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Sushi Go! (Hang-Sell) $18, Patchwork $40, WOW SmallWorld $75, $0 Adelaide Pickup, $10 Delivery ($5 Metro) @ Board Games Master


BGM is having a Easter Sale and here are a few good games that are on special. Don't forget you can also stack this sale with additional 10% off for new customers.

Free pickup in Adelaide, or get metro delivery for $5.

SUSHI GO! Hang-Sell - $12.99](https://boardgamemaster.com.au/collections/board-game-master...)

Price updated/changed
SUSHI GO! Hang-Sell - $17.99](https://boardgamemaster.com.au/collections/board-game-master...)

[Patchwork - $39.99]
Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd Edition - $51.99
Small World of Warcraft - $74.99
Secret Hitler - $65.99
Terraforming Mars Prelude - $29.99
Undaunted North Africa - $39.99

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    worth mentioning you can also pick up for free in Adelaide, or get metro delivery for $5.

    I've ordered quite a bit through these guys and never had any problems, would recommend.

    edit: good price on Undaunted North Africa too.


      Cheers :) I'll update


    What are the different versions of Sushi Go? Never heard of Hangsell.


      Looks like cardboard box instead of metal box ?
      Can't see any other difference

    • +1 vote

      Hang-sell packaging is the type of packaging it's in; you can hang it from an in-store display.


    Sushi Go has had the price raised. Fail.


      Hmmmm you are spot on!! Guess it was too good a price.

      I will update the post

  • -2 votes

    What a bunch of pointless crap..


      ?? Context??

      • +1 vote

        I guess they don't like card games… :(


          Sounds like it.. don't know why you'd bother to post about it randomly like that.