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not with ozito but the same company makes Worx tools so possibly they are - cant confirm though
24/02/2023 - 13:48
A few years ago I had a similar issue occur, how ever not with a Kia it was a Hyundai Getz, most of the cars weight is situated in the…
11/02/2023 - 10:55
yes it is available
25/01/2023 - 14:27
Just keep in mind the price looks amazing compared to that previous post how ever you are comparing a refurb to a new product
18/01/2023 - 09:25
would be closer to $400 cause of the currency exchange rate, how ever this price is because the companies other brand AEG are doing the…
15/01/2023 - 17:43
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15/01/2023 - 17:43
Maybe start a website link it here so its part of the network and remain part of the community
11/01/2023 - 13:02
have you checked the settings in the tv i remember some sony tvs had a child proof option where it could turn on then turn off moments later
10/01/2023 - 10:40
sold out already but the normal coke at $27 is a bargain 36 cans compared to woolworths and coles 30 pack at $30
09/01/2023 - 15:13
But if we are always inconsistent with spelling wrongly wouldn't that mean we are consistent
07/01/2023 - 13:01
Now we just need a xx60 for under $700
07/01/2023 - 09:44
Ozbargain complaint, when you found this aircon, why did you not report it as a bargain to the Ozbargain community i feel cheated knowing i…
07/01/2023 - 09:25
Looks to be old stock, decent price but goes to this price every year, the RRP seems to be false the Garmin Fenix 7 Solar…
06/01/2023 - 12:20
Ill be honest, when this was first advertised on ads for instagram a few years ago, i got a subscription when it was First month free then…
06/01/2023 - 12:15
i used a 4ah battery lasted about 40mins and didnt finish the car the sucking power wasnt that good i just went and got a powered kmart…
03/01/2023 - 18:51
if its anything like the car vacuum pretty bad sucking power but does the job if you have 2-3 batteries to do the car
03/01/2023 - 12:46
from research the only brand that uses a different battery is AEG when you go upto the 58v in lawnmowers, in this case the PXC Ozito range…
03/01/2023 - 12:45
not sure if everyone has it but i have an ebay code for AU $59.10
21/12/2022 - 10:57
from working in restuarants and also visiting them , what your probably finding is they are probably using 5L bottles that have sat in the…
21/12/2022 - 10:48
the error code fuel to air ratio i get in my car its the O2 sensor being dirty can prevent the car from going into drive or gear or even…
19/12/2022 - 15:15
define why someone who went 237 consecutive weeks as rank 1 in tennis isnt ranked as top sportsperson of all time
15/12/2022 - 12:48
first, put yourself in their shoes "not literally" but think if it was your car and your neighbour had footage of it happening, would you…
12/12/2022 - 13:25
Mcdonalds used to have a policy if the cheese was stuck to the "cardboard ring" or box you could ask for a replacement not sure if its the…
30/11/2022 - 14:31
is this another one of those questions like the tiktok one i seen when someone says to postpone a meeting is it move the meeting forward or…
30/11/2022 - 10:39
while that is a problem people walking past can also see it, i dont think many people would be 2 happy having a camera down their top that…
29/11/2022 - 19:05
as in down their tshirt
28/11/2022 - 22:20
they have had this for quite a few months now at my local store, When i order bulk of items "cashiers are closed" or i would go to them, i…
28/11/2022 - 12:27
As someone who likes loud music, i like to sound proof my walls so neighbours dont have to hear it, if your neighbour doesnt want to do…
26/10/2022 - 16:28
What i think needs to be abolished is 2 things 1. Construction zone speed limiting when there is no construction going on. Road can be…
08/10/2022 - 16:59
you mean like when pfizer sold the Advil Brand to GSK now there is a 10 pack instead of a 20 pack in woolworths for the same price as the…
19/09/2022 - 10:39