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George Dickel Old No. 8 Tennessee Whisky 750ml $35 @ BWS


Drink responsibly


The RRP is $62 per bottle at BWS, there is an exclusive member offer for $50 but once added to card it drops to $35!

Cashrewards currently offers 20% cashback takes $7

There is a further $5 bonus from Cashrewards takes $5

There is a potential 1000 bonus rewards points at Everyday Rewards with $30 Spend @ BWS worth/takes $5

If all stack it drops to $18 $23.

Hint: First activate the bonus cashback and bonus points then click through cashrewards for upsized cashback.

Hint2: If pickup is unavailable and delivery works, you can apply CASHREWARDS in checkout for free delivery on orders of $100 or more and this won’t void the bonus and upsized cashbacks.

There is another deal for $41.5 at DanMurphys which can be combined with tomorrow's 15% cahback from Cashrewards mentioned here if the price stays the same.

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      • Just the one

    • Just seen this and rushed down to collect mine. Got them

    • I got my text to collect at 9:07am AEST (QLD) time.

      Picked it up with no issues this afternoon!

  • Just got it from Dans for about 35 after CR

  • $41.50 at amazon also with a free 50ml southern comfort.

    If you want the free 50ml make sure you hover over the link to it on the page and click add both to cart.
    Its out of stock but you can still order it says and they will charge when its back in stock.

  • Yep got the 1000 ER points even though used the promo previously. $18 bottle of bourbon you beauty thanks OP.

  • Price has been corrected to $50.00

  • Been waiting all day and just got confirmation text to collect.

  • +4

    Here's a story about how I managed to come out on top $9, 2086 ER points (worth $10) and the bottle - placed the order yesterday for $35 - got the $5 Cashrewards promo and $7 cash back (20% off). They cancelled my order today so I ring up asking how come mine was cancelled when others' transactions were honoured, and they explained it was due to a "pricing error" and sent me a $27 voucher, in addition to refunding my original purchase.

    Used the voucher on the same item (which price had reverted back to $50 today) but stacked that with the $10 new members voucher, so only ended up being charged $13 after discounts. However Cashrewards calculated cashback on the original price before discounts were applied, so 20% cash back ended up being $10.

    So all up, not a bad deal at all, and it's turned out for the best that they cancelled my order 😂

    • That's ozbargain 80 level

  • If you only know Jack, you dont know Dickel :)
    Nice drop.

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