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Up to 50% off: Ceramic Reusable Bottle Brushed Steel 20oz / 595ml $24.98 (Was $49.95) & More + Delivery @ Frank Green


Down with disposables – reusables company Frank Green is taking up to 50 per cent off its range of products, and you can shop from the comfort of your couch.
Frank Green – makers of the sleek, reusable coffee cups you're always eyeing off while in line to get your daily caffeine hit – is having a warehouse sale without the lines around the corner.

It's running over five days with stock discounted by up to 50 per cent. The sale includes most of the core range, including the OG coffee cups, stainless steel and ceramic vessels, French press, celebration cups, and water bottles.

The only items not included are gift packs, gift cards, and collaborations with Disney and Clothing the Gap.

Sale runs from 5pm on Wednesday March 17 to 11.59pm on Sunday March 21.

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    Nice one. Been meaning to replace my cracked one for ages…

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    We’ve had plastic Frank Green for years now and are very happy to buy the ceramic and stainless to add a second set. Great product from Australian Owned and manufactured company.

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        Link here states most of their products are Aussie made:


        Push Button Lid Melbourne, Australia

        Straw Lid China


        Original Reusable Cup Base Melbourne, Australia

        Tap to Pay Reusable Cup Base Melbourne, Australia

        Ceramic Reusable Cup Base China

        Original Reusable Bottle Base Melbourne, Australia

        Tap to Pay Reusable Bottle Base Melbourne, Australia

        Ceramic Reusable Bottle Base China

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    Shame the ceramics and stainless steel aren’t dishwasher safe

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      Yep. First use of steel, put in dishwasher, never could get lid on it again. :(

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    The lid was super hard to clean.. if they haven't changed it since I bought one two years ago. And I'm curious to know if they had gave up on the stupid and embarrassing mobile pay via coffee cup design.

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      Agree. I bought one early on and couldn't beleive what a PITA the lid was. Used it for about a month then bailed. The Avanti Go Cups on amazon are superb. The kids aren't as painful. Still not easy, but considering how well they keep the coffee warm, I'll allow it!


    how do u clean the lid


      doh I was meant to reply to you, see my comment below :)


        thank u :)

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    I just got a steel one with a plastic lid as a present recently, and just made sure I put both halves on the upper shelf in the dishwasher.

    For the lid - press the button so it's open and place it upside down so even though it may collect lots of water & detergent it drains out the openings - if it is closed, you know what will happen ;)


      Do you unscrew and remove the transparent piece before each wash?


        no need - just leave it open as per post above and it will clean fine.

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    Can someone link the made in Australia products

    • +4 votes

      Can't you just go look for yourself?

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      Imagine not scrolling up 😂


    Are there any of these where the plastic doesn't touch the liquid?


      I'm also looking for that


    I got one of these: https://www.shop.water3.com/products/stainless-steel-bottle

    $15 delivered, solid stainless steel. I don't use their refill service, just the bottle. Big screw off lid with a large mouth.


      They're made in China.


        No way. Stuff is made in China?


          Yes, and you shouldn't buy it if there's a suitable alternative made in Australia or any other country with a more ethical regime.


    You know this is at the right spot to read it as 'crank' on the main page.
    (Im still greatly amused. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/587208771978395698/82...)

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    I got these for 50% off when my company made a bulk order. Apart from the funky colours and the design, it’s one of my least used takeaway cups - I don’t use it anymore.

    The reason being that it retains odour very easily, making it very unpleasant to drink from. Furthermore, the lid gets very mouldy and dirty easily where the rubber ring sits, and putting it through a dishwasher doesn’t clean it well enough. You’d have to pry apart the ring from the lid before cleaning it thoroughly. It’s quite cumbersome.

    This is the same with plastic, metal and ceramic (I have all three).

    Would not recommend.


      So, what cup would you recommend?

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        Anything that is made of glass. Unfortunately the lids may be a tough sell too. But keep cup is a good option.

        I’ve also been using huskee cups which have worked great. Goes into the dishwasher too. Low fuss, great cup.


    Yup, the lid is a complete PITA to take apart and clean. Looks wise it's the best cup I've ever gotten. But I use it much less than any of the other cups I have. The hassle of cleaning the lid puts me off.


    Bought a plastic one a few years ago. Design looks great but the seal was faulty and hence it was leaking. The staining and wear on them wasn’t flash either.

    Customer service was great! They sent me a new one due to the faulty batch after I showed them that it was assembled the right way but was still leaking.

    Shame that the second one eventually leaked as well.. after much use and washes all with the lid parts disassembled, the seal wore again and like others mentioned, a lot of staining and parts which retained the coffee remnants.

    I was tempted to buy again but then a ceramic mug will do for me now.. got caught out one too many times putting these cups in my bag for it to leak everywhere.


    Good luck cleaning the lid if you bought one… I’d never buy one of these again.


    Thanks Op, was looking to purcahse at the start of March but noticed they have a yearly sale around this time. Thanks


    Ditto. Really hate cleaning this thing I stopped using mine as well. Coffee also leaks through the button I found if you travel around with it.


    Different experience to most.
    I’ve had two for about three years and love mine. I’ve got a stainless steel base and a plastic one and enjoy both.
    The stainless steel one actually keeps my coffee warm and hasn’t leaked on me. I’m pretty meticulous with cleaning and either out the lid in the dishwasher and then pull it apart and manually clean it every couple of uses (plus I rinse the cup out after use if I don’t have the time to wash it). Easily beats my keep cup for security and warmth, and my generic Kmart one.

    Probably wouldn’t pay full price but a decent product. Bonus points for the lid actually been properly cleanable, just takes some patience


    How's heat/cold retention/insulation on these products? Is ceramic better than stainless?


    Fyi if you get M coffee you need 12oz


    Recieved our ceramic bottles/cups, unfortunately 3/4 of them are damaged in some way. Two with dents and one with damage on the plastic lid. Based on the damage seems unlikely due to delivery however they were not packaged well which could have contributed to it.