[eBay Plus] 10% off All Items Under 'eBay Deals' @ eBay


Another day, another eBay voucher. New clause states:

'Eligible Items' means all items listed in each category of eBay Deal under the URL commencing with “ebay.com.au/deals”.

No min spend. Max discount $300.

Based on Terms and Conditions, seems like a limited time deal and most likely only for Tuesdays.

eBay Tuesday 'Mega Deals' are also launching tomorrow at 10am. Keep an eye out on this page


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  • I'm hanging out for the next 15% off The good guys.

  • Waiting for jack to make his way over to eBay between now and then.

  • Any idea what eBay Tuesday 'Mega Deals' are gonna be….hope its like the $1 deals a few months ago….would be tempting?

  • They used to be 10% off side wide every 3 months but now only eligible items lol

    • unfortunately yes, ever since COVID, eBay has realised that they don’t need to do promos and people will still buy off their platform.

      we need some Amazon competition

      • They've certainly pulled the pin on almost all their selling promos. $1 Sundays is a distant memory now.

    • My discount code is different as well, it is PLUSBR10

  • Yeah Mousey maybe you found a decent code because of T&C 6 : For each person, there is a limit of 1 transaction per redemption code. One item can be purchased per transaction.

    Junky ones have multiple like 5 .

  • A week left on ebay plus so lets see if they make it worthwhile to make a purchase.
    Selling wise its all over - more hassle than its worth.

    F ebay

    F their complicity in allowing counterfeit items

    F their feedback system

    F their so called % off deals

    F their mandatory managed payments

    F having to chase up no fee listings which they charge you for (selling offers gumtree, app listings etc)

    • buyer wise is also a nightmare, now i am disputing a transaction paying via paypal, and the seller upload fake tracking number that is not even deliver to my address. too many scammers on ebay

    • F having to chase up no fee listings which they charge you for (selling offers gumtree, app listings etc)

      I made my first ever eBay listing via the Gumtree app over the weekend (due to the lack of selling promos on eBay), I'm fully expecting having to chase down a refund on final valuation fees. I'll eat my hat if I'm charged nothing as promised without intervention.

  • eBay - purposely making it more and more convoluted in what items will be included in their promotions.

  • Ooooh, is the tenor uke worth caring about? I haven't touched an uke since high school, but I'm a guitarist.

  • How do you get people to pay for the privilege of shopping @ ebay? And then, those people who pay for the privilege feel obliged to shop at ebay to justify the money they've spent! It's a weird concept, great for business but who'd have thought they could ever get it to work?

  • I purchased a bidet system for 300 which ch was working fine, suddenly it died just before 2 yrs warranty expired, now i cannit track the company - they have shut down and im stuck with a broken unit.
    Also an S6 digitizer (a new screen) to install, unfortunately the screen was not working, showed it to a technician who advised its an after market item, spoke to the company and returned it, got ebay in the conversation due to which I received half of my money back but seriously ebay is getting worse day by day.

  • I find the negative comments about Ebay in every Ebay deal a bit over-rated. If you are smart enough to select the products and prices with discount vouchers and gift cards, ebay still mostly carry the best prices around.

  • anyone have experience with buying refurbish iphone? looking at that XS Max 512gb - what are the condition ratings like? Fair, Good, Excellent