) with my debit card on a previous purchase but I wouldn't try that with amazon.

  • Has anyone had shopback track?

  • thanks all for the responses. it looked like it wasn't shopbacks fault. Pecan is correct, the seller had categorized the item as a Home item, even though it has smart lighting plastered all over the product.

    it wouldn't have made any difference if i used cashrewards either.

    i just wished it was easier to spot as i was able to see the product under the home improvement section which is what i thought id net me some cashback .