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Women's & Men's Made by Ugg Australia Scuffs - $33.60 Delivered @ Ugg Australia


Link to Womens Made by Ugg Australia Slippers: https://uggaustralia.com.au/collections/weekly-specials/prod...

Look on our Weekly Specials page.

100% Australian Made and owned.

Our classic ‘Ugg Scuff’ unisex sheepskin slippers are perfect to wear around the home and are super cosy and warm for those wintery evenings.

Ugg Australia® we have been making sheepskin boots for over three decades in our former Brunswick factory. Operating Australia’s last and ONLY sheepskin tannery, "Roman Tannery", for footwear guarantees that we are the only one in the world who has 100% Australian Made Ugg boots.

We encourage all customers to do some research when looking to purchase any brand of Ugg Boots.
Ensure you purchase from reputable websites or stores.
Contact details - If you can't find the business address or contact number of the business you have purchased boots from, who will help you with customer issues.
There are so many sheepskin boots out there claiming to be 100% Australian Made. How can you tell one authentic boot from the rest?
What to ask your retailer when buying your sheepskin products.
Where are your skins from?
Where are they processed?
Are the boots hand cut, hand stitched, hand glued in Australia?
Ask for the address of manufacturer and tannery. There should be no reason why your retailer cannot provide you with details of the origin of your boots.
All Ugg Australia® products are 100% Australian made at our factory and ecologically processed at our Roman Tannery in Laverton North, Melbourne.

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  • -2

    Put the Product in the title… Not just the possessive nouns…


  • Had mine for a year and they're really good. They are really well made for the price. They have stretched a little but not to the point of feeling loose. I wear then nearly every day simply to go out to the garden or take rubbish out to the garage.

  • +1

    Maybe for this price, they're worth it, but I paid more, and the sheepskin on the sole, is pretty poor quality.

    • -3

      and the sheepskin on the sole

      Wow… That's unusual

    • Never heard of sheepskin on the sole. The solid soles on these things are awesome for pottering around in the garden.

      • Never heard of sheepskin on the sole.

        Wouldn't want to step in dog poo wearing them…

      • +1

        My bad.. I was shortcutting… the innersole…

  • Bought another pair, because my last pair being worn day in, day out is now a bit worn out…

  • Purchased these previously, the insole of them wore out within a week. Was eventually sent a replacement and the same thing happened.

    • -1

      How heavy are you?

      • Lighter than you.

        • How you know?

    • Wow! I'm 95kg and quite hard wearing on my shoes. I wear these every day and they're still going strong after a year. The innersole has flattened but it hasn't worn out.

      • The two pairs we had seemed to be defective. They were only worn briefly in the morning but the wool just fell off/wore off down to the skin. If you search previous posts,others had similar issues.

  • I have these, stitching isn't great but they are comfortable (though I have not worn them much).

    I ordered a sheepskin rug from then recently that smelled incredibly bad, waiting for them to help me I hope they do something soon or I will have to put it in the bin.

    I moved it to my garage but I can't even go into it anymore without gagging, it has saturated the air with the smell.

    • Not too sound condescending as I don't know how sever is the smell, but generally natural sheep products will have some smell. You can get rid of the smell by airing it outside under a shade. Putting it in an enclosed garage which will probably heat up during the day is not going to help that either.
      There are also cleaning products which you can use to replace the sheep smell with something else.
      Again I'm just trying to give help based on past experience as I don't know what the particular sheepskin you got is, or how their products are. Just general natural animal product care…

      • +1

        Thanks, I have another sheepskin albeit from Cosco that doesn't smell like that.

        I bought a sheepskin wash and hand washed it twice in my bathtub but it didn't help.

        It's hanging on a line in my garage with the windows open, I can't put it anywhere better it really smells bad.


        They've responded kindly to my issue so I'm really appreciative of their customer support at least.

        I'll likely order from them again.

        • Glad they got back to you mate and hope you can sort out the issue soon.
          The Costco one was probably already curated to get rid of smell… Usually the more process they do the higher it costs. As they just have to air it out unless they use harsh chemicals which reduces the life of the product.

  • -1

    Mine wore out within a few weeks of everyday use - good while they lasted, but not worth more than $20.

    • -1

      What are doing with them do that to happen? Using them outdoors? I'm calling BS.

      • -1

        I bought them during lockdown, so only used them indoors.
        Can call BS if you want, not like I have anything to gain from this lol

        There sheepskin wore down extremely quickly and the greenish base started showing (I am quite light as well).

  • Showing as $70. How do I get the deals?

  • purchased some same time last year. took about 4 months to arrive. customer service is very ordinary

    • +1

      Hi essen, we are sorry for your experience last year. We have a completely different Customer Service Team at the moment. We are shipping all the order within 24 business hours.

  • Will this sale come back?

    • Yes?

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