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North Face Large Base Camp Duffle Bag $169.95 (RRP $269.95) Delivered @ Rushfaster


North Face Large Base Camp Duffle Bag $169.95 w/ Free Shipping (RRP $229.95 - Save $100 off RRP pricing) when you use coupon "100off". All stock is brand new, unopened, and hasn't been on a shop floor. This is to make way for new seasonal colours. Offer ends 2021-03-20 or whilst stocks last.

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  • Hey Rep,

    What's the difference between the Black and the Black White? Not immediately obvious from the site. Thanks.

    • Pretty sure the difference is that the Black/White has a white North Face Logo, and Black is Blacked out logo

      • Website shows logo is white in both styles. Some of the pictures double up.

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          Hmm, even the north face website shows the same images, really not clear at all!

          Checked the Iconic too, and they don't seem to have any obvious differences either.

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      Black White has white TNF logo on the ends. Thanks for pointing this out.

  • Why is the RRP so expensive? Is it made of real leather or something?

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      Quality product (based on reviews) from a reputable brand. Wish it was seam sealed though. Patagonia Blackhole is the similarly priced.

    • It will last you a lifetime even after hard use and extreme conditions. Also Aussie tax as TNF tends to be a lot cheaper overseas (and with more stiles, colours, sizes and newer models that you don’t find here).
      Anyway yes it is quite pricey you can find similar performing bags from less known brands for a little bit cheaper if you want. Like 5.11

      • Also price anchoring obviously which is a good sales technique that always works especially with these brands

    • I have one and it's very well made, but I also have a Carribee Kokoda which was around $100 and so far after 4 years both have held up well, the north face is a bit more rigid and the straps are more comfortable but neither should be used as a backpack anyway.
      Paying OZ prices I would probably buy another Carribee.

      • Agree, amazing bag, great quality will last years. Large is huge though, maybe if you are going 4wdriving for a week and need to pack for that but weekend away might be overkill unless you are stuffing your entire families clothes into one bag.

    • Just a really high quality bag that will last you 20 years at least. $13.50 per year, better for the environment, better gear.

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    Hey rep any deals on the medium size?

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      Second this

      • Use "tnfmedium" on the black white / summit gold (yellow) or Red.

  • Great bag but the large is HUGE, I have a small and think it's pretty big…. probably why they are trying to get rid of it cheap

    • Yes definitely not a popular size unless your are like moving house lol. If you leave these bags half empty the contents will be all messed up

      • You should see XXL. >_<

    • We're selling the extras that would have sold if it weren't for covid.

  • Is the parcel too big for a parcel locker?

    • Hi hope not because I’ve already placed the order

  • Hey Rep, I'm looking at the small size, any chance of a discount on that? Thanks

  • I want to get this but im not too sure I will use it for travel as intended

    • Ordered it anyway

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