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[QLD, NSW] Karaage Chicken Curry $1 @ Mottomotto


Karaage Chicken Curry bowl for $1. Today only. Get in quick.

UPDATE: We're sold out, but you won't miss out!

Sign up to the Motto app, opt-in for emails and we’ll send you a $1 curry voucher next week.

Find out more here >> https://www.mottomotto.com.au/news/get-the-app-get-more

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  • Slurry in a hurry

  • Which state is this at? Maybe need to add that in the title?

    • NSW and QLD it seems

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    Stores only in QLD and NSW

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    What's the que like? good portion size?

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    I wish it applied to the Tofu curry there as well, it is awesome

    • Ask

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      Yes vege option available.

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      Just saw a Buddhist nun in robes ordering the $1 Tofu!

      • Just ordered for $1. Delivered to my table.
        She knew a tasty treat!

    • Veg tofu is just $1 as well :)

  • you get a "stick" to eat it with…very apt

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      No bowl! Stick, stick!

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        Mountain Dew or Crab Juice?

  • Only 2 stores in NSW :(

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    Mentioned by Dealbot in previous Moto Deal. Strange he didn't post it as a Deal.

  • Portion size is very decent. Small queue at Castle Hill NSW. Brunch sorted.

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    Westfield Carindale, Brisbane: Now: constant ~15 people in queue, then 5min wait while its made.

    Served in take away bowl with wooden spork.
    Great value for $1!

    • what if you prefer a stick? will they substitute?

    • Queuing & crowd control at more confined Westfield Garden City store would be more difficult.
      Might pop over later, am pretty full now🍛

    • At Carindale (possibly at other Westfield with Moto Moto) - ask at Westfield service desk for FREE JAPANESE FRIES card!
      (T&C: 1 per customer Valid 22/3 - 18/4)

      Scanning your Westfield Plus spp enters you in $10k competition at Westfields.

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    Download their app before you get there so you can scan it and get points plus $5 off your next order.

  • Westfield Garden City, Brisbane: Now: 0 people in queue, then <5min wait while its made.

    Bigger serve, much more curry🍛

    Also ordered Tofu - extra 5mn wait.
    Comes with lots of veggies (cauliflower, beans, crunchy zucchini, etc) lacking in the Chicken.

    So for extra big meal - order both!

  • Sign in Garden City store just changed to
    SOLD OUT! Asked - still serving!

    BUT says to sign up to app, will receive one next time for $1!

    • seriously… stop it!

      • So if we sign up now we can get the $1 curry at another time? Is it a voucher in the app?

        • Will be sent to you.
          Best to sign up now - so they know you saw today's promo.

          • @Rather be Travelling: Did you ever get it sent to you?

            • @toobzy: Contact them.
              I already had an account, so didn't create new account to get the offer.
              Had 3 of these on the day - 2 as takeaway eaten next day.

  • It was a generous serve, but did not find it that tasty. Golden curry mix made at home tastes better IMO. The chicken was not that crispy either.

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      Depends on store.
      First store - crunchy chicken, little but tasty curry.
      Next store - twice as much but not so crunchy chicken, more curry.

      Japanese curry never appealed much to me.

      • did you spend the whole day eating this stuff/?

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          Stores are about 20min apart. On same express bus route past my place. Handy to rest between meals😉

          Its the time to digest that takes the time.

          Only nibbled at the Chicken & Tofu orders at the second store - took them home.

          Second store were impressed by my dedication.

          3 bowls in a day is enough.
          Would never do that in Japan - there are much better foods than curries 🍛

      • Is that you JAMES?

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        Give this man an award

      • Curry pork in Okinawa in some off the beaten track area is my only memory of decent Japanese curry

        • Great memories!
          Loved Okinawa - where "the people have heart".

          Katsu-don (bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet) is always my preferred fried favourite. (No Curry thanks!)

          On an island North of Hokkaido, I was served the cooked flipper of a Seal. Things can get weird. But no one could translate what I was eating - just drawing what looked like a human hand. I offered it to my Host!

          Had curry rice with rice farmer friend in mountain village of 200, North of Kyoto. His wife was away, so wasn't great - typical bachelor meal. (Of course his rice was fantastic!)
          Otherwise in tiny villages with no where else to eat - curry rice was always available.

          But curry always tasted the same to me - pretty bland.

          Sharing food with locals was (almost) always a memorable highlight.

          • @Rather be Travelling: Emotions seem to play a part in taste. The best meal memories I have are with dear friends

            • @belongsinforums: It's an ancient part of hospitality - sharing meals.

              Tastes & especially smells are important in laying down easily accessible memories.

              Associating them with important events keeps those memories with your dear friends more easily retrieved & reprocessed (eg discussing them with those friends) - making the connections stronger.

              Todays meal won't last long in my memory.
              But discussing it will help.

  • As per the Facebook event page:

    UPDATE: We're sold out, but you won't miss out!
    Sign up to the Motto app, opt-in for emails and we’ll send you a $1 curry voucher next week.
    Find out more here >> bit.ly/3c8Z6xy

  • Anyone at Carindale store now and is there still stock?

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    • In Offers section of App for members.
      Karaage Chicken Curry $1 @ Mottomotto only 7/4

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    Deal seems to be back but the conditions say its only valid at Macquarie Centre, Castle Towers NSW….? wth

    • Thanks - missed that in Offer …More Details!

    • WTH indeed.

    • +1

      apparently (according to the motto fb page) they canned it for QLD due to covid, with it due to return sooner or later once its over.

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