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Perth Mint Gold Bullion 5g $363.01, 10g $694.51 (Sold Out) + Delivery @ Perth Mint eBay


Offer Period. This offer will be available from 11:30AM AEDT 22 March 2021 for as long as it is displayed at eBay.com.au or while stocks lasts (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time.

Conditions. The offer entitles you to 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Gold Bullion Eligible Items sold by The Perth Mint (Seller), with up to a maximum discount of $200 per transaction. A maximum of two transactions per person applies. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 5 items per transaction).

'Gold Bullion Eligible Items' means:

Perth Mint Kangaroo 5g Gold Minted Bar
Perth Mint Kangaroo 10g Gold Minted Bar

Operating Hours. The Gold Bullion Eligible Items are only available for purchase on eBay.com.au Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays* in Western Australia, and between the hours 11:30am to 7:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (“Operating Hours”) or 8:30am to 4:30pm Australian Western Standard Time (“Operating Hours”).

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    Price from Perth mint website:

    AU$. Perth Mint Sells. Perth Mint Buys
    5 gram $403.51 $354.26
    10 gram $772.01 $708.51

    So for the 5 gram currently costing $401.71 on eBay the calculation is:

    $401.71 * 0.9 = $361.54 + $17.50 shipping

    = $379 vs $361 spot price.

    Not a bad deal if you want physical gold. It's essentially spot price + $17.50 shipping after the 10% off.

    But it's not like you'll make money buying it at 10% off and then selling it down at the local gold buyer.

    • Oh, I didn't see the shipping cost but still its a decent price.

  • +1

    current price about $707
    this deal with postage is $709
    for 10g so australia post wins

  • They've been out of stock for quite a while on the website

  • +8

    id buy bitcoin

    • Why not doge? Or amc shares?

      To the moon!

      • AMC actually mooning due to theatres reopening

        • Lots of analysis conflicting the 'moon' theory with much more stable & attractive offerings.

          Like GME - there's alot of shills/bag holders peddling these stocks with alot of people jumping in without researching for themselves.

          If people are looking for moon options there's much more attractive options in crypto NFTs and other opportunities in such a volatile market.

      • +4

        Doge is a pump/dump without any fundamentals that give it legs into the future. It's literally a meme/troll crypto that's likely to flatline in the near future. Proceed with caution and DYOR before taking a position friends : )

  • 5g not 50g?

  • where's a good place to sell these down the track?

        • +1

          Or a gift, I'd assume. There's no point buying 5g/10g of gold as an investment. It's too small to make any money and you lose a lot on the buy/sell fees.

          • @Autonomic: say I received one of these as a gift then, where do i liquidate it?

            • @ltwo: Just google for gold traders in your city I guess.

      • +10

        Buying electronic gold defeats the point of gold

        • +3

          PMGOLD.ASX ETF (perth mint gold) are real gold, and can be redeem for bullion if one so choose.


          • +4

            @huu: No, that is an electronic contract. It can be honored, frozen or confiscated. Only when redeemed is that gold.

          • @huu: I thought there were some issues with the fees on PMGOLD (fees are charged in units of PMGOLD) but looking through the PDS it seems fine. Fee is 1 unit per 667 units per year and is rounded down. PMGOLD seems like a better alternative to GOLD.

            • @Autonomic: I prefer PMGOLD for lower fees. The other differences to consider would be.. GOLD.AX the physical gold is kept in London vs PMGOLD.AX is kept in Perth. GOLD.AX is allocated vs PMGOLD.AX is unallocated.

        • +1

          Physical gold has it's limitations too.
          Best bet is probably a combined strategy. Keep a small amount in physical form for insurance, and the larger part in digital for easy liquidity.

          • @outlander: Physical gold can be confiscated by the Federal Government at any point in time. The legislative framework still exists in Part IV of the Banking Act 1959. The law is actually active but just suspended. So at any point in time the minister could remove the suspension and ask you to deliver your Gold at the doorstep of the government.

            Just saying, I do see the merits of physical gold. Bury it in your backyard.

            PS: sorry, not specifically director at @outlander.

            • +1

              @littlegreenman: A very good point lgm. People are frightened that a society they depend on but don't understand will collapse around them and they want to have some preparation for that day, not realizing that it's not like the movies. Things as big as a country don't collapse overnight, and then next week it's a post-apocalyptic free for all. The transition takes decades or even centuries, and it's a very tumultuous time.

              If there's a way for corrupt individuals to use the government to get their hands on your money, they will. And buying online like this gives them a big read arrow to aim for

        • There are very few reasons to want physical gold over buying PMGOLD. Most people are better off just buying the ETF.

          • @Autonomic: Some do not understand ETFs

          • @Autonomic: But ETF doesn't produce anything. Real gold can be used for jewellery. It can also be used to buy toilet tissue.

            • -1

              @whooah1979: We're talking about investing. If you're a jeweler then you would buy industrial gold, not bullion.

    • +1

      Not across the road from the Mint if you're nicking it - https://thewest.com.au/news/crime/perth-mint-thief-joseph-ch...

  • Is now a good time to buy?

  • +3

    Shame no gift cards permitted it would have been an above EV play .
    My summary is part of the postage is the only fee above the spot price . Counter if combined postage to get closer .

    • where does it say no giftcards? was trying to locate it on the T+Cs and can't find it :S

      • +1

        if you try and buy one, first you have to go through a number verification where they call you.
        Then at the purchase stage, if you enter a gift card it says 'can't redeem on these items'

  • No click & collect? one star then…. :)

  • +1

    Still showing "out of stock" 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Yup, I am sure they havent added any stock after the deal started.

      • +2

        In stock now but price slightly jacked up

        • +1

          Cheers - I've updated the title

  • +2

    thanks OP. Just made a profit of $3.95 ($715.96 - $712.01). lets hope gold price moves up

    • With the sharemarket stuttering and impending increase in unemployment from jobkeeper methinks it's going to.

  • can't order a second lot of 3x10gm - getting a message "This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired."

    Anyone else having the same issue?

    • +1

      tested your issue and found the same. let's you go through with 2 though

  • Is it pure gold? What are the specifications?

    • 5g:

      Gold Content (Troy oz)
      Fineness (% purity)
      Minimum Gross Weight (g)
      Maximum Dimensions (mm)
      23.60 x 14.60
      Standard Thickness (mm)


      Gold Content (Troy oz)
      Fineness (% purity)
      Minimum Gross Weight (g)
      Maximum Dimensions (mm)
      25.60 x 15.60
      Standard Thickness (mm)

    • You're very unlikely to get pure gold anywhere, though Perth Mint make quite a big thing of being able to refine to 99.999%. It costs more money to refine the more 9s you put to the right of the decimal point, more than you'll get in return for the effort, so few places go past that (at least for commercial purposes).

    • really?

  • +5

    Damn I wanted to buy gold with Afterpay

  • +3

    Insurance is not offered for bullion and the customer is fully liable for loss of delivery for any reason and the onus of taking out any separate insurance for the delivery rests entirely with the customer.


    • +3

      Sent express post and you have paypal charge back….

  • During the delivery dates i am away, can i request APost to hold it without delivery to the address??? Of course these days they tend to leave parcel outside!!!

    • +2

      Bro, where you at 😏

      • +1

        In SA!!!
        Hmm why???

  • Its pretty incredible to be able to buy minted bars at below spot. My kg bars were 2.5% over the spot when I bought them;Plus I had to pay 1% insurance which was insane. Best price per bar is 2 bars since the discount is capped at $200.

    • If you're buying multiple 1kg bars @ $72k plus - I think 1% insurance isn't anything you need to worry about.

      • +1

        1% of 72k is $720 and it adds up if you're buying multiple. I bought at a lower price but 1% is still a lot. I bought directly from Perth Mint as well

  • Missed out gone in 60 minutes……

    • +1

      Same here. I just wanted to get a single 5g, which is still in stock but it's giving me "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

    • I was just logging into my mum's ebay account to buy more but then it was gone

      • GOLD IS SOLD!!!

  • 10g OOS!!

  • Is the gold ethically sourced?

    • +1

      Is any?

      • Good answer! Bought 5!

  • I am struggling to see how this is a good buy? I don't understand. Other than it would be cool to have some gold.

    I looked up the price of gold and it is around $72 per gram. $72x5g = $360 plus shipping.

    Can someone explain it for me please? I see lots of people snapping these up but I don't understand.

    • +1

      The lowest spreads between physical and spot are usually achieved through bigger bars such as 1 kg or above. If you look on the Perth mint's website, the kg bars are over $73/g. On top of this the 10g bars are below the buy back price of themselves on the Perthmint website; I live in victoria and some dealers pay higher buy back prices than Perthmint. So theoretically you get a minted bar thats cheaper per gram than a kilo bar and you can sell it back to a dealer at a minor profit according to today's spot price if you didn't want to hold it for long.

      Albeit this kind of deal is generally for people who are saving in bullion and have a long term bullishness towards the price. If you don't stack bullion this is probably not the kind of deal for you.

  • I know it’s hard to understand the multiple gold purchases was below the spot price for the 10g .
    I wonder why it is OOS?

    • Hopefully they restock it, only 1.6kg weight was sold for the 10g bars, that's extremely low stock preparation for an advertised promotion

      • I think the 10g is gone. The banner said 150 10g (now says out of stock) and 250 5g available.

  • +1

    5g is working with coupon code now.

  • Bought 4x5g , too late for 10g lol

  • +1

    Anunnaki bought them all

  • Has anyone received dispatched email?
    My one still not posted yet

    • Confirmation email says delivery in April for me.

      • Have you received posted notification? Mate. Thanks

        • Hey I just received postage info today. Hopefully it’s express like we paid for.

    • Is someone here that hasnt received their tracking number for 10g order yet?
      I ordered through 2 different ebay accounts.
      1 order arrived yesterday, but i havent even heard from the other one.

      • i am in same boat. thanks

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