This was posted 7 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses: Junior Fr $52.50, Adult Fr $96 (Expired) Delivered @ Myer


50% Off Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses: Junior Fr $52.50. Adult Fr $95 Delivered @ Myer

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    A few other styles are also 50% off

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      There are heaps of styles on sale, I started here but you can just search for what you are interested in.

      Thanks op

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    Cheers OP, snagged some gradient polarised wayfarers for $126, can finally replace my tired, worn, 14 year old pair. Don't forget 10% Cashrewards too

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      how do you keep sunglasses for that long without losing them

      • Sheer, dumb, luck.

  • By the time people wake up this deal will definitely be OzB!
    Ordered another pair of polarised New Wayfarers. So gud!
    Cheers OP!

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    Oops forgot Cash Rewards. Grabbed a pair of tortoise shell polarised new wayfarers. Cheers op.

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    Does one size really fit all, bit worried they might be a bit small

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    Grabbed an aviator. Thanks OP.

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      And you’re not a pilot??? This guy’s a bit fat phoney! ;)

      • he flys 747 drones

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    Got a pair of Ray Ban Justins cheers.

  • What's the latest men style for Ray band?

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      Used to be hard rock but I believe they are now into more mainstream Country rock

  • Thanks Op!

  • Can they be returned at Myer store if not suitable?

  • thanks OP, got one for me and one for my little champ.

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    - $96 models are unpolarised. $131+ models are polarised.
    “Polarised” means there’s a filter in the lens that cuts out horizontal light which is where the majority of glare comes from. Horizontal glare is the result of light bouncing off of other objects such as windshields, asphalt, water, etc.. It’s the annoying glare you see on a day-to-day basis.

    • If you are Asian - choose models ending with an 'F' (e.g. 0RB2132F instead of only 0RB2132) as they are the 'Asian Fit' models that have an extended nose bridge so the sunglasses don't sit on your cheeks.

    • Don't forget to use Cashrewards for 10% cashback today.

    • Great explanation. Also, polarized also effects things like HUD in cars.

    • are you absolutely sure about this? i am very interested in a pair that are F model and i am not asian. all of these seem to say they have an 18mm bridge? are they not all the same fit?

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        I did some research and F denotes Asian Fit.

        Example of Amazon Description for Asian Fit:

        Ray-Ban RB2140F Asian Fit New Wayfarer sunglasses feature the classic style but are designed to fit higher on the face to avoid hitting your cheekbones and feature water nose bridges.

        Hope this helps.

        • what is a 'water nose'?

        • Thanks for the research! I wasn’t sure so I bought one S and one SF for the kids. I presume S might denote the junior sizing.

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        Yep - this video summarises it well and shows the comparison between non-Asian fit and Asian-fit sunglasses:

        It is especially important on glasses with fixed nose bridges (Wayfarers) in comparison to adjustable nose bridges (Clubmasters).

        • ok great, better give them a miss. Thanks heaps for the info :-)

        • Ah shoot. I bought a pair of F ones.

          none of the others left either. Oh well. if they fit then good stuff otherwise ill just take them back to Myer.

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            @ThePotato: They'll likely fit ok, unless you have the world's biggest nose

  • Thanks OP - great deal

  • Is there really much difference between $30 polarised cancer council sunnies vs these?

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      No, just the difference of brand name.

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      bit like is there a difference in a 4-cyclinder engine from Toyota and a 4-cyclinder engine from BMW …

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        Got ya, so the raybans require a small mortgage to repair.

      • I don't think that's a fair comparison, as the BMW 4cyl is functionally better.

        My understanding is that, compared to the cancer council sunnies, it's mostly cosmetic .

        A bit like the difference between a $30 Lowes polo and a $120 brandname polo.

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          Lol not only is his analogy garbage, your reply is only worse.

          Legitimately, what 4 cylinder BMW motor is superior to some of Toyota's 4 cylinders? (4AG**) (2ZZ) (3SGTE)????

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      For a start, Ray Ban uses glass lenses versus plastic lenses on Cancer Council glasses so the optical resolution on the Ray Bans are higher. Ray Ban often uses acetate frames where as cheap glasses use cheap plastic. Also the hinges are often of higher quality

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    It's a shame that I wear glasses normally…

  • "$60 off when you buy 2 or more on selected Sunglass hut items.*Cannot be used with other offers. Ends 11:59pm AEST '31/03/2021', unless sold out or otherwise stated."

    edit: Seems to be on mostly the non-polarized versions as far as I can tell.

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      Doesn't seem to stack with the 50% though, I tried and going all the way through check out it doesn't deduct any further $60 off :(

      • Ah, my bad! Would've been too goo to be true I guess :')

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    Thanks OP great deal on my favourite ray-bans the RB4264. 10% cashback on fashion and accessories with cash rewards atm too! Should bring them down to around $130 for me.

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      Thanks for the reminder, these were the only ones that I liked at one point, but couldn't pull the trigger at $289, which they seemed to stay at, and avoid every sale.

      At ~$130 I'll give em a whirl

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        They’re great. My current pair have been scratched for ages and been wanting a new pair. Lowest I’ve paid was just over $200 in a sun glass hut sale. So this is a great deal.

    • RB4264 ftw!
      Why couldn't the black lens be 50% off too! Those are the ones I've been eyeing for ages.
      I own the blue lens already. Might get the green ones for now and wait until the black ones are 50% off.

      • Wanted the black too! Went the gold this time. Too good a price to pass up and my black ones are badly scratched.

  • Is cashrewards not opening to myer with anyone else?

    Edit: works in Samsung Internet

  • Thanks OP

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    good deal, though man shopping for sunnies online sucks

  • I see some of the sunglasses with this text

    Buy more & save

    $60 off when you buy 2 or more* $60 off when you buy 2 or more on selected Sunglass hut items.*Cannot be used with other offers. Ends 11:59pm AEST '31/03/2021', unless sold out or otherwise stated.

    But it won't apply!

    anyone knows anything to share?

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      I assume that only applies to full-priced items.

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      Spoke to someone from Myer over the phone.
      The Mid Season sale counts as an offer apparently so can't stack.
      Only works on full priced stuff.

      Did limited testing with full priced items and it works.

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      *Cannot be used with other offers

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    Thanks OP. Got a few pairs of Oakley cycling sunnies @ 50%

  • Does Maui Jim ever goes on sale?!
    + for the OP though

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    My order status: There’s Been A Delay With Your Order

    • Same here, I should have learned my lesson on their last qc35 deal that they over sold.

  • Charged my card and then gave an error message at checkout, no order confirmation :/

    edit: called and they confirmed charge but no order placed, and are refunding the charge. Something to do with browser cookies messing it up.

    re-placed order again and went through fine.

  • Typical Myer, took my money and 1 hour later sent an email "there's been a delay with your order"

    • Does that mean it's out of stock?

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      Just got dispatch email, shipping from china… Thanks Myer.

  • Ordered a pair, thanks OP

    Got the 'Asian Fit', let's see if it fits.

  • My order has been dispatched! Looking forward to my first pair of wayfarers.

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    I received the delayed order e-mail shortly after ordering yesterday and dispatch notification today so wouldn’t worry too much if you got the same

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    On their way with DHL - from China. Explains why there was no in-store pickup.

    • Yeah got the same, was very confused

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        Its been this way for a while now. Luxottica has a distribution hub in China. Sunglasses will also get shipped from there via DHL if buying from Sunglass Hut or the official Ray Ban website

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    Prices have gone up now… for most items

  • Thanks OP I stepped into Meyer today and picked up a nice pair (non polarised but I love them) don't usually get myself designer.

    The store said this is an online only deal but they are honouring them in-store. Also worth saying the Ray-Bans come with 2 years manufacturing warranty (defects, quality issues etc) and 1 years accidental damage cover.. can bring them in store any issues.

  • Thanks, Bought one 0RB8313 Black

    • Processed at DONGGUAN - CHINA MAINLAND

  • Is the sale over?

    • Seems not over but not as big a reduction.

      • Yeah I was planning on getting some. I needed to try on some sizes before buying, but then the prices changed. I'll wait for the next sale.

  • i Got a pair of Crystal Black frogskins 50% off.. :)

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    Couldn't decide last night and now went to order….no more $131, but $153! Bugger

  • Ordered on Saturday afternoon, being delivered today. Hopefully they fit me!

    • Is yours coming from China? Just checked my tracking status and my ray-bans are coming from 'dongguan - china mainland'. Myer's the new alibaba now

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      • Yep China - so much for thinking I was supporting local retail…..pffft Myer

        • They're actually being supplied by Sunglass Hut, not Myer

          • @kerfuffle: Yup mine arrived in a Sunglass Hut box. Opened the case to find that the lens had popped out of the frame. Heading to Myer for a refund

            • @ilubbargains: That's not good. Mine arrived but sadly didn't fit me :( Also off to Myer for a refund.

              Should have bought multiple pairs to try haha

  • Mine just arrived!

  • Anyone purchase something other than sunnies along with sunnies that has yet to be shipped?

  • Hey I just got mine, black rubber. The rubber frames have a odd feeling and very fine black powder coming off them. Would you say this is normal? Not what I expected!

    • I bought a pair of wayfarers a couple years ago from another online store, and they stank like jet engine exhaust and the hinges rattled and squeeked. they’re just terrible sunglasses. I prefer the cancer council Holsworthy sunnies for 1/4 of the price. So I’d say that’s normal. I sent them straight back. Hopefully the Oakleys I ordered this time are a bit better.

      • Yeah their quality has sure dropped since my last pair 10 years ago…

        • My pair also had defects on them sort of like bubbles of the rubber finish and i took it back to Myers. I went to the Sunglass Hut in Myers and they initially directed me to the Myer returns area because they said Myers stock is separate from theirs, but at the end they did agree to swap a pair for me which i think is a display pair by the amount of dust and oil on the lens.

          Upon cleaning them up at home, i also noticed a very small blotch on the frame but came to the conclusion they are all going to have some quality issues, just to what degree is acceptable to you. I did some research and RayBan was actually sold to Luxottica (also owns Sunglass Hut, Oakley and lots of other brands) and the quality has slowly degraded…

          • @JaeTee: Luxottica has owned Ray Ban for over 20 years lol. Their Italian made sunglasses are still very good in my experience. Haven't had any Chinese made ones so can't comment on that

            • @Scope: Lots of post on the net stating that it has gradually been declining, those made of glass lenses (presumably Italian made) are still good but some argue still not as good as when made by Baush + Lomb. They newer plastic lenses China made ones apparently have more issues.

    • Yeah I thought I was ordering the glossy black ones but ended up with 'black rubber' today too. Extremely hard (if not impossible) to distinguish between them on the Myer website but for the price they'll do I guess.

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    Another black rubber receiver here. Did anyone actually get a glossy black new wayfarer 55 in the non-asian fit for the sale price?

    There were so many options, and I could've sworn I picked the correct one, but obviously could have missed it.

    Anyone successfully exchange it for the glossy black in store too?