Used Travala Sign up Offer? $40 of AVA Now Worth $1000

Back in 2019, I needed to book a hotel. I signed up to Travala which not only had a good price for the hotel I was after but offered $40 worth of AVA on signup. At the time, I thought nothing of it as I have random credit in, Expedia etc and figured I'd use it next time I needed to book a hotel.

Today, the OzBargain referral system notified me of my referral link expiring and logged in to find the $40 of AVA is now worth $1000! At the time it was worth $.15/AVA and now it's at $3.59/AVA. Seems you can transfer it out to wherever (Coinspot, Binance etc.) but those who signed up check your accounts. Almost as good as the $5 of Bitcoin in 2015 now worth ~$1400.

I guess the lesson is to sign up for everything.

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    That is the power of code.


    i sold mine from ICO after they listed on binance and put it into BTC before the run up from 12k.

    if you have enough AVA you can stake it on their website for like 8% return p.a i think.


    nice one Neil!


    such a good project and still only very low market cap with HUGE potential - I just bought 500 AVA tokens.

    also, there is an AMA with Binance Australia this coming Wednesday. if you sign up and ask a question, can earn US$20 worth of AVA.

    *I'm not affiliated, I promise


      Just for reference, I know very little about crypto but why is AVA any better that other crypto out there? Seems AVA is only used on Travala's site seemingly like any other rewards credit on Expedia, etc.


        Hi Neil,

        no worries.
        I met you at the Melbourne meet up! been a while.
        thanks for the shirt.

        positives in my eyes for it to go up.

        • Crypto has massive adoption at the moment and I just personally think that travel (hotels, flights and activities) is the perfect use case for crypto.
        • good tokenomics. when you lock your funds on the site, can get huge discounts and also receive 12% APY (half will be AVA tokens and half will be travel credits).
        • still very low market cap of just over A$200 m and is way down the ladder at #217. Could easily do a 10x or 100x from here because it is a good product with actual revenue coming in.
        • a great, working product with over 2 years of history. a rarity in crypto where many crypto companies sell the dream with roadmaps to the future.

        I'll be attending the online AMA with Binance AU tomorrow night to see what the outlook for the company is


          It's gone up 33% in the last 7 days


        It's a utility token, if you stake it on Travala you also get a sizable discount on top.
        Interest is also paid on the stake.


    @Neil I did the same & with a very small purchase ($50) I would look into the smart programme, I've had mine in for nearly 18 months. You essentially get 1% interest / month. You also unlock cashback and discounts on bookings, I've booked a couple of hotels with my credits


    Hi Neil

    i sent you a PM 🙂


    It was upto $100 back on $200 booking at one stage plus they price matched, crazy not to use it. Unfortunately I sold 2500ava.

    Uniswap free coins is over $16,000 plus Mirror airdrop on top would put you over 20k at least.

    Celsius free $10 cel is $600+ plus over 1k of free btc for a $500 deposit no one would do.

    Blockfi, okex had huge $100-150 usd bonuses all multipled by at least 5x by now.

    Coin metro free $5eur is worth $200aud

    List goes on and on.