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Myer Warringah Mall - Gaming Section Liquidation


I went to Myer at Warringah Mall today with the innocent intention of purchasing a pair of jeans. I stumbled across a gaming bargain bin, which had several Guitar Hero guitars on sale marked at $110, but scanning at $15.

I asked the person at the counter if there were any similar bargains, to which he replied that they had a bunch of stock out the back which they were selling for basement prices.

I ended up picking up the following (all for the PS3):

DJ Hero 2 Turntable Kit (w/ game) - $15
Tony Hawk Ride - $15
Band Hero Full Band Bundle - $15
Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Bundle - $15
Guitar Hero 5 - $10
Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock - $10
Fifa World Cup 2010 - $5

He just kept bringing out more and more stock that he was finding (he was a champ), and scanning to see what the price was.

My understanding is that I managed to snare the last of the PS3 bundles for a couple of the products above (but not all), and there was still a decent amount of Wii/Xbox 360/PS3 bundles out the back.

I'm not sure whether or not any other stores are also liquidating their gaming sections, but I would encourage you to find out!

After all that excitement, I forgot to buy a pair of jeans.

Pictures are as follows:

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  • Thanks for thinking of us mein.

  • +3

    Reasonable buy.. but would have been chpeaer yesterday at 60% off…

    HAving said that..

    This was my buy from Myer today….


    Yep 3ds Console at $75…. (it was the last one in stock) the demo unit.. missing the box and charger…

    • holy shit…nice one there. Some really good bargain games for the PSP

      You could probably make a profit from trading them as well

    • woah 3DS? is that just because yours was a demo unit or were they selling 3DS's for that price? Heck even at $150 it's a good deal.

      • +1

        Nope apparantly.. if you can find one in stock at Myers.. it will scan up at $75…

        Prorably all sold out long ago.. but you never know your luck…

        The unit I got.. was the last one at Doncaster… the shop assistent hadn't put it out.. because he couldn't find the box or charger…

        For some reason.. He took it out to show me and scan it in front of me.. I was happy to take it as is…(still under warranty)

        • +1

          $75??? Jealous mode :>, been looking for this one at discounted price but still no luck.

  • +1

    Great bargains, but good luck tracking them down in any other stores or finding a staff member so helpful, especially in Myer, a rare breed indeed. Jerold FTW!

  • Warringah Mall? Had nothing but the guitar thing a week ago for the PS3.

    • You should have asked for Jerold - he would have hooked you up!

      • thanx Mein. Will keep him in mind.

  • Yep, Myer Chadstone had 50% of marked games still - meant wii games about $10-15.
    Not much, but lots of pikmin, DragonBall and uDraw games.

  • No offence but the majority of these unwanted titles are commonly found in bargain bins all across Australia at similar or lower prices. Off the top of my head I have seen these and many similar games on the discount tables at DSE and in a giant pile of crap at JB as well.

    • Secret Agent Clank and Modnation @PSP for $2.50 where oh where?

      I call shenanigans!

      • Look at my receipt… Myer Doncaster…..

        • I was replying to Amar89. He said
          the majority of these unwanted titles are commonly found in bargain bins all across Australia at similar or lower prices

          I was asking him where else he would find this!

  • Anyone know any Western Sydney deals like this at Myer going on? Parramatta, Liverpool, Penrith, City CBD etc?

    • Just popped into Myer CBD this morning and they basically have nothing left. Lots of Michael Jackson The Experience but most of the games have cleared out.

  • Thanks guys. I went to Brisbane CBD Myer, they seem doing clearance as well. I bought the "Start the Party" for $10. OK, I know it is old but I want to buy this for family fun. lot of DSi/Wii games are on sale, not much left for PS3/PC/Mac.

  • Nice haul! Now you just need to buy a cupboard to put it all in…that's what will cost you :p

  • Just popped down to Warringah Mall this morning and there was still a reasonable number of games left (though now significantly less PSP games remaining :) ). The highest any of them scanned as was $5, even though they had pricetags up to $20 on them. So worth checking the real price for any that catch your eye.

    • damnit. Canberra Centre Myer doesn't have anything worthy

  • I rang the store this morning at 9.05am and there was no wii guitar hero packages.

  • Myer Toowoomba had rubbish left

    Top Spin 4 was $30 and Vancouver 2010 was $20.

    He said prices were as marked

  • Is Guitar Hero 5 with Guitar good for $40?

  • +1

    FabMan UK, these are getting very hard to find now especially for the wii, so if you can get your hands on one and if you want it, then $40 is ok.

    • Thanks, I did buy it.

      I don't think it's a steal, but it's still a good price I think.

      Plus with Australia day coming up soon, it might add a bit of extra drunk fun!

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