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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus $149 + Delivery @ Pcbyte ($141.55 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Good deal for the highly rated Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus currently at PCbyte. Got mine price beaten by Officeworks which came out to $132.05.

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    Will these be much of an improvement than the SoundPEATS Truengine 2?

    • Keen to know this as well.

      Both sound amd mic

      • I have the Buds+, they have 3 mics per bud - great call quality and great sound quality. Touch/tap gestures are helpful and integration with Samsung Wearables app is awesome if you have a Samsung phone. Lots of quality of life upgrades even a year after release.

        I use them at gym and occasionally for conference calls.

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      Can't personally speak for the Soundpeats Truengine 2 but I previously owned the Soundpeats TrueAir 2 that was highly favoured by Ozbargainers. Sorely disappointed experience. Uncomfortable and kept disconnecting with occasional white noise after 2 weeks. Had to return back to Amazon as defective and purchased this instead.

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        Same with the true wireless. SQ was muddy crap. Useless. Only paid $40 though.

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          $40 and you probably hate using them now. So $40 wasted in my opinion.

    • I've always been happy with my Truengine 2's, just wish they worked with my Garmin Fenix

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    Better than buds live?

    • Definitely. They're even better than the new Galaxy Buds Pro.

      • How are they compared to the IconX (2018)?

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          The icon x for me had more bass but these have better fit and better sound overall.

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      My partner has these and people she's talking to say the call quality is great.

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    I'm happy with mine. I will admit though I did miss the Airpods stem a bit when positioning/inserting into the ear, but overall pretty happy with it. It's also great to see feature updates/software updates still.

  • Will Officeworks charged whatever PC BITE delivery
    fee is before Price beat?

    • Can't speak for other states but in Sydney the Officeworks rep didn't charge me for delivery as it's readily available from PCbyte Sydney.

    • In victoria, since i'm doing in-store pickup after price beat on the phone, i'm paying only $132.05

  • It depends on the person, sometimea they don't include the delivery fee.

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    Absolutely love these

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    I have owned these for about sux months now and I'm very happy with them theve got pretty good sound quite comfortable and got great call sound quality too when making phone calls and my opinion at this price they're bloody great value

    • Thoughts on using them for jogging/ sweat proof??

      • To be honest I haven't used them whilst exercising as I generally use my bose bluetooth speaker in my gym so I can't comment.Sorry bro

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        I use them for jogging and they are great, good fit (you get 3 sizes of fittings pieces). Dont come loose. I sweat like anything running and never had a problem.

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        I have the original buds (same design as the buds+) and have used them for running several times without issue. If I keep the silicon wing-tips on (which I always do) they easily stay snug in my ears. I can only assume that the buds+ would be even better (if only slightly) than the originals.

      • I've used them for gym and mowing lawns in summer. Sweat is fine. And they don't pop out if you pick the right tip. Just don't throw it in the washing machine. I did and the right side broke.

  • Great deal. I was skeptical being AirPods Pro user, but I’m sold on them. I got a pair yesterday from Amazon, and they are impressive. Just ordered another set for my wife.

  • Can't you price beat with kogan for the buds?

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      The ones on Kogan are a grey import, so Officeworks are highly unlikely to price match.

    • I tried, and Officeworks (presumably under orders from management) are really particular with their part numbers. Grey import and Australian stock have different codes and Officeworks seems to have wisened up and look for differences to decline the price match.

    • Kogan are grey import but they went as low as $99 after cashback

      • Got the kogan ones a few months ago. Paid express that was extra $5 and got delivered to Perth in a few days. Very impressed with them.

  • how do they deal with sweat? are they sweat/water resistant?. Looking for something as workout headphones.

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      They say the resistance is pretty low compared to competitors but I mountain bike in them and I sweat heaps and no issues as yet.

    • Yeah same I have taken the original buds (not plus) for quite sweaty runs with no issues.

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    if anyone is interested in the red one its $149 delivered at catch.

  • Is there anything similar but with better water resistance? Like in the shower or in rain?

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      The pro has higher water resistance rating

  • Love the sound quality on these. The app is decent too.

  • Wow fantastic price for these, I absolutely love mine, i paid $199 and even still think that was good value!

  • Are these OK for small ears?

  • How different in shape from the original galaxy buds? Those ones hurt my ear after an hr

    • No difference, sorry. They're the same shape.

  • I hate OzB
    just bought from officeworks more stuff I don't need

  • Picked these up from Officeworks this morning but they price matched it with shipping included. Paid $142, not too bad.

  • Are they fine with iPhones?
    My original Airpods are close to eol so on the hunt now.

  • Dick Smith has these for $128 with free shipping. I'm sure you guys are experienced enough at fleshing this out. Am I missing something or is Dick Smith a poor option?

    • i dont know too much, but dick smith and kogan have cheaper prices because you will be buying grey imports. not sure if this affects warranty or whatnot

  • Officeworks North Sydney didn’t want to price match because the SM code didn’t match exactly.

    • +1

      Strange. Myself and others have succesfully price matched at Officeworks. Maybe call around to see if they will accept.

      • +2

        Thanks. I just ordered from PCByte with pickup instead, but yes I found it strange. I asked if it was a slightly different model then or smth but he couldn't answer. I thought he was just stalling. Last time I went in to get a mouse price-matched they stalled so long the deal expired as I was checking out…

    • Same here even though specs were identical

  • Thanks OP!
    pricematched at OW without any issues.

  • will jb price match this? had gift cards on hand

    • why not try?

      • Ya will try later today when I pickup the $9 trine collection

    • Had the same issue both calling and in store. They said PCBYTE had an international version rather than Australian version.

  • Moved from airpods to these after shifting to Android. Big fan as the sound is great as well as call quality. Highly recommend at this price.

  • Thanks. Price matched in VIC 3061 and didn't get charged delivery.

  • Could anyone confirm these Samsung Galaxy Buds can pair with iPhone with no drama?

    • Yes, they are regular Bluetooth headphones. I also use on my Windows 10 laptop without issue.

      • Thanks a bunch for this

  • Got these with my phone, didn't think I'd use them, but I still use them every day.

    Sound is okay and is adjustable via the app and the mic is fine for what it is.

  • Price beat declined by OW Penrith citing different Serial numbers.

    • Price beat declined by OW Liverpool also citing different serial numbers.

      • Try JB, guys. esp you have some gift cards.

    • I got the price beat at OW Five Dock, seems to be highly store dependent (and maybe on who serves you).

  • +1

    Just back from JB, picked-up my $9 trine ultimate game. And they are willing to price match 139 without even look at the website. Used some giftcard , final price is 118.15.

    • 118.15?? how?

      • +1

        Giftcard, from last Christmas gift card hype I remember.i normally stocking $2000 JB cards when 15% or even 20% deals are on. When I need to spend at JB, I have it handy.

  • Harvey Norman price matched today morning for $138

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611834
    This is even better, if you don't mind white. They are same shop as pcbyte . 119.2 with code before gift card. You can get gift card 8% off from shopback($20x6), or 9.xx% from bigw. Make the final price to 103 lowest.

  • Back in stock

    • $10 more

      • Ahh looks like they just jacked the price up $10 today…was still $139 when I checked yesterday.

  • This is out of stock since yesterday

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