$450 Qantas Travel Credit (AmEx) - Do You Still Receive Bonus Points?

I have $450 Qantas Travel Credit that is expiring 31st March. It's the free flight credit you receive from their AMEX card. They made changes so you can use the credit through booking a hotel or rewards store.

Does anyone know if you still earn any of the bonus points if you pay this way? It's not a discount code, but you pay with AMEX and then you just get that money refunded back to you.

I don't want to book any flights or accomodation, so was thinking of buying a case of wine for around $450 and hopefully getting 20k qantas points from it.

Recon it will work?

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    I have the same thing with Velocity platinum. The way i read it, it's just a simple cashback offer. Spend money, automatically picks it up and credited back in x time. I'm also yet to use mine though, so i can't confirm yet.

  • As far as I understand, yes it will work. It's just a cashback and as far as Qantas is concerned, you spent $450 (or more).

  • I didn't know they changed the usage I've been trying to work out where to fly to haha.

    I wonder if can combine with the spend $300 get $75 back promotion with Marriott somehow

  • Good to know the usage changed. I must have missed that.

    I upgraded back to the ultimate from the platinum because they gave me a $250 credit.

    Previously the way it worked was that you had $450 to spend with Qantas. You could exactly $450 for a flight and use the voucher no more to pay or you could spend more and pay the difference.

    How are you getting 20K points from a $450 purchase?

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    This was the email I received on 24th Feb. Maybe it's only for certain people though because it was emailed and you had to activate it. In my AMEX account it's now 'Saved to Card'.

    20k points will be from buying a case of wine from https://wine.qantas.com/c/bonuspoints?sort=bonuspoints-desc

    For example Hewitson Old Garden Mourvedre 2017, 20000 bonus points per case, $467.94 for a case of 6 bottles.

    Changes to your $450 Qantas Travel Credit Extension

    As a Qantas American Express Ultimate Card Member, you are eligible for a $450 Travel Credit which can be used for Qantas flights. With the continued uncertainty about travel this year we previously extended the expiry of the Qantas Travel Credit to 31st March 20211. However we know for many of you, the time still isn't right to travel.

    Given this, as a once off, we've changed how you can use the Qantas Travel Credit that was extended to 31st March 2021.

    In place of the $450 Qantas Travel Credit you'll now have a credit worth up to $450 to spend on Qantas flights booked directly through Qantas, or at Qantas Hotels, Qantas Wine or at the Qantas Rewards Store by 31st of March, 2021.

    If you have not already done so, simply click the link below and save the offer to your Card. Once you've saved the offer to your Card, the credit of up to $450 will be automatically applied when you spend at any of the above merchants. Exclusions apply.

  • Ah mine isn't extended credit, I got the card in November.

  • Is thie offer for anyone who holds Amex Qantas Ultimate card?

    Would this credit be available via offers page on Amex?

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    • This is probably not the right place to be airing your grievances with the OP.

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        'This is probably not the right place to be airing your grievances with the OP.'

        I don't have a 'grievance with the OP' as such, I am simply warning others of the type of 'spontaneous abuse' they are evidently prone to 'PM'ing to peeps who ask about details pertaining to a question they themselves have asked the OzBargain community, for whatever reason.


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          I was just sayin….

          (btw, I didn't neg either of you and I won't pretend I was there so I don't know who's right or wrong).