Which IKEA Mattress Is Not Likely to Sag over a Period of Time

Want to buy a Ikea Mattress queen size that is not likely to sag over a period of time. Any idea? Don't want a memory foam mattress as it will be too hot to sleep on.


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    All mattresses sag, all the materials that make up a bed (spring, latex, rubber, foam etc) will eventually wear out over time and they do so unevenly because of the way you place your body weight on it. Try rotating your mattress once in a while to evenly distribute the load.

    Just turn your mattress upside down when the sag becomes uncomfortable and if you feel springs poking through, just buy a thick mattress topper to add more padding to it.

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      That's odd since we actually have an old mattress from 20 years ago that doesn't sag over time. Most comfortable mattress in the house.

      I'm pretty sure lots of these miraculous non-sag mattresses existed when I was younger. Most mattresses, even.

      I was pretty shocked when I first had a mattress sag over time. It was a pricey new mattress about 10 years ago, and the sleeper wasn't overweight.

      Before that we only threw mattresses away when they looked dirty, or just thought we could get something more comfortable.

  • Death and taxes are not the only things in life that are unavoidable. Sagging is one of those too!

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      Sagging is one of those too!

      And not just mattresses.

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        Careful.. some of those, like myself, with man-boobs might not find your comment too amusing! 😂

  • None.

  • 25 yrs warranty right? If too shagged you can return it for replacement. It may help if you don't actually sit in bed for a long time.

    • We're still talking about mattresses here, right?

      • no, we've moved on to wives.

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      Is that a new range?

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