Gas and Electrical Safety Checks for Rental Property Victoria

This is for the new changes to the Residential Tenancies Act in Victoria.

I was told "Gas and electrical safety checks must be conducted every two years by a licensed/registered electrician and if gas is connected to the premises a gasfitter is required"

Can someone recommend qualified people to do this please? My agent said they will have a regular program like the smoke alarm maintenance scheme, but I am afraid it will be expensive. What is a reasonable price for this job?

Thanks in advance.


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    My agent said they will have a regular program like the smoke alarm maintenance scheme, but I am afraid it will be expensive. What is a reasonable price for this job?

    I would wait until you see the pricing first. Electrical safety test would be 30 mins but expect them to bill you for the hour. Tradies cost $800+ per day so $100 minimum. There might be an industry that will pop up to fill this need.

    In the UK you can get gas check and 2 appliances serviced for $120 and that is all that company does. Certification for landlords.

    I believe smoke alarms I have seen is like $99.

    • Thanks. I saw a reddit thread that mentioned figure around 375-500. 😅 Can't find it anymore though.

      • That is half a day for 1 person. 2 hours of work tops and next 2 hours at the TAB I assume. If they smart can still end up with $200 to take home.

  • Any sparky or plumber should be able to do a safely check, but if you want a certificate then ask when you call up if they give out certificates.

    • Don't they need to be certified therefore standard form certificates (fill in the gaps) should be available, how as landlord can you show work is conducted and is safe?

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        From what my agent has told me you have to provide the tenants with the certificate, the check on its own is not good enough.

  • Interesting in knowing this as well.

    My real estate agent sent a notice from Detector Inspector for an annual service which was way too expensive. I responded saying thank you but no thanks.

    I've read the legislation and any new agreement requires evidence of the checks or the checks to be done soon after. Existing agreements don't require the checks immediately - so can delay the expenditure till March 2023. I expect others to enter the market and price for the checks to stabilise.

    In the meantime, I am asking around for a few quotes from electricians and gas fitters - so interested in seeing what prices we can find.

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      Don't existing agreements need to be done by March? My agent said they did…

      • Why - if you have a fixed term contract already in place that expires later in the year or you have tenants on monthly lease; why would you need to re-do them?

        • Valid for 24 months she says.

          Dont trust her much tho

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    bybinvestor, i think this company offers compliance reports + the tradie aspects to it. Seems very ambiguous atm…. hopefully more news soon.

    branch company of before you bid -

  • "Gas and electrical safety checks must be conducted every two years by a licensed/registered electrician and if gas is connected to the premises a gasfitter is required"

    This sounds like a backroom deal between the trade union and the VIC government.

    Typical cash for votes scheme using safety as an excuse.

  • Sounds like someone watches sky news after dark and loves the herald sun!!
    This legislation was bought in stop landlords/investors who are quite happy to accept rental payments but don’t care if the house/unit is unsafe!!
    Most people do follow the rules but some don’t!!
    A lot of these jobs would be done by tradies who run their own business not unionised industrial workforce’s!!

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    The quotes are pretty astronomical from Smarter Home plus GST prices i've received. I think dr. inspector is the same
    $90 for smoke alarm - kind of standard and had to be done yearly anyway
    $269 Electrical
    $349 Gas
    *$349 plus GST includes primary heater
    ** $50 plus GST for each additional heater serviced
    *** $239 plus GST for single gas appliance properties

    I did ring consumer vic and they said that if you have an existing tenancy agreement you don't have to have these checks (smoke alarm being the exception) till 2 years later.
    however, she said that maybe they might change the rules again on the 29/03 or when the transitional rules change later in June so she said keep an eye for it.

    • Thanks for sharing your research. Wow at least 600…

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    See this
    "All of the new rental laws will apply to renters who:
    enter a new fixed term rental agreement on or after 29 March 2021, or
    roll over from a fixed term rental agreement to a periodic rental agreement on or after 29 March 2021.

    "The only exception is for any fixed term rental agreement of less than 5 years that rolls over to a periodic agreement on or after 29 March 2021. In that circumstance, the requirements related to professional cleaning and safety related activities under Section 27C do not apply".

    So if you have a periodic agreement there does not need to be an inspection.
    When a fixed-term rental agreement ends, it will automatically turn into a periodic agreement, unless either the rental provider or the renter gives notice to end the agreement or chooses to start a new fixed-term agreement.

    Some property managers are pushing inspections, and it does not appeal to me. Certainly advise landlords of the new laws and ways to comply, but that's all. I have received an email advising that inspections are required, but there's no details. I found the above legislation advice for myself.

    Also, the scheme my PM wants is flawed in that there's scope for small amounts being taken at each step. I don't need a PM to get a sparkie and gasfitter. Further, there's no need for me to do this now - the fixed term lease runs for ages. With some LLs seeking inspections ASAP the price is probably higher than need be the case,

    Some of the inspection companies only work for property managers, and that's not on. My place, my tenants, and I engage the tradies, One tradie that my PM suggested for a renovation asked $15,000 for the bathroom. I found others that cost $4000 for the bathroom and kitchen.

    So my strategy is to wait, check the prices, and find my own tradies.

  • Just got a reminder from my agent about this. Annoyingly I just had the tenant renew so I think I'm caught by the changes sooner rather than later.

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    Well… anyone used a company in VIC for this? Seems like prices have not changed and still between $500 to $600.

  • Just signed new rental agreement so I guess I need to get this sorted ASAP.

    Might just end up with Detector Inspector - not quite the cheapest but less hassle (yes slight lazy tax there)

  • BCMC price seems not too bad. $379 p/a.

    • That's 758 dollars for the checks because the checks are only needed every two years. Most other places are less than 600 dollars for the checks.

      • I think I would be a happy to pay a little bit more if it’s a fixed yearly cost rather than $100 one year and $500 the next. But what are the mobs you have found charging $600?

  • Posted jobs in HiPages.

    Seems you can get Elec inspection of 3 bedroom apartment for $250+GST and if you find a provider that can do both it's $420 + GST, which is the cheapest I've found so far. Will see how good the service is…

    • Did you find somebody? Would you be able to share the details? Thanks.

  • Ray White recommends Detector Inspector. They charge $379 per year plus a $299 set up fee. On the Detector Inspector website, they have changed the set up fee to "top up fee" for first year. I call this BS O'Clock.

    BCMC as mentioned by @rowexiao is a similar subscription but does not charge the BS fee.

    Best price I have found is Taskforce ( They do Gas, Electric and Smoke Detector separately. Works out to be $550 year 1 and $93.50 year 2 etc.

    • Thanks for the info. Looks to be the cheapest at the moment.

  • Thanks everyone. Keep the recommendations going. I think the Detector Inspector have cornered the market, and have aligned with most large agents. No doubt, the agents are getting some type of volume referral kickback.

  • dupe

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    Hi, just found this thread so not sure if it's still being followed but thought I would share that we have just used Static Blue in Melbourne to do gas and electrical after researching a few companies. Our PM was also recommending Detector Inspector but they seemed pricey and we try to organise our own trades as it always seems to cost more letting the PM arrange it. A few seemed to charge a set up fee which is a scam - what is that even for?

    Anyway, Static Blue are $499+GST one yr for the gas/electrical/fire and $90+GSt the second year for fire, so that averages out to $294.50+GST pa.

    Task Force were very similar and were our other option.

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    Forgot to include a link to Static Blue:

    • Thanks @karenl.

  • I thought Static Blue would be the cheapest, but then came across Mylo Property Solutions

    They work out to $319 annually with no startup fee, so are $250 ahead of Static Blue at 5 years, and $50 ahead after 10 years. Beyond that Static Blue would be cheaper, but after 10 years you'd hope there's more competition and prices are more reasonable anyway.

    • @Mugz I don't see static Blue mention anything about a set up fee on their website. Did you call them?

      • @Ronney I didn't end up calling Static Blue - as even with the $109 setup fee, Mylo works out cheaper for the first 5 years. I spoke to Mylo Property Solutions and I found them reasonable to deal with, so will proceed with their services.

        • Oh ok. Thanks for the info, @Mugz.

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    Just finished looking around the market. Went with Static Blue. Compared with Mylo Property Solutions, Task Force RentSafe and Syncom Auditing (used by agents LJ Hooker).
    I preferred Static Blue because they are cheaper, and they split the charge across 2 years. Task Force is similar, but is a service that connects trades to jobs, so I chose Static Blue as they would have more accountability since they have their own employees. Static Blue works out cheaper than Mylo, incl.GST $549 every 2nd year (elec/gas/fire) and $99 in-between years for fire-only.

    • Thanks for the update. Was there a startup or setup fee?

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