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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (Black/Silver) $236.72 Delivered @ XtremeOnline via Amazon AU ($246 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


I scored violet and black this morning from Campbellfield Officeworks both for $246! Use Kogan to price match the violet if required. RRP at Officeworks $348

08-May-2021 Price reduced $236.72 from $259

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • How are these for call quality and cancelling ambient noise?

    • +2

      exceptional but I found the fit very bad

      • I am yet to find a TWS where I like the fit. I like the Samsung Buds series because they generally go pretty deep in the ear. With Jabra I get this feeling like they are going to fall out (even with foam tips).

        With that said, I still get some discomfort in long sessions (only in my right ear as well, which is weird).

        • Try using a different size tip for your right years. Bot the years are usually not identical shape and size.

        • My bose wireless earbuds have never come close to falling out even during exercise

        • Where did you get foam tips?

    • +3

      I personally thing that for call quality they can't be beat. I have around 5-6 TWS headphones and Samsung offer the best call quality. Also their constant updates give me confidence that the product will keep getting better.

      Ambient noise I don't use to much (I don't like the feeling across any of my noise cancelling head sets), so can't really comment.

      • I second this, not a huge fan of Samsung but this is truly a marvel piece of engineering. Call quality is great and the ability to switch between ANC and ambient mode on the fly is pretty nifty. Sound quality is probably up there with the best TWS. My only complaint is the fit and the feeling that they may fall out at any moment.

        • +1

          Oh really?
          I have the original galaxy buds and the call quality is garbage.
          Definitely night and day?

          • +1

            @MilkDX: I don't have a personal experience with the original Buds unfortunately. Call quality for me and the person on the line is indistinguishable from my SteelSeries Arctis Pro at home. I've had calls/meetings on the street/Sydney train and have not got any complaint since I got it (free with my s21).

            There's a 30 days money back guarantee promotion running on samsung.com at the moment. Perhaps you can give it a try yourself?

  • worth the upgrade if I have the original Samsung Galaxy Buds?

    • +2

      Sh*t yes

    • The main upgrade seems to be around active noise cancelling, depends how important that is for you. .

      • And the call quality.

        • +1

          And battery

  • worth upgrading from buds+ ?

    • Not really.

  • How do these compare to the Sony wf-1000xm3

    • +3

      Sony trumps it in terms of ANC, however for sound they are surprisingly good.

      Buds also have sweat/waterproof rating whereas the Sony's don't if that is a concern to you.

      I like the sony's however I much prefer the design of the buds with regards to how it looks when sitting in your ear

    • I own both pairs, ANC wise Sony beats Buds easily but for everything else I would go Buds.
      Especially if you talk over the earphone, forget Sony.. it is just horrible.

  • +1

    Can also get it much cheaper than this via people selling 50% off codes for the buds pro in the classifieds

    • Who, where?

      • Searching for 'Samsung 50%' in the classifieds section should do the trick

        • What classified website?

    • I bought an s21 couple days ago, do I have a code too?

    • Hard to believe it's 50% off and not $50

      • can always message me if interested…

  • —I bought a pair of Buds Live and can connect to my S21 but the Wearable app doesn't seem to see that the headphones are connected and I can't use any feature from the app like noise cancelling or better sound quality.
    —The headphones works though.
    —Any ideas?

    • +1

      Did you install the Galaxy Wearable plugin for your model?

      • It is already installed on S21…I did not install any other pluggin. Is it required?

        • The Galaxy Wearable app requires appropriate plugins to work, depending on the device/accessory that you have.

    • Don't connect using Bluetooth, only use the wearable app to connect the first time.

  • Soooo wanted to like these, ticks so many boxes but main issue I have is connection to my fenix 6 pro when I go for runs. Jittery and disconnects often. I wear my watch on the left wrist btw.
    Anyone else experienced this?

  • Just snagged the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2's on amazon for 249… was that a mistake compared considering this sale?

    • I was tempted to get the Sennheiser as well given it was a bigger saving, but I went with the SGBPro for the following reasons:
      * Smaller case
      * Wireless charging
      * Can use left OR right bud on its own (Sennheiser is right only on its own)
      * Battery life slightly better???
      * Better call quality

      The only sway for the Sennheiser besides its sale price was the better customisation of touch controls, but I'm not too concerned for my use case.

    • Have you listened to them yet?

      Cos I got the same deal and I can't believe how good the senny's are. I'm really happy with them.

      Prev I used jabra 65Ts which I was never that happy with.

  • Do they work well with apple phones?

    • Yes

  • How do these compare to elite 75t?

  • My local Officeworks refused to price beat with both Amazon (said only Amazon AU is eligible, not 3yrs party seller) & Kogan (no grey import) :(

    • Can OP upload copy of receipt?

      I'll prob need one for my S21 Ultra from the trade-in deal (coming from 1st gen Airpods)

  • Can someone please help confirm if mic and speaker work on each bud independently, bro in law wants to use only left bud until it dies, and then the right bud, to extend daily usage.

  • +1

    Thanks I bought them at officeworks Alexandria for $232.28 price matching Amazon Au

    • Can you share the receipt?

  • +1

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Phantom Black is now $$233.90 in amazon. Should get it from OW for $222 then :-)

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