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$0 Free Encrypted 2TB Cloud Storage for a Year (Payment Card Required, Valued €9.99/Month) @ Internext


Got email from Ivacy about 2TB free storage.

To avail your Encrypted 2TB Cloud Storage, follow these steps:

  1. go to internxt.com/ivacy to sign up for their standard free account
  2. click on the 3 dots drop on the top right and select “storage”
  3. simply upgrade to any of your preferred premium cloud storage plans
  4. upon checkout, you should use the coupon code IvacyFastestVPN

*This is a one-time 100% off coupon code, so for maximum savings (+€100 in savings), you should choose their yearly 2 TB plan. Enjoy!

After first year, the charges will kick in as per your plan. They will take credit card details when upgrading to premium storage but will make the value zero when checking out.

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  • All your data belongs to me -Internxt

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    You are the product.

  • This is horrible. How could you stop them from auto-renewing after 1 year? There is no invoice sent. There is no settings you could uncheck for auto-renew. The app and the site are so barebone. Everything feels like an alpha version.

  • For those wondering, the ongoing prices are:
    * 20GB: 0.99 EUR/month (~$1.50) - 10% off for 12 month prepaid
    * 200GB: 4.49 EUR/month (~$6.85) - 22% off for 12 month prepaid
    * 2TB: 9.99 EUR/month (~$15.25) - 10% off for 12 month prepaid

    Compared to Google One:
    * 100GB:AU $2.49/month
    * 200GB: AU $4.39/month
    * 2TB: AU $12.49/month

    So there's a premium for people who want privacy (zero-knowledge is the gold standard for things like this, but hard to verify it's what they claim) but prices don't look too bad. Google's cheaper, has a reputation to protect and is more likely to be around a year from now, but has dubious privacy history… Each to their own!

  • I have managed to skip the part where it needs credit card details.
    Right click > Inspect and delete just the credit card number area.
    (need to fill other area - just a dummy details)