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50% off Clearance Clothing @ Target Online and in-Store


Take a further 50% off already reduced clearance men’s women’s kids clothing.

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    How? Could you elaborate?

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    They seemed to have removed the link to the clearance section from their site. I had some clearance stuff in my cart and when I click the link to Clearance from there, it diverts to the home page after briefly flashing the clearance page. What on earth is their thinking here? Or is it just me?

    Perhaps it costs them more in administrative overhead than its worth or something like that.

  • Yeah don't really see this on the website.

    Edit: Looks like this was one of the clearance pages but it loads and then redirects back to main Target page.

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    I found this link for clearance: https://www.target.com.au/c/clearance/W676714?N=275b&Nr=…

    by searching for the word clearance and then the section came up on the left

    • Yes search the word clearance they come up

    • Thanks

  • How to get further 50% off?

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      They're marked 50% off from their clearance prices

  • Keep getting unable to check stock levels please refresh page unable to order anything?

    Keep refreshing and still same message.

    • Log out and back in

  • Bought what was in cart as now the unable to check stock notice keeps coming here. Thanks op

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    Target server is dead…

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      Try incognito. Was getting "access denied" repeatedly but incognito worked.

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    Thanks OP! Got some great items for birthday/Christmas gifts. As long as they're actually available…I've heard that it's fairly common to have items refunded due to no stock. Guess we'll see!

    ETA - within 30 seconds of placing my order, I got an email saying that 5 of my items had been refunded. Interesting that they can tell instantly that an item is out of stock - once you've placed the order! So frustrating.

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    Getting this error

    Access Denied
    You don't have permission to access "http://www.target.com.au/c/clearance/W676714?" on this server.
    Reference #18.4d7

    • Even target.com.au pulls up that message.

    • Why was this negged.?

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    Biggest issue is ordering online, Target will cancel 3/4 of your order.

    Definitely better going in-store.

    • Actually I don't really mind that with Target refunding egiftcards directly to bank accounts. You still get a good 5-7% health profit back on the cancelled items to make up for the troubles. Kind of hoping they would cancel some of my impulse buys :)

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    No wonder these people are shutting down brick and mortar stores. They just can't get their act together. Half of my order got cancelled an hour later. And they are planning on going 100% online. All the best to them but I have a sinking feeling.

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      Happens nearly everytime! Orders take forever too, that's why hands down head into a store.

  • Thanks OP - they might cancel half of it but it's still worth a shot.

  • Cant add anything to the cart.

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    Ordered 7 items online and they cancelled 6 out of the 7 I ordered. Gotta be joking target… Negative for such a poor online service

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      Go instore instead

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    They are cancelling most of the items on the order. They see clearance items and don't even bother looking.

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    Best bet is in-store, always heaps of stock and more options too.

    Yeah, last time they cancelled my order. They charged me $4 for 3 t-shirts and I got $20 CB 🤐

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    $30 chino shorts in 5 colours marked down to $15 then 50% off so $7.50 each. Bloody steal. Bought in store.

    • yep, I got the red one for $15 like 2w ago, so ordered the navy one for $7.50 today. Also the $5 leather belts are a steal. Dont forget your $10 discount (must buy over $50) for signing up for an email newsletter :)

    • Bought 4 @$15ea & t-shirt @$10 a week ago - told just bring in store & will refund the $35 difference.

  • WOFT

    • neg vote revoked, as in-store is good.

      Sad to see Rick & Morty socks in the clearance bin, so rescued a few.

      I had most of my on-line orders cancelled though.

  • This is a rubbish post jumping through hoops to try and find mystery clearance items that even if you do find and manage to add the order is likely to get cancelled.

    Unobtainable deal.

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      Maybe you should go instore as the post says

      • went instore today, it was crazy.. most of the good ones and sizes were almost taken. Shelves were bare :(

        • Target near me in SA is always empty when I go in 😂😂😂 mainly during the week tho and there's alot of stock. I'll have to see what it's like Monday

        • Last season stock had been reduced to 50% off in last weeks to clear old stock, now 50% off what remains!
          Should have been quicker!

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    seems a bit too much negative reactions here, so my 2cents:

    Over the last 6 month I have placed 7 orders, total of 34 items. 6 of those were cancelled, which is about 17%

    Note, they were all deeply dicounted and I am very happy with my $5 t-shirts and $10 pants that were in 83% cases fulfilled.
    The quality is way more than the prices I paid for them. So yes, there are problems and dissapoitments but given the above I am still happy to shop at target online :)

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    Anyone has problem with login? I can't log in with the correct details. Tried reset password but the email never came!

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    I find Target end up cancelling most of the items you order anyway and then you end up waiting around for a refund.

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    Most of my order got cancelled

  • I don't see any items..on the Web what's going on and how is this still up

  • Thanks heaps OP! Went instore and got heaps of bargains.

  • Went to Chatswood this morning, most of the XL size t shirts had gone but I managed to find two and also got two XXL, only going to wear these to bed or around the house so not worried if a bit big. Also got a pair of Fila Julian shorts which look pretty hideous but seem good quality and again ok for around the house. Total $30 which is Asian market type prices and seeing as I can’t get over there, a good pickup.

  • When does this end?

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      Sign in store today - ends 24/3.

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        Why the #*$& neg? Some people…

        Bought plenty in store today & checked when sale ends.

        This information was left out of Deal
        Sorry for being honest & helpful….

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    Picked up lots of comfortably mens trunks underwear for $1 in store today.

  • In store was awesome but stock levels vary store to store. Got kids shirts and chino shorts for $4 each!!

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    Anyone been into Target today? Is this 50% off clearance sale still going or did it finish yesterday?

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    Wow - my order was rejected. I don't mind the odd item being cancelled (sure, it happens - stock levels vary etc.) but to have a 7-item order rejected is pure madness.

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    [Update] WHEN Sale Ends:
    Manager told staff when I asked today…
    Was to end tomorrow 24/3, now

    • Thank you

      I am able to make it today, glad I can pop in tomorrow tho!

  • Bought 3 x $7.50 Chino stretch shorts today in store. Original price $30 a few weeks ago. Some are still $30.

    Also returned shorts, tshirts, etc with receipts - bought for $85 in last few weeks @50% off.
    Rebought same items with further 50% off, saving $42.50!

    Easy returns within 60 days.
    Keep those receipts!

    That's a tip for future sales - buy when what you want is available, return when price drops & rebuy the same items you returned!

    Staff were very helpful. Said it was a great idea.

    • That's if you haven't worn them I assume!

      If you use a CC, you should have the transaction.

      • Hadn't even washed one t-shirt, was wearing a pair of the shorts & t-shirt😄

        Doesn't matter as they just scan the bar code - which was taken off before wearing.

  • +1

    Visited 2 stores.
    Bought good 2 x $2.50 & 2 x $5 belts, more mens trunks underwear @$1, & $7.50 chino stretch shorts.

    Amazed there are still bargains to be found after weeks of sales.

    • +1

      I went to Chadstone last Friday and nothing in men's. You are lucky.

      • So you're shopping for men in Chadstone😄

        Almost a new Summer wardrobe (lots of shorts, undies, t-shirts, belts) @75% off!
        (Most was bought in earlier 50% off sale, returned & re-purchased at 50% off that!)

        Was replacing great shorts bought in Colorado $10 liquidation Deal at end of 2011. Amazing how long they lasted.

  • Little left in mens wear at my local stores.

    Only main mens clothes have 50% off signs.

    Some Target Belts & Undies are also 75% off original price.

    Hunted around the shelves to find discounted stock & price check - all was tagged at full price!

    On Monday, out of 7 shorts of 1 style (slim stretch cargo), only 1 scanned @$7.50, the others (different colours) were $30. All had $30 tags. Most shorts have been removed in last weeks.

    Maybe 50 pair of $1 mens trunk underwear left at one store, none at the next.

    • I wonder where they remove them to.

      • Guess back to distribution centre for online orders, next summer, etc.

        Was a huge wall of $30 chino shorts before latest sale - then gone. Same at next store. Made way for winter stock.
        As they weren't discounted (checked) - they wouldn't have suddenly been all all sold.

        Spent too long in Target this sale!

        • It's either spend time or money.

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