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Microsoft Designer Keyboard and Mouse Combo - $59 Delivered @ MSPEC Gaming eBay


I was going to buy a nice looking wireless keyboard and mouse, but I saw this price from eBay and price is great!

only $59!! Unbelievable

I am the eBay plus member and can get extra 10% off, so I only paid $54

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  • Unbelievable

  • Too flat for my liking…

  • expensive sub par combo with bluetooth connectivity flaws and less ergonomic than logitech. But at that price, being an ozbargainer I couldn't say no. Christmas gift no.1 acquired and March hasn't even ended.

  • Reviews from OW and JB don’t look very promising: non-ergonomic, compatibility issue with Bluetooth 4, unresponsive keyboard.

  • Good deal. Had before. Really enjoyed typing on but did encounter occasion Bluetooth drops and I prefer a gap near arrows also.

  • I have one of these works great on my macbook

  • I have used this in the past and bluetooth used to drop quite often. Very frustrating. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • nice deal! Thanks for sharing

  • I have this combo and I've used it with multiple devices (HP laptop, MacBook pro, iphone11pro, and pixel 4xl).

    Haven't had any Bluetooth issues, and it's the most comfortable mouse keyboard combo I've used.

  • I have a surface KB and a mouse, like it a lot. Looking for another set or comparable combo for cheaper, this looked good at first glance, but I don’t think I can get used to that silly arrow/insert/delete/home key placement (closeup), so giving it a pass. But a good price nonetheless, especially considering the RRP.

  • Thanks - got one