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Colorado Online Store - Everything $10


Everything in Colorado Store Marked Down to $10, received an email this afternoon and all letover stock is marked down to $10, only limited range left and all the Denim is gone but still some shorts, shoes & shirts still available. Email says that site will be closed before Christmas just like all the stores were earlier this year

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    FFS! Just had a boot in my cart and it sells out while im trying to pay..

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      I was lucky bought 8 shoes, OMG its like soo slow but I was patient.
      Got really nice shoes worth over $120 for 10. Just paid now.
      So just telling you guys their are quite a few left with lots of sizes. Look carefully and pick the one that you like.

      I chose really nice ones, these can be like a christmas present.
      I'm on centrelink so its hard to find something expensive at a good price.

      Thank you poster MarteeDee

      • Nice work.

        On a quick scan through, there still seems to be quite a bit of men's stuff (shorts, jeans, shirts, vulcan boots, volare trainers…).

        anyone on low income should take a look - still plenty of value there.
        (not that people on low income's shouldn't have nice things! but there's plenty of quality items left for anyone on a tight budget).

        having written that, it looks like the site has just gone down)

  • Great offer. Just ordered a swag of shirts :)

  • Great bargain, just ordered some shoes and pants

  • Got some shorts/cargos and some new shoes. Took ages to get through the whole process. Website is getting smashed.

    Thanks for posting this!

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    $9 shipping peeps

  • The site is not working or busy now.

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    Great post, shame the site is getting smashed!

  • Good Find…Bought 4 pants and a pair of runners… and only $9 delivery fee…

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    Scored the vulcan shoes for $10, pretty sweet

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      Got the Vulcan's too, doesn't look like many people are after them, the larger sizes all gone though, could have done with a 12, but 11 will fit nice and snug. What a sweet find, who cares if the site is getting smashed!!

      • and one of the few reasonable price/quality Aussie clothing brands has gone down the pan?

        • Sad to see really.

    • I got some as well… at this price I was tempted to buy two of close sizes to make sure I get the one that fits best!

      • Ha I was thinking the same thing. Had 10.5's and 11's in my cart. Went and checked my shoe sizes and figured size 11 was the average size for all and went with them.

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          I had the size 12 in my cart and was so happy to get them, as I need some decent boots for walking and then sold out when I tried to pay. I was pissed.

    • Just got a couple of pairs as well. All other shoes are goneskies.

      • Volares are in stock too

  • site is down… down… down…. down…

    • I got through after the second attempt at checkout. Site is getting hammered for sure.

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    Can everybody please stop using the website so I can buy some stuff? :P

  • not much left!!

  • I cant even load up the products to see whats in stock.

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    The site is sooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow haha

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    was going to get a few pairs of size 13 shoe.. but then read 'this is small fitting' so its going to be a 12, when im actually 14, but its cheap?! hmm

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      you can donate it to the Salvo's if it doesn't fit. I'm sure they can find an excellent recipient for anything you don't want.

      it cost you almost nothing. if it arrives before Christmas, think of it as a Christmas gift to someone who needs it way more than you do!

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        you call yourself an ozbargainer. Sure that is the more charitable thing to do but why not have a ozbargainer exchange meetup and we all exchange our ozbargain goods

  • WOO HOO 13 items finally went through! Had 15 items, then it bombed out, then whilst filling out details again, it asked me to remove 2 that were out of stock, then went right through! Be patient peoples, it will happen :-)

  • I've given up on it, out of my sizes and nothing is really that appealing, even with their $10 price tag.

    Oh well, good find though!

    • Me too, I give up, I'm going to bed. It looks like all the shoes are sold out..anyway.

  • it was slow, but i got my orders in. thanks for the post.

  • thanks scored some new gear +

  • YOOOO!!! MINE WENT THROUGH!!! Thanks goodness a lot of things were sold out, otherwise i d buy so many more that i probably would never wear!!! LOL

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    I was late for this, but still saved $850 off retail for 3 shorts, 4 pants & 5 shirts. I'm HAPPY! Thanks!

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    8 items, $89, very happy…I wish they had these deals when they were trading and not when they are going out of business!

  • slow, but we got there. thanks!

  • my order went through, got some cargo pants and some shorts.

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    to get a ten dollar item im probably wasting more than $10 of my time lol

  • success! great post!

  • sweet ,oh the joys of having big feet ,still seems to be lots left

  • leeeet meeee paaayyyyyy

  • website super slow

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    Brilliant, got 5 items. Would have added more stuff but didn't want to risk getting the item sold out!

  • aaaand ozbargained, the site is getting hammered, I'm surprised it's still up :P

    EDIT most things are out (the stuff I checked anyway)

  • all women shoes gone, toooo late. I need ozbargain alarm!!

  • how long take to ship - standard?

    • Standard delivery orders are shipped by Australia Post and will be received within 2-5 business days.

  • Why oh why did they not upgrade their servers before they went bust??

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    Returns might be a problem

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      sell it on ebay..ull get back more than the return

      • I can imagine ebay being flooded with Colorado stuff now…

  • Just got some cargo pants, a pair of Vulcan mountain boots and a pair of Volare active shoes. BARGAIN! Thanks.

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    You cant add anything to the cart (even those that have not got sold out) + its slow :(

  • Sweet thanks Op just bought 2 pairs boots and 2 pair of runners .

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      runners sold out

  • Anybody happen to score an extra pair of the Revolution boots in a size 9 and want to make a 300% profit??

    • they look lame.. vulcan r the best looking boot.. plenty left

      • Already snagged a pair of those. Revolution boots would be great for a Firefly costume ;)

  • site is getting hammered. got myself a pair of vulcans =D

    • easy to spot ozbargainers in the street :)

  • farr can't even add stuff to my cart :(

  • Thanks OP - Dad's going to love his new polo shirts (just about all that was left)

    Took me at least 20 mins to put through my order. Be patient guys, takes awhile to load the page but it does get there eventually.

  • -3

    Everything Sh8T LEft! dont bother~

  • website crashed

  • Cheers op! got me the volcan boots, volare runners, cargos and the shorts all for $49 delivered :D

    • The volcon boots and volare runners are the only mens shoes left. I wasn't sure if I should get size 9 or 10 so I ordered both and will throw out one of them!

      • I'll have the pair you don't want, instead of them being thrown out that is ;)

    • cargos? yaiksss.. use to ware cargos back in 1998 haha

      • +1

        They'll make a comeback one day. Just put them in the bottom drawer.

        • lol

        • Your grandson might find a "bargain" at the bottom drawer one day.

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    That took much longer than I had initially expected…

    You also had to click the size, then wait for it to load, then add the quantity, then click add to basket. And sometimes this would not work.

    By the time people are done completing their order, some of the stuff might have gone out of stock; so I would not be surprised if there are some items cancelled.

    Looking at the previous prices, are they seriously even worth that much?? Perhaps not, thus the reason for going out of business.

    Apart from that, cheers OP for the deal.

  • Boo-ya! Lots of shirts, shorts and boots can be had for $100!! Christmas shopping done - one happy Colorado camper :D

  • Wow this is great, i was only going to get 6 items but ended up getting 12 some for pressies :) thanks OP.

  • cant add anything to cart…grrrrrr

    • I mostly had to click a second time to add to the cart

  • any idea what is size 10R means?

    • 10 Regular most likely

    • Right shoe. Gotta buy the 10L to make the pair :)

  • took me ages to load the page!

  • Just bought my misses' christmas present! Thanks OP. Awesome find.

  • Thanks for this post. Just bought 4 pairs shoes. I hope the size will fit.
    This site is very slow now but responsive, just be patient.

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    Alright, just bought my stack of 10 things. Wish I got in earlier! I would've bought EVERYTHING!
    Oh crap, just realised the shoes are 'small fitting'. Not sure what this means, should I have gone one size higher?

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      I'm wondering that too

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      I got a pair of shoes in their retail shop closing down sale and I was still the same size as what I usually am. So it should be ok.

  • anyone having problem at the checkout? I can't enter postcode and state so can't make payment.

    • don't worry I think the site is too slow. Working now

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    "This is a small fitting shoe. " what does this mean? Normally size 8 UK fits me, so does this mean I get a bigger size?

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      click the size link and it will tell you how to measure your size.

      • Thanks, the shoes I chose was too narrow for me. Saved $10.

  • Wow finally managed to order 4 shirts (3 polos + 1x T) and a pair of Cargo pants (FTW).

  • oh ya ordered 1 shoes 1 shirt n 1 polo for $39…..but it too me an hour…but happy thx

  • Women's shoes seem completely sold out. D:

    • Managed to get 2 pairs of cargo pants and the boyfriend got about 13 other items. Not much left, better hurry!

  • Finally managed to get through, with a modest buy of a shirt and new pair of sports shoes. Thanks OP!

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