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Looks cool.Refresh button would be nice ("Checking for updates occurs once every 10 minutes" - nah). However, main element of ozbargain is...
22/03/2012 - 16:37
Same as for Group Buying Deals - lowest LikeMe price is not available yet. Let us know when it does. What is Water Pebble anyway?
16/03/2012 - 13:01
It's hard to judge if this is a bargain. You don't have portfolio on your site - if you can say for example we did this website for $XXX...
15/03/2012 - 14:23
That's ok, after all that's what this website for, isn't it?
13/03/2012 - 14:13
* slander the OP for their first few posts Oh, well, let's see what's gonna happen with a negative attitude LoL
13/03/2012 - 14:10
Seagate Expansion 3TB Desktop Hard Drive $199 Save $80 + Free Delivery - Dick Smith
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13/03/2012 - 13:59
Barbie 12V Jeep $158 Save $40 + Delivery
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12/03/2012 - 16:16
FYI, tomorrow Bing Lee will release their Tuesday Deals - perfect timing for additional 10% Off.
06/03/2012 - 00:41
Strange, for some reason I can't reply to you last message. Anyway, if you really trying to help businesses - I just wish you luck and all...
29/02/2012 - 17:06
In my opinion rewards will work for the users (buyers of vouchers), not for the businesses - at the end of the day business is expecting...
29/02/2012 - 16:37
Guys, you can buy products on their facebook shop - same products and prices - and the best of all it's not down:...
09/01/2012 - 15:17
I think the issue is that images are too big for your screen size - that's why you can see buttons: info - play - add
13/12/2011 - 15:56
Just press Play button underneath
13/12/2011 - 15:41
There is an issue with checkout - price listed on the website $549.95, when adding to cart goes back to $595.95
08/12/2011 - 14:19
To me it doesn't look like legit Swarovski site at all. I believe Swarovski will never put measurements on top of their product images.
23/11/2011 - 16:32
I've just noticed that they have button for checking Store Stock levels - that's a big advantage for those who prefer shop locally...
23/11/2011 - 16:23
I guess everyone was waiting for that, so here we go: IMHO new website looks clean and nice. What do you...
23/11/2011 - 16:11
novnik was awarded a badge.
10/11/2011 - 13:48
I've never had any issues with Samsung washing machines. I guess your friend got a faulty one.
09/11/2011 - 14:11
Ooh, I thought it's a toothbrush.
27/10/2011 - 13:29
novnik replied to jv on New Site Design
.. with our own choice of colours… and bargains :)
27/10/2011 - 12:01
To be fare, I think REPs should stay on the page for at least 30mins to reply to all questions after posting a deal. The price is good,...
26/10/2011 - 11:56
You might want to change New Castle to Newcastle in the video.
22/10/2011 - 11:52
Please add location to the title.
14/10/2011 - 12:47
novnik joined OzBargain.
Welcome aboard!
11/05/2011 - 08:45