Moving Interstate - Sydney to Melbourne

I have never moved interstate and wondered what I will need to change or do moving from NSW to VIC.

Also any recommendations for removalist?


  • I moved interstate for work and used a mob called Rydgeways though it was 20 years ago. I've since moved overseas three times (and back) for the same employer and I have always used Allied Pickfords who are great.

  • Thank you. Just checking the Allied website ;)

  • How much stuff do you have?

    • Average 2 bed house. Some outdoor furniture and maybe 20 boxes. Most furniture dismantled.

  • You're moving TO Melbourne?

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    How about we swap places, I'll give you my job in Sydney and I'll move back to Melbourne for you.

    • What’s your job?

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        Don't want to give too much away but I work in a start up, low risk considering how well the business has done too actually.

        • Canva

          • @deme: Lol no.

            • @Ghost47: What do you have against Canva?

              • @deme: Nothing at all — I think they're a great success story, I mean, imagine what the country would be like if, instead of investing in property, more Australians used their brains more started their own businesses, imagine the net benefit to themselves and society — but I wouldn’t consider them to be in startup territory anymore.

        • I’m sure you’d love both of my jobs lol

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    Town down your wardrobe. If you wear your Ken Done and Jenny Kee outfits down here, it'll be an instant giveaway.

    • not if they are moving to Brunswick, Collingwood, St Kilda or Fitzroy.

      • Nah, mate, we all wear black in Fitzroy/Collingwood. However, if you are into that look you might want to have a look at Vintage Garage and Shag in Smith St. They have some amazing outfits in both places.

    • All my clothes is black. Recently I got adventurous and got 2 white tshirts and dark blue shorts. Lol I think I’ll fit right in lol

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    In addition to ggop’s helpful suggestions:

    • update your details on the electoral roll (I neglected to do this when moving from NSW to QLD, and happened to get assigned to jury duty and later issued with a fine when I didn’t show up because I hadn’t received the letter. I got out of the fine, but was annoying having to write a letter)
    • organise for your mail to be forwarded
    • update your address with banks, previous employer, super fund etc
    • update Medicare details if applicable, address might be important for covid vac rollout (also might not be)
    • depending on how often you see a GP/ your health needs, suss out where you might go if you need one and organise to have your medical record transferred
    • suss out supermarket opening times near where you’re moving to, if you’re arriving late at night (which sometimes happens if you’re driving) make sure you have what you’ll need for one night in your new place TP, small amount of food, etc If not going to a hotel or friends place beds sheets and towel handy etc
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      Good list.
      From memory, if you do a 'change of address' at Australia Post, you should get an email offering to send pro-active notifications to a lot of these orgs about your change of address.
      The other way is to wait until you receive re-directed mail and then make sure that you advise each of those senders.

  • You'll be blackmailed into buying Ambulance Membership every year because if you don't then an ambulance call out will cost more than $1,000!

    I think most Aussies outside Victoria have no idea about this extortion involving basic emergency services.

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      an ambulance call out will cost more than $1,000

      I almost learnt this the hard way when I got transported. (Luckily, Ambulance Victoria waived the bill!)
      For $50 or so each year, it's worth it. Also, most private health policies already covers emergency ambulance.

      • most private health policies already covers emergency ambulance.

        AFAIK they only cover a 1-2 trips a year and patient transport in an ambulance (i.e. non emergency) is not covered. I have the $95 family cover for AmbulanceVic and it's pure peace of mind.

        • it's pure peace of mind

          1. it's extortion for a service that should be heavily subsidised by the government
          2. it isn't well known to those outside Victoria so unsuspecting new arrivals can be hit with an eye wateringly bill for literally doing nothing wrong
          3. what's the point, should we ask other emergency services to charge an additional $1,000 for every call out? Would make you think twice about calling the police about a burglary or assault in the park
          • @DisabledUser205979: How much does it cost to call an emergency ambulance in my state?

            • In Western Australia, you will be charged from $1,006 for an emergency ambulance.
            • If you’re a resident of South Australia, you can expect to pay a minimum call-out fee of $233 for a non-emergency ambulance and $1,044 in an emergency.
            • In Victoria, unless you have an Ambulance Victoria membership, concession entitlement or other coverage, you can expect to pay $1,265 for an ambulance trip in the city and $1,866 if you’re in a regional or rural area to cover the cost.
            • Queenslanders, you’re in luck as your ambulance services are provided free of charge by your State Government.
            • NSW residents will be charged a call-out fee of $401 for an emergency ambulance …..

            It looks like Queenslanders are getting a good deal here (they are) but all these statements are about residents in their own state. Interstate events are expensive regardless and there are a lot of rules as to who pays what. You're right that VIC is highest in this list but it's not the only state that requires a call-out fee. My consolation with the AmbulanceVic insurance is that it is cheap and covers all states (including air transport) and unlimited emergencies.

    • you haven't been interstate much I guess, all the states are the same except for queensland, might cost a bit cheaper. But given the cost of the membership versus 1 call out, you'd be silly not to pay for it because you'll only need to break your leg once and it'd take 20 years of membership to recover that savings

    • Huh? For real?

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    Other than what's already mentioned, here's a few other things:

    • Learn how to do a hook turn
    • Order a "Magic" from your fav cafe
    • Bring an umbrella
    • It's Chicken Parma not Parmi
    • Beef kebabs aren't a thing in Melbourne
    • There's no Jatz in Melbourne, only Savoy which aren't the same
    • More importantly, if OP wants to fit in.
      Don't go on and on and on about how great Sydney is / was.

      • +1

        I hate Sydney with all my heart. That’s a fact!

        • No Sydney is great, people should stay here. If everyone had a brain Melbourne would be flooded and ruined.

    • There's no Jatz in Melbourne, only Savoy which aren't the same

      What!? I just had Jatz Clix an hour back. Aldi Topz is close enough and cheaper

  • Sydney gets more rain per year than Melbourne.

    • +1

      I love rain 🌧

      • I always thought Melbourne will have more rain than Sydney

        • Sydney has more, but Melbourne's rain is less predictable. It might be clear and sunny one minute, then an hour later it'll start raining. 4 seasons in one day sometimes.

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            @tabz: Makes it more interesting lol at least not much humidity in Melbourne. I can’t stand how humid can it get here in Sydney.

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            @tabz: True, and in Sydney it can rain for a week non-stop. Pretty interesting how different the climates are.

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            @tabz: There is a saying. “If you don’t like the weather in Melbourne wait 20 minutes”.

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