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Gillette Heated Razor $149 (Was $299) Delivered @ Gillette


Beating the previous best price of $254.

Drop it like it's hot.

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    It looks like a great price, but then looking at the refill razors gives me printer ink PTSD lol So they make most of their money from the refills.

    • Funny you should say that…

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    Heated eyy. 😏

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    $10 a blade! Would want to last 3-4 weeks

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    No thanks. I think I'll just soak my double edged razor in hot water before I shave.

    • +1

      People don't do this already? I shave in the shower

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        In summer I soak my razor in an eski filled with ice and beer, then chug an ice cold VB while shaving 😎

        • You can pick up a few mentholated soaps. I enjoy Cryogen by Chiseled face.

          • @taihendesu: I am a fan of proraso when I can find it at the local Italian supermarket.

  • What's the point of a heated razor, is it just a comfort thing or does it help with the shave. My bathroom only gets cold enough for that to be warranted one week a year, the rest of the time it's too hot especially after having a shower.

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      Rick James on 06/08/2020 - 14:14

      Have had a play with these at work (Shaver Shop), the goal is to imitate a hot towel shave without the hot towel. Heat helps open pores, etc., makes it a more comfortable shave. Kind of an odd sensation but enjoyable nonetheless


      • +1

        Hmm, that makes sense. Thanks

      • the goal is to imitate a hot towel shave without the hot towel.

        Got towel on your face for a few minutes vs an overpriced razor passing by for a few seconds. I believe they've missed the goal.

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    Yeah, nah. Since they went woke, they lost me….

    • -5

      Do you look for every Gillette listing to cry about. You're just proving them right by acting like a manchild every time you see a Gillette bargain posted on (profanity) Ozbargain. Grow up champ

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    Same here, go woke.. go broke.

  • +3

    Don't know why people are down voting the woke comments. How quickly everyone forgets.

    • +2

      Nah, it's just embarrassing for people to be triggered by a two year old razor commercial and bring up how offended they are on a bargain website.

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    Let's actually all call this out. It isn't needed. It doesn't improve anything. The razor is way to expensive. The refills are way to expensive and contribute to landfill. And it's just a product of Gillette's horrible marketing team which made horrible insinuations about basically every male.

    • -6

      Have you actually used it?

      Yep just like every other refill cheap or expensive.

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    dip normal razer in glass of boiled water? save 150 and refils

    • Thanks for the tip.

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    I shave in the shower and haven't changed my blades in 2 months. Still buttery smooth

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      Yep if you only shave a couple times a week you can get away with it.

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    I don't personally shave with blades anymore, but if i did, Gillette burned that bridge down a long, long time ago

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    Drop it in the bin.

    • +2

      Drop it on Edna Krabappel 😏

      • +1

        Who? I don't know what you're talking about! 🤔

      • +4

        I've been calling her Crandall!

  • I really like the Gillettes, having thick hair it is very easy and convenient to use compare to other brands. Now as far as the price of refill goes, this handle should be FREE (all other handles too for that matter)

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    Go woke, go broke. Bring on the downvotes. This company is toxic trash

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    Just dip your razor in hot water before and save the money

  • Lord take me now….is there no end to this shit?

  • Wait, what is the "normal" way of shaving?
    When I use a razor, I have a warm/hot shower, straight to lathering up, fill the sink with hot water and clean the razor off in that.
    Do people use cold water or something? How does the razor not stay warm/hot?

    For $150 (let alone $300!) I'd take an electric thanks.

  • This is moronic. What happens to steel when you heat it??? It expands, as a result, and imperfections in the blade expand to become larger/wider imperfections more likely to cause irritation on the skin.
    You want to cool the blade to cause contractions of the steel, not bloody heat it unless you are just cleaning it.

  • Use a shaving brush, soaked in some hot water for a min or two, use that and some proper shaving cream/soap.
    It will make shaving with any razor significantly better and provide a warm towel sensation.