[Unobtainable] Samsung 860 EVO 2TB SATA Internal SSD $272 Delivered + $123 Cashback ($149 after Cashback) @ Shallothead eBay

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Just bought this deal, seller on the invoice is Kai Seng Computers (K.S. Computers) so eligible for cash back. Might just be the SSD deal of the year!

Original Coupon Deal

Original Cashback deal

Deal moved to Forums - Item that was shipped to buyers was a different model / product.

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    Shallothead don't seem to be one of the participating retailers?

    Participating stores -


    • Shallothead will be invoiced under K.S Computers

    • Read the description, name on the invoice is Kai Seng Computer Solution (K.S. Computer technology) :-)

      • I always wondered why does KS Computers have so many names/shopfronts selling essentially the same stuffs.

        • Seems stupidly complicated doesn't it? Surely they have worked out some benefit to doing this. Either that or they have changed the name of their business over the years lol if they do that I believe the invoice needs to be the original company name.

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          people like to shop around and have a choice. same with shops in shopping centres. eg. 1 owner 5 different phone repair business in one shopping centre.

    • mwave doesnt seem to have any items on their ebay store

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    ordered! Thanks

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    Thanks, bought one.

  • damn just missed it

    • its gone? had a feeling this would be a quick one. Sucks you missed out :-(

    • There is another code with afterpay with a lot of ebay sellers. PAPDY20

  • OzBargained. Darn.

  • edit: bought one

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    Dang it, if only I didn't waste time on other stuff

  • 2tb now oos. :(

  • Aaaaand it's gone. 11 units sold on 9 March.

  • How much would the 1tb be after cashback?

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    9 Available in their other listing - Out of Stock (Refer to other listings below)

    • Nice pickup!

    • Yeah, thanks for this link. Got one as well.

    • Thanks got one

    • $320 before cashback in the listing. Or am I missing something?

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        15% off with eBay Plus code: PPLUSFLASH

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    the seller has multiple listing - this one as well

    • Sneaky!

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      Thanks heaps thought I missed out as I was watching this for some time for $123 cashback makes it a great deal

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  • Seems like its back in stock at on a few other listings.

  • Thanks to RichardL and fo0lishkid for finding multiple listings by the seller, hope everyone enjoys their dirt cheap SSDs!

  • Am I missing something? Shows OOS.☹

    Edit: even tho I've missed it, awesome deal! +1

    • some still available on other listings, see below

  • Damn, didn't come come after the initial sell out….

  • Just got one thanks!

    • thanks got one, will i get the same cashback and will it come down to $149 after Cashback

  • 2 left here

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    Picked up a 4tb for $433.15! ($679.15 with $246 cashback)

    • Received and cashback claim submitted

  • Is the historical lowest price?

    • I dare say so.

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    FUTU online has the 2TB for $287, $164 after CB

    • Is FUTU online a participating store?

      • I think FUTU is also K.S. Computers
        Listing picture also shows the Samsung CashBack

        • Oh yeah that's right

      • Basically Shopping Express, which are all operated by KS computers

    • I guess they jacked the price since your comment.
      I got 338 now, any link ?

      • 15% off with eBay Plus code: PPLUSFLASH

      • You have to apply the PPLUSFLASH code.

  • Great deal, but I'm not need any more storage for now. Let everyone else fight it out for the scraps. :D

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    Thanks OP, combine with AfterPay's new user offer, this is probably the best 2tb SSD deal to date. (fingers crossed for smooth cashback claim with Samsung)

    • What afterpay deal. You talking about $10 off?

      • It is the spend $50 and get $30 off.

  • Wow out of stock. Sad.

  • Wow , I missed it :(

  • Is there a code for eBay plus

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/ebayplus/home

      You might be too slow. There were roughly 40 of these from 2 eBay sellers. All gone. Maybe they will put more on later.

      • Unlikely since this is an EOL product replaced by 870 EVO. Btw, 870 EVO 2TB is $236 after CB which is still a great deal.

        • More just got added, but be quick.

          • @netsurfer: haha they jacked up the price by 8 bucks. Already got one before :D

            • @BrutallyHonest: Wait, you bought 860 EVO 2TB and suggesting people consider 870 EVO 2TB?

              • @netsurfer: Nope. Just offering some alternatives to those who might have missed out on the 860 model, given they usually go for $300+ retail.

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      870 EVO. Only $36 cashback as opposed to $123 on the 860 EVO model.

      • Oh no, didn't realised, have to email them to cancel the order now!

    • Sorry guys, I was too excited and didn't realise it's 870 EVO with only $36 cashback.
      For those who made the same mistake, please cancel the order in ebay asap.

  • damn i need this

  • Got email about order being prepared but there is no email with the invoice, anyone got an invoice? how long did it take? Thanks

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      Yes i just got mine. Came a little while after the "its on its way" email.

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        yap got mine as well, I can confirm the invoice is from "K.S. Computer Technology PTY LTD"

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        88dozz, does your invoice have Item No for MZ-76E2T0BW (860 EVO 2TB)?
        mine says ssdSsg-MZ-77E2T0BW, suggesting its an 870 EVO 2TB… reached out to the seller and hoping its just an error on the invoice.

        • Mine says 870 as well. Let us know how you go with seller.

        • Mine does as well!

        • Yeah good spot, mine Also says that. Hoping a 870 doesn't rock up because that would absolutely kill this deal!

        • Mine is also 870 EVO

        • I was checking the claim website and came across the same and checked the invoice noticed the same thing. SKU on the confirmation from Ebay email clearly says 860 EVO 2TB.

          It turns up tomorrow, but am pretty sure it will be 870 EVO, easy returns with ebay plus anyways

        • Did the seller reply? Hoping it is just an error in the invoice.

          • @netsurfer: no reply yet…still waiting, but the parcel is due to arrive tomorrow so will find out sooner or later.

        • I bought from the Shallothead ebay link (after swearing I would never attempt to buy from them again due to battles over cancellation of my orders without contacting me!) - and it appears now my order shows 'Option: 870 QVO 2TB' - yet I had definitely selected the 860 EVO 2TB - no mention of anything anywhere else!…. Seems the item was switched after my order - Messaged them but as per last time I assume everything will be ignored…

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          Got a reply from Shallothead on ebay:

          Thank you for contacting us, unfortunately for this order there were no more 860 Evo drives available and for this order our system automatically allocated the stock to be upgraded to the 870 Evo. If you do not wish to keep the drive, feel free to reject the delivery and we can process a full refund once back.

          My order shows 870 QVO 2gb - I guess I will need to find out what they actually send…. I was under the impression that ebay sellers should contact you and advise before changing out your order for another product - not just send what they feel like! It's not like I can reject the order as they suggest but if it's not what I ordered I guess I can return it via ebay plus…

      • Good Spot - 77E2 on mine too!?

      • They just got back to me confirming they sent a EVO870 2TB due to no 860 stock and advised to refuse the delivery and they will issue a full refund.