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20% off Sitewide (Basketballs starting at $11.96 Delivered) @ Molten Australia


Three Day Sale! 20% off everything at Molten Australia!

Sale ends Friday. Free standard postage Australia wide.

20% off all Basketballs

BG4500 Series Basketball - Was $139.95 Now $111.96 with code

BG4000 Series Basketball - Was $119.95 Now $95.96 with code

BG3200 Series Basketball - Was $79.95 Now $63.96 with code

20% off all Volleyballs

V5M5000 Indoor Volleyball - Was $99.95 Now $79.96 with code

V5M4500 Indoor Volleball - Was $79.95 Now $63.96 with code

Further 20% off all Clearance Products

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    Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam
    Come on and slam, if you wanna jam
    Hey you, watcha gonna do


    Link dead for anyone else?


    $11.96 typo ?


    Really appreciated the good customer service from these guys. I had a lower-end ball with a strange defect and they sent me a replacement without any issues.


    What's a good all around basketball these days? I wasnt able to play for a while and now need to play again to lose the domino's-fueled weight gain. I will primarily use it indoors (2-3 times per week) but might rarely use it outdoors (once a year)

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      The BG3200 would be great for that mix of indoor and outdoor. Reduced to $63.96 - https://molten.com.au/collections/premium-basketballs/produc...


        Thank you for your quick response. My old ball is a GG7X. Is the BG3200 the equivalent model?

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          The new version of the GGX is the BG4500 Series which is an indoor only ball. The BG3200 will offer a bit more durability if you were using it outdoors.

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          As a hooper. The BG balls absolutely suck. If your coming from a GG7X (my favorite ball) you will regret it. No idea why Molten have done this to their basketball, but I hope they bring back the old ones soon.

          I have friends playing pro in Europe who also hate these new balls.

          If you want something similar to the GG, maybe grab a GMX https://molten.com.au/products/gmx-b-series-basketball?varia...

          Its seems to be a bit heavy, but its the closest I have found and is what im currently using.


            @carra23: damn looks like i have to try to replace the air valve then. i figured buying a new one would be easier since my ball is probably 3 or 4 years old anyway but if the best option is a bit heavy, then i will give replacing the air valve a shot


            @carra23: 100%


        Hi Scott,

        Im really not a fan of the BG series (and nor are any of the hoopers I know here or back in europe). Any idea if there is any plans for Molten to bring back the old GG series? (For reference I had about 5 of these and loved them, was preaching that to anyone who would listen. Cant do that for the new balls unfortunately)

        I would buy the GG again in a heartbeat if I could though.


    Thanks mate


    I got next day delivery in Brisbane! That’s pretty impressive. Thanks.

    I’m no basket ball man but my toddler and I are enjoying our new ball.