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[eBay Plus] Edifier S350db 2.1 Bookshelf Speaker $282.39 Delivered @ Wireless 1 via eBay


Cheaper than I've seen it for a long time. I bought one, keen to hear what others think.

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  • Good price, I paid $299 and really like them.

  • Damn thats a crazy good deal! I purchased these for $380 and im happy with them at that price.
    Wont find anything better sounding for the price.

  • Tempting….would this be good enough to hook up to a TV in a small living room? Do these come with remote controls? Am I correct in thinking HDMI ARC won't work with this so TV remote can't control the volume>

    • No ARC.

      It would be fine, better than the cheapo soundbars that is for sure.

      INPUT TYPEPC AUX Optical Coaxial Bluetooth

    • Comes with a circle remote to power on/off, change volume and inputs. Don't think it will work with ARC.
      More than good enough for a small living room. Good enough for a large living room. These things PUMP

    • Plug it into the headphone socket and volume should work fine.

      I'm running some ancient Logitech X230s and they're plenty loud for a smallish room, these things should be fine.

  • got them from edifier directly for 319 + shipping late nov last year. this is a great deal!

  • i currently have some 1850DB i got for for 180$ off the edifier website. its not delivered yet. would it be worth it to return it and buy these? purpose for a vinyl player ona desk/bookshelf setup. i would have to pay for returns. btw the sale on the 1850DB is still going if anyone is interested

    • I have the 1850s I use with a sub I already had. If you already have a sub 1850s will be fine. If you don't, get these.

  • have these on my tv as my tv speakers in the bedroom, sounds great, does its job.

  • I really wish these came in Black. :(

  • Anyone compared these to the Swan M50's that I don't think they make anymore?

  • Bugger i paid more

  • So tempting! Must resist.

  • How's the sub in this set? Can it be used seperately or with a different system?

  • Bought them last week for $299. Very happy.

  • Great buy, especially at this price. Perfect as PC speakers, and easily fill a room. Remote is really handy for source switching and bluetooth pairing is seamless. Subwoofer is fantastic. Easy recommend.

  • Nice price. I got my set a couple years ago for about 340.

    Excellent set of speaker for the price.

  • Dammit I forgot to come back and buy these! Sigh… next time gadget, next time!

  • When connecting them via Bluetooth, does anyone else experience some lag between the pc and speaker audio? Example, watching a movie, there's a delay between when people talk and when it gets outputted on audio. The issue is fixed when I use the rca to 3.5mm connection.