iHerb.com and PayPal Not Giving Currency Conversion Option

I noticed from my last couple of purchases on iHerb.com that it is now doing currency conversion to AU$ itself even when I choose US$ as my preferred currency. I always preferred to pay US$ and get my credit card to do the currency conversion because the CC gives a far better exchange rate. iHerb.com does not even tell the exchange rate they would use and it's completely opaque to the buyer. If I choose to pay using PayPal, that is also automatically converting the currency itself (and take a big cut) without even informing me.

I find this behaviour quite appalling. What can I do about it?


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  • What can I do about it?

    Contact them to clarify and/or shop somewhere else.

  • I just checked and the checkout allows purchase in USD with delivery to AU.

    Sounds like the issue is with PayPal not the site. I've had issues with PayPal where it forces me to use their conversion rate for an overseas purchase (in their local currency). Just be sure to check and re-check the PayPal settings.

    Typically there's an option to change currency conversion

    • Both the site iherb.com and PayPal have changed ways about the same time. When I used CC to pay on iherb, it would always use the currency setting of the account and when I used PayPal, I would get the option (in small print) to pay in US$. But of late, both are converting currency automatically and charging a hefty conversion fee. I used 28 degrees MasterCard for all overseas online purchases.

      A correction in the above comment: they do not charge a conversion fee exactly, but their exchange rate is pretty pathetic.

  • I have a 28 degrees card linked to my PayPal account and choose (a) pay by PayPal (b) pay by the linked 28 degree card and (c) on PayPal then change the billing currency to that of the USA merchant. The 28 degrees make the conversion with no fees
    That may work in your case?