New Woolworths Daily Deal Site - - FREE Delivery on Orders over $20

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Just got this email from Woolworths Everyday Rewards..

Introducing the new Door Buster website. is a new online retail service offering, which provides a website chock full of FANTASTIC deals. This site has outrageously cheap prices on products from confectionery to designer handbags and everything in between!
Don't pay retail again! Get in quick because they'll run out fast!
Door Buster deals will be limited only by the amount of stock that can be secured, be quick so you don't miss out. With a quick delivery system your item will be on its way within 24 hours.

Things to note for your exclusive offer
Offer can be redeemed as many times as you like
You must enter your Everyday Rewards card at the checkout to receive the Free Delivery

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  • Looks a little broken atm :P

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  • Was just going to post the 100 Finish Powerball pack for $22 delivered:
    Buy 4 and you get them $20 each, so just as good as the Harvey Norman Bigbuys deal a little while ago.

  • Websites down - "Too much traffic".

  • Guys, you can buy products on their facebook shop - same products and prices - and the best of all it's not down:

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    way to launch a site guys… you'd think being Woolies they would have their act together.

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  • It's a general website with no specific deal. Move to the forums. Not to mention the site is FUBAR at the moment.

    • but.. if the website wasn't down, wouldn't it be classified as a deal? I've seen other "deals" that basically offered free shipping when purchases are made over a certain amount..

      • The difference is that "spend $20 to get free shipping" is not really a deal but something DoorBuster has everyday. A feature from that particular shop/website, for example, and it would not be a deal.

    • FUBAR….. LMFAO

  • Website is up, but is a holding page — coming soon.

  • the website is fully up again.

  • Yeah I was looking at the full site for a few minutes then back to the holding page.

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    pretty underwelming to me … $30 off rrp on a $729 tablet is a mega deal? whoopy doo! what a crap site

    • I agree.

      I was looking at "basics" and picked on the chocolate. They're selling the same stuff for $3 on and claiming it's worth $14 on 'doorbuster', with a hefty discount. Sure, you get a discount, 30% (or one block free), but then what does shipping cost ?

      I can walk to Woolies in 10 minutes and be ripped off in person, I don't need to pay for the privilege on the net and then wait a few days for the items to arrive.

  • I love the 37% "discount" on the Amazon Kindle ($99 normally priced at $159). Sounds ok until you look at the details and notice that it is a refurbished model. Surely you can't compare a new model with a refurbished one and claim to be offering a saving?

    • Ya, it's very dodgy.

      I could overlook it if it was the 3G version, but they don't seemed to have dropped much in price since last year.

  • Didnt see anything there to go ape about.

  • I couldn't be more underwhelmed. What a yawn. Typical woolworths though to try to muscle in where they don't belong. With offers like that they won't be around for long.

  • The products are not the same products being sold on Australian shelves. Colgate Toothpaste made in South Africa. Same ingredients? I don't know. I've been waiting 10 days for an answer.