What phone do you use and do you like it?

What phone do you use?
Why did you chose it?
Do you like it?
Do you regret getting it?

Lets have an opinion fest

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  • Google Pixel XL, still got that free photo cloud storage!

    Would kill to have a Xiaomi Mi 11 but will try to squeeze another year out of the pixel.

  • What phone do you use? xs max

    Why did you chose it? only paid 600 brand new, besides i have homepods, macbook and watch. so easy to airdrop photos to mac, and other iphones.

    Do you like it? yes, though i can also use android phones easily.

    Do you regret getting it? not really i thought getting it the same price for what i paid on note 8, is good.

  • OnePlus 6, time for upgrade soon to OP9

  • What phone do you use?

    2016 iPhone SE.

    Why did you chose it?

    It's small.

    Do you like it?


    Do you regret getting it?


  • i have a Nokia 6
    my last phone had a plastic body and used to flex in my pocket disconnecting the sim card
    not an issue with this phone the body is aluminium it will never bend

  • Currently Oneplus 6t. Got it since Nov 2018. It's a great phone. Got the LG V50 deal last year. Not a bad phone just not a good camera. But dual screen is pretty nice

  • Very interesting poll.
    Surprised high high Apple is on this forum.
    Surprised how low Xiaomi is too.

    On my LG V30 which has been pretty good for 2 years.
    Only want to upgrade cause, well, 2 years is about my limit, time for another, plus small crack on screen.
    Eyeing off LG again on the V60/Velvet.
    Need it down in the $4xx's please (gotta awhile yet…)

  • iPhone XS Max. A bit too big for my liking.

  • What phone do you use? Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
    Why did you chose it? Feature Set and Because I got a sick discount through my employer
    Do you like it? Yes, quite a lot. Does everything that I need it to, and never skips a beat. 108mp Camera is incredible.
    Do you regret getting it? Nope

  • Anything not made in China.

    • for example??

      • Samsung

        • can be true but can't guarantee 100% tho.

    • Like?

  • ip11 256gb (best phone ive ever had) also first iphone ive ever had
    once you stop looking at the numbers and start looking and feeling the actual phone.. the camera specially video recording cannot be matched by any android. ive compared it to top of the line android when it came out, and it was so much better in video recording smoothness. that was the number one feature i wanted. also not to mention the long OS life. at least 5 years updates. does not get laggy. very secure specially with the new updates. apps do not get access to all the photos, only seleted, and you can select which. unlike android which its either give access to entire photo library or dont give access.

    with iphone you can only give access to one or two or 10 or 20 (or all pictures) based on what your preference is.
    so you can restrict access to contacts, gps, pictures, mic etc all separately. android was never like this, it asks you in one big pop up if you would give access and if you click no it wont let you use the app, iphone has such a big userbase that the devs they cant pull this shit with apple. so even if you dont give access you can still open and enter the app, unless you wana for example send a snap on your snapchat than you need to give access to mic, but if you dont you will still be able to view other peoples snaps and navigate the app.

  • iPhone 6s. It was free. Works great, replaced the battery. Ozbargain lyfe

  • +1

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ at the moment.

    Every single Notes have been excellent to be honest. Really a phone made for productivity and cameras not bad too.

    For this phone, it accepts Super Fast Charging 2.0 mode so that has been very handy.

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

    I like it. I use it for work so it needs to be a good phone and every 2 years I just ring my account manager at Telstra and tell him to send me the top of the like Galaxy.

  • What phone do you use? Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
    Why did you chose it? was on the 12 month new phone upgrade merry go round, they had a promotion that upgrade to s10+ and once the 5G was released it was a free upgrade with no restart of the contract.
    Do you like it? Its the best phone Ive ever had and the first phone i don't plan on upgrading anytime soon.
    Do you regret getting it? Not at all.

  • Was using mate 20 pro for the last 2 years and upgraded to iPhone 12 Pro Max recently.

    Couple things I’ve noticed

    1. Video quality is so much better than m20p. Significantly better actually. Even when you upload on social media it basically doesn’t compress as much. It’s quite amazing in my opinion.

    2. Photos are better in some settings. I find m20p over-exposes photos way too much. The selfie camera is so fake lol, smooth skins and so on.

    3. iOS system is very simple and smooth. Helps if you already in their ecosystem eg. MacBook, AirPod and Sono etc.

    4. Great battery life. This is similar to m20p. I’m a medium-heavy user, last me a day no problem.

    5. RAM management is SUPERIOR on iPhone. My m20p keeps closing apps and browsers! But again Huawei known for their aggressive RAM management in order to extend battery usage.

    Overall I’m glad I made the switch. Obviously it comes with a massive price tag..I used the $500 Jb voucher when I signed up the 12 months BYO offer plus purchased jb gift card @10% off.

  • iPhone 11, 128GB.

    I've had a variety of Android phones and iPhones. I'm sticking with Apple for now because from what I've observed, quality of apps is just simply better on iOS. Part of that comes from the 'walled garden' but also it really just seems app developers put more effort into their iOS versions of their apps.

    I'd imagine that comes down to the fact that although there are fewer iOS users, they spend a lot more money on apps and have higher UX expectations, so developer efforts tend to be concentrated on making good iOS apps.

    Hardware-wise, I like being able to get local and quick after-sales support in person, even long after the warranty is expired in order to replace the screen or battery. Dealing with Optus or Telstra for hardware support is painful by comparison.

  • Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite.. good in most ways but the camera I consider poor. My old phone was a Google Pixel (original) and despite being much older the camera blows the socks off the 9 Lite.

    Also a little worried about potential Xaiomi connections to the Chinese Government… According the US government anyway. Probably wouldn't buy another Chinese phone now, given the surveillance they shamelessly do of their own citizens and the lack of clarity around connections between the CCP and Chinese phone companies.

  • One work phone, one personal phone since 2014.

    For a long time, work phone was iphone (5c -> 6s -> 8), personal phone android. (Samsung S2, S3, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung A51)

    My brother is using Android (Samsung S10e). He asked me is Iphone good?

    I said if you use iphone, you want an Android phone for the next; and vice versa.

  • It is a phone and it works fine. Who really cares, they all have pretty much the same crap these days. Just glad I didn't get sucked into the crApple ecosystem.

  • What phone do you use? iPhone 11 pro max
    Why did you chose it? Apple products just works.
    Do you like it?Yes
    Do you regret getting it? No

    However, I bought the new Samsung Galaxy S21+ last month and I had a bad run with this phone.

    Samsung to iPhone transfer app somewhat works.. contacts, photos, and other files transferred from iPhone to Samsung however half the apps not available in my region within Google play store Australia.. which is weird, I had to use VPN to get the apps again. such as the Qantas app etc

    Whatsapp chat history - backed up to WhatsApp chat backup n iCloud. Whatsapp in Android does not restore chat history back into the new phone.

    Game profiles unable to transfer across to the same game downloaded from Google Store. therefore the user may have to start all over again.

    In some games developed for android, the graphics are not as good as iOS. The same goes for common apps such as Instagram.. iOS apps are standardised across all Apple eco-system. Unlike Android OS are customised differently between different manufacturers.

    S21+ unlock pattern - after I set up the unlock swipe pattern, I was unable to unlock the phone. Google for a solution, online suggested HARD RESET, and I had to re-migrate everything again from iPhone to Samsung.

    Face recognition - Samsung is slow compared to iPhone.. wait.. all Android face recognition is slow compared to all iPhones!

    S21+ took extra few seconds to unlock and it will not recognise if you got sunglass on.
    iPhone face recognition responds a lot faster with or without sunglass

    Personally, i feel Android just requires more effort to set things up when migrating from iOS to Android, you gotta expect incompatibility in a certain areas.

    I am selling the Samsung S21+ 128gb, ping me if you are interested! only used it for 2 days of googling for answers and comparing side by side with iPhone during migration.

    IF anyone here is a phone expert, please feel free to share your experience migrating from iPhone to Android or happy to see what other feedbacks or suggestion

    • This is why I can’t see myself switching to Android

    • It took @30 minutes for my Girlfriend using Smartswitch to go from her iPhone X to the S21 Ultra. No problems with any apps. No issues with any apps. Ours was from the Samsung store.
      A friend of ours had an iPhone 6, and upgraded to an S10e just over a year ago. That process took @10 minutes.

      • That's good to hear..

        Not for me.. i got an android tablet for a while, even common apps such as Gumtree, this app is not available in my region.. I'm like wtf? I had to use VPN set to the Australia region in order to download Gumtree app from playstore.

        Netflix app - i had to find Netflix APK file to install.. overall Android requires more effort.

        I used Samsung smart switch, half the apps not even appear in S21, and I even use the Phone Clone software.. i tried up to 3 different transfer / clone software for this migration..

        If u still got iPhoneX , try the face recognition unlock on the new S21 ultra vs iPhone x

        All android face recognition takes a few seconds to register the face before unlocking. compared to iPhone it works in most condition, even in low light conditions or with sunglass on.

        Can you check if Whatsapp chat history is migrated over from iPhone to S21?

  • Oppo Find X2 Pro - Great phone replaced my S20 + due to terrible battery life.

    Pros - 65W Charging, 120Hz, Snapdragon SoC, Fingerprint scanner is much better than S20 series.

    Cons - Finding cases & Battery Degredation :(

  • +2

    Still using my Apple 6S Plus.

    I've had the battery changed once since new, as well as the ear speaker. Cost about $175 12 months ago.

    Still functions perfectly and has awesome battery life.

    I refuse to spend thousands of dollars for a phone.

    • +2

      Yes. This is what we're supposed to do.

  • Got a Samsung 9 Officeworks pricematch off one of the EPP deals or the BecExTech deals so pretty happy at that price. Processing speed is still really quick but I've always had issues with the bluetooth. (if someone turns on the microwave the bluetooth goes patchy) Battery life is lousy, lasts about half a day. Would have preferred a Sony phone but they're not price-matchable.

  • I'm surprised by how many ozbargain people have $1k phones.
    I've been using old Samsung S7, Pixel 1-3 phones. Brought them for around $100 on eBay.

    • +3

      While the phones are worth $1k, we definitely didn't pay $1k for it ;)

  • iPhone 3Gs
    iPhone 5
    LG G3
    OnePlus One
    OnePlus 5T
    Pixel 4XL

  • What phone do you use? Motorola Moto Z2 Force
    Why did you chose it? Shatterproof screen, 2 day battery life with battery mod, projector mod is fun too.
    Do you like it? Yes, especially as it cost me $65 (should be about $220 - $250). I like it even more so with LineAge OS upgrade a few months ago, so running latest Android with less data going to Google.
    Do you regret getting it? No. If I break the internals (which will happen before screen cracks), I'll likely get another from eBay. Cheap phone that isn't a budget phone

  • S20 FE 5G that I got for free
    Thanks OzB

  • LG V30+. Android 8 is my only real issue. It's been rock solid, unlike my LG G4 which got replaced twice under warranty.

  • Started with moto g. Around 200. First gen.

    Can't believe i used tinder on it. Seems very slow now.

    Went to Xiaomi Redmi 4x. Another 200 dollar phone. Dropped it. And it started to get slow.

    Decided to go nexus 5x for 350. Dropped it. SIM card wasn't working. And grey import. Regret buying it.

    Went back to Xiaomi A2 lite. 200 dollar. Was good till Android updates meant it had weird bugs. Like chrome locks up. And GPS disappears on restart.

    Waiting till it becomes unusable.

    Next might be Nokia. Or a phone at least with all the band's. Dual Sim cards and NFC. 200 price range.

    Oh and got those wallet cases. So it now survivors drops. But kinda big in pocket.

    Phones in 200 range last around 2 and a bit years. Before I start feeling like I need to change.

    Def not as nice as partners Google. But good battery life.

  • Can someone explain why people buy Samsung over Google phone? I understand Samsung have better hardware spec but I still prefer Google phone because Google software is developed for Google phone. I have not use a Samsung phone but my understand is it have bloat ware and Samsung is slow with firmware update, have these set back been changed?

    I love my pixel 4.

    • Because pixel is boring as hell. May as well get an iPhone.

      • What is so boring about pixel?

    • I wish I have the Samsung Note. Having a pen input is very useful.
      I chose Samsung S10 over Google Pixel 3 was because the number of cameras (4 back and 2 front) but I found Google phone camera is more superior quality.
      And the 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • +3

    I have been using android for yonks until iphone 12 and it's perfect 6.2 size everything else I see is crap.
    I do not like going to Apple store on George street - hated the 'divide' they seemed to impliment
    However smaller ones in Broadway shopping centre I have had good experience - most of the Apple stores are full of pretentious staff I must say very rarely you meet one that is fantastic.
    Android they just get bigger and bigger and the bigger they get the more useless they get. They have become in my opinion - very ugly I means look at the S21?? what is that? yucks and all the chinese phones it just gets very tiring.
    The apps in iOS just works better and it is always perfect. However iOS apps are very expensive

  • +1

    Xiaomi Mi Max 2. A friend ordered it for me, years ago now. I LOVE it.

    Big screen and battery. I can read it w/o glasses & only charge it every 3 or so days. I use it as a hotspot when working, also Google maps when out & about. I listen to music, but don't game or watch movies. It has great sound (dual speakers) & I like my 3.5 jack which went missing on so many newer phones.

    • Yup, I miss the screen of my mi max 3.

  • +1

    S20 FE 5G. Great phone. I do like it but I came from a mi max 3, so I terribly miss the huge screen. After this phone I'm going back to something with a bigger screen.

  • +1

    Pixel 3 xl. Got this on jan 2019. Not looking to buy one anytime soon. Might get surface duo in the future when this one breaks. But for now it is more than fine.

  • +4

    Still rocking a iPhone 6 Plus , 7 years deep homies! Been solid af but thinking it might be time to upgrade later this year when the 13 comes out…. or maybe just hold out 1 more year.

    • Good on you for avoiding the upgrade cycle.

      Apple products are great but you definitely pay through the nose for them when keeping up to date every 24m or so.

    • 6S Plus for me too since new! Get an official battery replacement from Apple and it'll run like new. It cost me $175 to get a new battery and ear speaker installed. Otherwise the phone is brand new never dropped etc… absolutely no reason to bin it.

  • iPhone XS.
    User friendly and rarely has any issues. Battery still at 85% capacity after 2.5 years

  • What phone do you use? Samsung Note 10+
    Why did you chose it? Because it was a powerhouse of a phone, and I've been a note user from the begining. I use the Spen all the time.
    Do you like it? Yes its a fantastic phone, and still runs pretty smooth even with all the updates etc…
    Do you regret getting it? No I dont regret it, it was the best phone on the market (imho) at the time and I bought it at a discount during the christmas sales + ear buds which I still use today (one of the ear buds, the other one failed during the covid lockdown).

  • S20 plus, last samsung i buy given the removal of SD cards though, not a big thing for some, but is for me…… not sure where i'll go next…

  • Samsung Note 10+.. Love it.

  • iPhone 12 mini, upgrade from 6s.

    Apple did a bloody good job with the 12 mini. I can’t believe how light and small and powerful it feels in my hand. Smaller than my old 6s but bigger screen. So comfortable using with just 1 hand. The only unimpressive side of it is the battery; I play AR games and use Google Map, need to charge every night but coming from a working 6s with dying battery I don’t mind it at all. I’m confident I will use this phone for at least 5 years just like with the 6s.

    Do I like it? Hell yeah
    Do I regret? No, never.

    • -1

      Ah the people with small hands wanting to feel powerful dilemma.

  • Currently have a Pixel 3A XL. Thinking of upgrading but I'm not sure where to look next. I loved my Galaxy Note 9 but the new ones don't have a 3.5mm jack.

    Any recommendations for a new phone with a decent amount of storage space (I listen to lots of downloaded podcasts) and a 3.5mm jack?

  • iPhone 11 Pro 256GB

    It’s my 6th iPhone, and I love how user friendly they are.

    I find the Samsung fanboys arguments mean very little, since they seem to copy most of what Apple do anyway

  • What phone do you use?

    S20 5G FE

    Why did you chose it?

    I pick phones based on a reasonable camera, Screen(preference for OLED), NFC, the lifespan of about 2.5 years.
    In this case, this was an out of cycle upgrade due to my previous phone dying.

    Do you like it?

    Mostly yes.

    Do you regret getting it?

    Neutral, though I may have preferred a Pixel 5.

    Overall, I am happy with the phone.

    Things I like
    * USB-C - same charger for pretty much everything
    * Decent Camera
    * 4 years of updates
    * Fast UI (Snapdragon)

    Features that I don't care about
    * 120hz screen - Seemed nice at the beginning, now I prefer the extra battery

    Downsides of it are:
    * Bloatware - I had to spend a fair amount of time uninstalling/disabling apps
    * I don't like the OneUI and use Nova launcher (used this to hide some Bloatware)
    * A little bigger than I would have liked
    * Touchscreen - occasional issues

  • S10+ - was great but the latest update has ruined it.

    Battery sucks now.

  • Ownership experience on Apple is unmatched.

    Modern phones aren't bulletproof and when you do have a problem, dealing with Samsung or Xiaomi isn't as easy as Genius bar at Apple.

  • +1

    iPhone X - hasn't skipped a beat in 3.5 ish years. Will be updating to whatever comes out this year.

  • Pixel 2XL here because it seemed the best non iphone option on Telstra's Family and Friends plan at $49 per month. Ends in April. No idea what to sign up for next.

  • iPhone 12, upgraded from Xr. Love both phones, I don’t regret despite the cost as my older Xr has been passed to my husband who is now benefiting from a 2 years old as new iPhone. I like the latest technology and after a break from iPhones I have moved back to Apple. They are just great for work and personal

  • Redmi k20 pro premium 8+512, nothing to complain as it only cost me $450.

  • Meanwhile apple becomes the world most profitable company making greater than ten fold profit on each phone it sells with software that lacks decade old features, processors that excel at single core workloads and phones built by modern day slavery.

  • Android fanboy here since Samsung Note 2, owned Note 2, Note 4, Note 4 Edge, Nexus 6P, Pixel 1, 2, 3, 5

    Sadly to say that Apple eco system is better, currently using iPhone 11 Pro, bought Macbook Pro, Airpod Pro and Watch.

    In the past I am fond of custom roms and mods in xda-developer forum like cyanogen mod, resurrection, omega rom in Android,
    but now all of the great features are forgotten because independent developers can't keep up with heavy fragmentation and rely on donation,
    Android wear is an abandoned project and the eco system is a mess, phone price is getting more expensive but price dropped like your ex's attitude
    Background apps and google are tracking you heavily, os update is only for 2 years compared to 5 years of apple's
    Apple silicon is getting further ahead, and more

  • RealMe XT .. cheap phone.. does the job.. except for the lack of NFC, happy with the camera as well and its fast

  • Apple, being a white guy, don’t like the camera filters and style on Samsung, etc.

  • Apple SE… it's ok - which is exactly what it is supposed to be as an entry level of the premium brand. Meh

    Camera is … meh
    speed and storage is … meh
    It's getting older and battery life is not good
    It doesn't do accessing global address books / contacts syncing as well as my old $30 Windows Phone did
    It does other things very well due to apple's wide reach and ability to integrate with everything - e.g. car play with very accurate traffic, and full array of apps, and all the usual stuff that just works on an iphone such as most mobile websites as everyone checks optimisation for iphone…
    But in other respects, Apple control / locking you into their way of doing things (e.g. no sd expansion), and ability to seemlessly backup photos to PC etc without using apple software is … meh

  • S20FE
    Came up as a bargain post here in OZB, a flat screen (no side screen), plastic back (not glass), better sound & camera (compared to my s9).
    I like it as per the above reasons
    No, but there is currently a good bargain post for s21 which is really tempting lol

  • Galaxy S -> Galaxy S3 -> LG G3 -> Pixel 2 XL -> LG V50 -> Pixel 4a 5G. Pixel phones have been the most pleasant to use all round. LG used to have great hardware and software but their phones have so much crap on them now that the software (and locked bootloader) is letting them down.

  • Iphone X. Bought in 2017. First iPhone. Everything just works as it should and I basically don’t think about my phone anymore.

    Still works a treat. Not planning on replacing unless I destroy it or probably when apple stops upgrading security.

  • Blackberry in 2021????