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50% off adidas Ultraboost 20 $130 Delivered @ adidas


Ultraboost 50% off, multiple colours and sizes available.


Free delivery with orders over $100

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    Wow, there's definitely a reason they're dropping these to half price 🤮

    • I'd rather be seen in Crocs

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    Remember cashrewards for cashback

    • +1

      Not sure who downvoted you, but have my upvote to even it out.

  • -1

    good deal on ultraboost only a few colours though

  • -1

    Triple black OOS

    • +1

      The triple black clima is $120

      • Where is the triple black clima?? cant find it

        EDIT: NVM

        • No us 9 :(

        • Apparently adidas are a half size bigger so got the US 9.5, thanks mate

  • +3

    waiting for extra 30% or 40% off from cashrewards

  • Are these sales in store as well? Been wanting to use the him gift cards

    • What's the difference between these and the regular ones?

  • I bought my first ultraboost last night…half price at $130…plus 15% off for my first order when signing up the newsletter + 12% off from Cashreward…+$5 bonus ….so end up $93.45! good deal!

    • Damnit never knew about the 15% off first order with the newsletter

  • Thanks bought 2 pairs

  • bought NMD R1 $89 after cashrewards.

    • How do these compare in terms of comfort to Ultraboost?

      • NMD's more comfortable for casual walking around but UB is much more suited for running.

    • Damn, auto cancelled after 5 mins without any explanation

  • UB 21 is excluded from any promotion to discount, sad as they look so nice.

  • Bugger, just purchased Ultraboosts through Cashrewards and did not realise I was eligible for the bonus $10 cash back!😤

    • Handback ur ozb license immediately. Do not pass go.

  • +1

    if your a size 10.5 and like the colour red


    $75.66 with PMAR3 code

  • Please don't wear these socially, with baggy jeans.

    • Someone hates comfort

  • Still waiting for dispatch 10 days from order. Anyone know what's going on?

    • +1

      Mine arrived Friday last week

  • still waiting for delivery since the 12th. "Waiting for packing" status.

    Never ordering from Adidas again

    • +1

      my order got updated to cancelled after 3 weeks!! >:(

      • Same, checked the product page and the exact same shoe ( in the exact size ) is showing up as in stock.

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