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Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA Rechargeable Batteries 8-Pack $44.00 with Free Shipping @ TechLake


Eneloop! That's it! It's all about AA series:

Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA Rechargeable Batteries 8-Pack $44.00 with Free Shipping

Panasonic Eneloop AA Rechargeable Batteries 8-Pack $38.50 with Free Shipping

Shipping is on the same business day if ordered before 3pm AEDT.

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  • How many batteries do people need…..and what for. For ~$5 a battery, no chance!

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      Surprisingly they are really handy especially with if you have a kid! I actually need to buy more!

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      Eneloops are great though, I haven't bought regular batteries since I got them. Depending on your use case they'll probably be cheaper in the long term, are FAR more environmentally friendly and mean less trips to dispose of batteries safely. I'm not sold on the Pros though considering they are more expensive and less durable than regular ones.

    • I've got some battery-powered led lights for inside cabinets and cupboards. Battery count soon adds up for these when each light takes 3 or 4 batteries.

  • Is this deal better than from Catch ?

    • Catch doesn't have AA Pro 8-Pack, also Catch charges for shipping unless you want to become Club Catch member.

      • True, but Catch has discounted gift cards or cashback.

  • Are these types of batteries suitable for things like film cameras? Can they be used in any device? It’s been a long time since I used rechargeable batteries

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    Ikea LADDAs are a benchmark for me. No chance I'd pay $22 for 4

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      Yep, when IKEA Ladda can be had for less than this delivered . No deal.

      edit: You can Ladda for less than the non-pro Eneloops in this deal!

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      For reference, LADDAs are $15 for 4.

      • Just stocked up some. Annoying to get out of the store though.

        • Yeah I call it a kidnapping when you are there to buy something but need to escape

  • Not great can find cheaper per sell on ebay.

    If you are ebnay plus you get free express shipping.

    • Those are AAA, AA is always more expensive.

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    I missed the coles aa rechargeable… 4 aa for less than 6 dollars.

    Sure its quality might be interior to enloop (although i have no problem with mine), but for a quarter of the price, i can keep swapping!

  • These have become so expensive today. I bought the same thing in 2014 for $16.99 from Catch of the Day.

    • Inflation matey.

  • $49 for 4xAA, 4xAAA and Charge at Costco

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      I don't think those are Eneloop PRO.

  • This is a terrible deal compared to Ikea Ladda

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    These are Eneloop PRO, which has higher capacity than standard Eneloops (up to 2550mAH compared to 2000mAH). Fewer cycles as well but that is the technology trade-off.

    These are reasonably priced in this deal but the IKEA LADDA are reported to be the same battery rebadged - Eneloop PRO, Made in Japan.

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      LADDA may have been renamed eneloops in the past - but they are definitely not the same nowadays, the specs are different.

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        I bought some Ladda 2450 from Marsden Park within the past 6 months; they're labelled 2450 and Made in Japan. Eneloop PRO are labelled "up to 2550".

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    Not even remotely close to a deal. $5.50 for one AA Eneloop? Uh, no, just no…
    One word: LADDA

  • What's the life period of these Eneloop babies? I've had some for 5 years now and they are now limp and lifeless like some other object that I know of.

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    Would've thought Oz would be cheaper for this sort of stuff. Can get two AA pro 4-packs for $34 NZD (16.96 ea.) over here in NZ.

    • Australia is normally cheaper. Just that this deal is not.

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        The deals are pretty good in NZ at the moment. Bit of March Madness. Can get three of these Eneloop AA pro 4-packs for $40 delivered. $36ish AUD

  • For those who complain about the price, this is a deal about Panasonic Eneloop AA Pro or AA which are at reasonable special price comparing to the current market. Moreover, every other manufacturer may have rechargeable batteries at their own price and quality.

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      Used to buy a pack of 04 AA Eneloop PRO from Binglee $17.5 (half price) + delivery fee few months ago.
      So 2 pack will be $35 + $6 delivery fee = $41. I added 40 packs to the shopping cart to test delivery fee but it doesn’t change. I’ll wait for Binglee then ($3 cheaper).

      • ok, it's up to you, stock is limited though.

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      Price is king at OZB. :)