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50% off Everything + $8 Shipping (+ Free Returns, Gift Wrapping & Measuring Tape) @ Absent Society

🔥 AfterPay Day Sale is on! 🔥

Everything will be reduced to 50% off!🏃‍♀️
Free express shipping on orders over $100

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✔️Money-back guarantee - We pride ourselves on providing customer service that is second to none!
✔️Free Returns on orders over $100
✔️Free Gift Wrapping 🎁 (Wrapped/packaged using AS gift wrapping paper and stickers. See their Instagram for the "unboxing" experience here(instagram.com))
✔️Free Measuring tape 📏 (For convenient size measuring in the future)

Recently we have been receiving a lot of support from Australian's who have turned towards local Australian brands and stood behind them. We've heard so many kind words, and from all of us at Absent Society:
We'd like to express our most sincere gratitude towards all of you, especially through this hard time, and say, THANK YOU.
We wish everyone safety and hope we can all recover well after this is all over.

Absent Society

Link to our T&C 🤗

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Your mission statement consists purely of "plan to", "will"… Can you share with us what you have achieved since you wrote that mission statement?

    • Thank you for reading up on our mission! Firstly, what do you think about our mission and our core values? Do you think we’re on the right track?

      We’ve been live for just over 2 years and are a 2 person local business. In these short years, we’ve been able to plan and establish our business model around this far-reaching mission as well as reaching out to establishments already in our target country, Vietnam.

      Establishing infrastructure in Vietnam to pull victims into better futures through education and training is difficult during recent times due to COVID and has stopped our progression.
      We believe our mission and subsequently, the business model will have a far greater impact on human quality of life than other “sustainable fashion” fads.

      We’re passionate about it and encourage other businesses to follow the same model. Why not help others while conducting your business?