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$7 off Minimum $25 Spend at ‘Delivered by Restaurant’ Venues Monday to Thursday, Credit Card Payment Only @ Menulog


$7 off voucher will be delivered via the 'For You' section and is only valid with orders valued $25 or more at 'Delivered by Restaurant' venues.

Offer is not valid with McDonald's, Hungry Jack's or KFC orders.

Menulog voucher is only valid in Australia. Offer is not valid with cash payments. Vouchers may not be used in conjunction with other vouchers or any other discounts or promotions.

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    Targeted, mine is $5 off $25.


    Just a for info. Where restaurants give an automatic 10% or 20% off, like one of mine, the $5 stacks nicely. I get $38 for around $25 (with 20% + $5 off).

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    Delivered by the restaurant is BS
    Order once or twice a week and consistently one of them is a new restaurant and NEVER get this discount.
    It's BS.

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    Menulog suck. literally 50% of your orders are cancelled by restaurant / not accepted. This morning i'm on 3 cancellations. All i want is manoush ffs.


      Coz the drivers are stilling sleeping, you !d!0t


      Bad luck?
      I haven't had any cancellation with Menulog before.
      However, I got many cancellations from Uber Eats so I stopped using them


      Two major problems with Menulog:

      1) its platform is so archaic, kind of like it’s operating on windows 98 compared to Ubereats and doordash’s windows 10. Once an order is assigned to a driver it cannot be reassigned. Restaurants cannot adjust prep times or let the driver know that the food is ready. You can just imagine the chaos.

      2) it’s delivery range is too ambitious for the relatively few drivers it has.

      3) there is no feedback system available to restaurant for drivers

      These problems don’t apply to restaurants with their own delivery driver. Hence my advice is only order from menu log for pick up or from a restaurant which has its own drivers.

      At one of my restaurants, about 3/10 Menulog orders result in complaints from customers about long wait times/cold food, compared to 1/100 from Uber and about 1/30 from doordash. We’re thinking about ditching them.


        Where I’m at, Menulog pays about $1 per km travelled on average with surge. You can take a guess why there’s not that many of us. I haven’t tried other companies but I had a customer telling me that I was early yesterday lol I guess other drivers must be delivering for multiple companies at the same time, that explains the delay. Restaurants are also quite slow at times, and they tend to not reimburse the drivers unless we complained about it. One time I waited for over 20 mins at Maccas, they reimbursed me $0.75. Great incentive.


    Ordered at menulog yesterday food came 2 hours late cold and stale




    Pleasantly surprised to have $7 off $15 spend on my account today! Downside is there aren't many "delivered by restaurant" options where I am.