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Save $0.06/L on First Three Fills @ Caltex via App (Participating Locations)


Caltex $0.06c off for Three Fills. Some servos also give the $0.04c off for Woolies Rewards card. If you have AAMI insurance you can also get 5% off Starcard egiftcard. Download at caltex.com.au

The Caltex app lets you to pay for fuel safely and from the comfort of your vehicle. Download today and experience Apple Pay, a new way to pay. Plus save 6 cents per litre on your first 3 fills* at over 600 participating Caltex locations.

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Referees save 6c a litre on their first 3 fills. Referrers receive a once-off discount of 6c a litre per referee.

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  • 0.06Cent is not worth ;)

  • This whole Ampol thing is gonna be confusing….
    TL; DR The US owner of Caltex license cut them off so now they’re ampol, but in 2 years Chevron will be re-entering as Caltex

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    Note there is also an EG Club App for Woolworths Caltex stations which has a similar promotion - 5c off for first 3 fills (I think you need to install it by 31 March to get this offer). Using the EG Club app, you can stack this with other promotions, eg Woolies spend $30 at supermarket for 4c off and spend $5 in the servo for another 4c off for a total of 13c off. Woolies emailed me a few months ago to notify of this offer.


    Not sure if the Caltex app can be used at Woolies /EG branded stations?

    • You can also just screenshot the voucher and use it unlimited times before it expires.

      Great thing with Woolies stations now is that you can use your Everyday rewards points to pay for the fuel!

  • fly chooper still have a better price in SEQ

    • I think fuel in my area is expensive as regularly save between 10 and 17 cents a L using chopper, no need to stuff around stacking things or buying discount cards.

  • Is it possible to actually use eGiftCards using the app? Because BP doesn't allow it and I've just installed the Caltex app and I can't see the option.

  • Caltex only accept Starcards I think, not Woolies egift cards?

  • No I don't think that the Caltex app can be used at Woolies /EG branded stations

  • They get our data for a few bucks .

  • How to actually pay using this app? I am not finding an option to pay after linking Apple pay as payment method?

  • They have signs on the bowsers for no mobile phone usage. But encourage us to use apps to pay for fuel?

  • Have just used this $0.06c litre voucher. When you first download the App you have to put in your details, your Woolies Rewards Card number and the credit card to pay. After you fill your tank you go on the app on your phone, the vouchers are there for $0.06c litre off, and put in the pump number, and then hit pay on your phone…..that's it, the $0.06c litre is deducted and you drive off…no need to enter store at all. You must self serve via phone App to get the $0.06c off.