Do Amazon AU Employees Pee in Bottles Too?

Amazon US workers (both warehouse and delivery workers) frequently pee in bottles to save time.

Embedded tweet in the article quotes: "…he and other workers would bring customers' orders into the bathroom with them to scan midway through."

Are there any Amazon AU employees/contractors here on OzB, and do you face similar working conditions??

Give a comment if you've ever had to do this on the job and share what job it is (doesn't have to be with Amazon).

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    Peed in bottle on the job (Amazon AU employee/contractor)
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    Peed in bottle on the job (other occupations)
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    I get to use the toilet (Amazon AU employee/contractor)
  • 61
    I get to use the toilet (other occupations)


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    Reminds me of a Christina Aguilera song

    If you want to shop with me
    Baby theres a price to pay
    I gotta pee in a bottle
    Just gotta tilt it the right way..

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      That's GOLD!

      • +10

        depends how much water you drink

  • Tic Tac Sir?

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      Username checks out

  • I know of a number of truck drivers who pee in a bottle rather than stop and lose time/money on their interstate trips.

    It's been happening for years.

    • I know a truck driver who does this too. I wonder if it's the same person.

      • +7

        Way of the road, bubbles.

        • +1

          I'm not missing this train convention.

    • There's places where bottles of pee from truckers line the sides of the hwy. Which is crazy, because if you're doing it than often why not install a tube that leads down and out?

      But truck drivers get all sorts of penalties/bonus payments based on their times, so it's understandable. I think most people wouldn't stop to pee if it was going to cost them $1000.

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    Amazon doesn't make money by following ethical standards. That's maybe why I don't go off buying grocery items from Amazon as the loss they make on packaging stuff like a single Quilton toilet paper and delivering it is paid for by ripping off the employees first and foremost.

    I was reading another complaint a few days ago from a supermarket employee who was saying that she and others would put in countless extra overtime as their wage budgets don't reflect the workload. I thought about this yesterday more and I realise why the majority of supermarket employees may feel this way, it's because they are in the customer service field where pleasing people is in their nature (mostly), so they get guilted to work for free to get the job done. …Worst thing about that is that on the arrival on the next years targets the bare minimum they can now do is to maintain their free work of prior years just to stay afloat.

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      Yeah, the Amazon love here is so myopic. Or maybe not, which is even worse.

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    i pee in a bottle because i'm too lazy to get out of bed. i thought it was a standard life hack?

    in fact, i'm peeing right now.

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      Cue the VB music.

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      in fact, i'm peeing right now.

      And you're typing on your phone? Trying to work out whether you're multi-talented or if it's just a case of not having much to hold while you pee…😁

      • +3

        i'm multi-talented. i'm used to holding something with one hand whilst clicking thumbnails with the other. oops, i've said too much.

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    Are all Amazon employees male? Otherwise, what kind of bottle do you recommend, that is, what is the widest mouth bottle available?

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    Mate works at Dandenong South Amazon Warehouse.

    Paid reasonably well (above award)
    Gets all his breaks and can go Toilet any time he needs.
    Overtime is paid well and is not forced (he always agrees to do it though)

    • +19

      Aaaarrrggghhh delete this! You must follow the narrative, Amazon evil, workers are forced!

    • Is he allowed to say the forbidden 5 letter word?

      • OK, What is that? 'union' i'm guessing?

        • +2

          Yes. Look up Amazon and union. Its practically Amazon's top hated word.

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    hard to compare Australian conditions with rest of the world
    we are heavily regulated, with unions, pretty small and lots of press

    really bad conditions will eventually get out

    overseas, most are on min wage, need the money, just usually suck it up

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      thank god for the unions. otherwise, we will also be the same dump as the American workers

    • Exactly this. There are lawyers lining up to take on big companies like this and it makes great headlines for the newspapers. The penalties for not allowing breaks are huge. In the US no one seems to give a shit.

  • Better they pee in bottle, than pee on the ground (or randomly like your front fence!) :)

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    I often browse ozbargain when on the toilet.

    • but you'll be hogging the toilet, do your kids then pee into a bottle?

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        We have 2 toilets, one for dad and one for everyone else.

        • With a sign hanging on the door “Doing OzBargaining Business Inside”.

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    Just ordered some lemon flavoured Mount Franklin from my Amazon app.. will let you know after tasting if this is the case..

  • I have a relative that is a interstate truck driver, He reckons its just easier to piss into a bottle, then it is to pull up at a truck stop if you only need to piss. He reckons he empties his piss in the toilet when he gets home or at his destination, and does not chuck on the side of the highway. But who knows.

    For Amazon drivers this might be the case to. But if they are expected to delivery 20 packages an hour. Pissing into a bottle does seem right to keep these quotas up. which is BS

    • What makes you think Amazon drivers have to deliver 20 packages an hour? The most I’ve ever seen given is 54 over a 4 hour block (which is still doable). Delivery drivers usually finish their blocks with well over an hour to spare and still get paid for the full 4 hours.

      • The article refers to 20 packages an hour.

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for a pee bottle?

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    Amazon US workers (both warehouse and delivery workers) frequently pee in bottles to save time.

    Embedded tweet in the article quotes: "…he and other workers would bring customers' orders into the bathroom with them to scan midway through."

    i've been telling myself that i don't need to obsessively and compulsively clean brand new items i order online.

    that's going to change i think

  • I had an Uber driver once who stopped to pee in a garden of an apartment block on my ride home.

    • Did you give him 5 stars for being efficient?

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    As a neckbeard, I just pee in a bottle and my mum takes it way. If I don't make a mess, I get some tendies as well.

    • and a medal if you successfully not pee on the floor over the week

  • Peeing in a bottle is normal if you work as a surveillance operative. My choice was a 2 litre apple juice bottle with a wide neck. My pee looked like apple juice.
    I can't wait to read the comments 😂

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