Spam Calls - How to Stop Them?

Hi All, just wanted to see if anyone has the same issue as me. This has been happening for over 6 months now.. and seems to be more frequent.

Majority of weekdays, I get a call between 11:45am to 1pm and another one from around 4:45pm to 5:30pm. They call from a random landline or random mobile number (never been the same nunber twice) but as soon as you answer, they hang up. I generally don't even say hello as I am now expecting them to hang up on me..

I would really like to know what to do! It's annoying but and i also don't want to miss any calls. I never pickup from private numbers already..

Any advice or anyone else get the same thing?


  • iOS or Android?

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      Android. I have true caller installed.. but i can't block calls as i receive calls from vendors daily and can't miss them..

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        Not much else you can do apart from hanging up.

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        Pixel has a pretty good spam filter, has worked pretty well for me.

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          I've noticed this working for me too, but how does the phone know it is a spam caller? A while back I was applying for jobs and had to pick up every single call even if I felt it was a spam number…

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            @sakurakiks: I believe people report the call as spam and after several reports Google flags that number.

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              @datafellows: I'm using pixel too. That feature was working well for me until recently. The past couple weeks, I received many phone calls like the OP described (hang up right after I pick up). The frequency are varied each day but the majority happens around lunchtime. The numbers are from landlines, mobile and private number. I have tried to report them but new numbers keep popping up

              • @Scythic: They may open new numbers more frequently. Very annoying I agree.

          • @sakurakiks: i believe google keeps track of numbers that people have marked as spam (and blocked).

      • You can block after a missed call. So that number never can call again.

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    Don't answer.

    If they are real they will leave a message.

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      Yeah I get that, but with some companies, i need to call their switchboard number and be on hold, it can get frustrating

      • True that

    • Absolutely

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        Eh. I had a few cases when I was applying for jobs. If they called and you didn't pickup, they would skip you completely. Agencies will call you back and leave txt msg tho

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          This.. but I mean, if you're in the process of hunting for a job, you'd make a concession surely to pick up any phone call from unknown numbers.

    • bots also leave messages now

    • not anymore - the bastards leave spam messages now

  • Tell them to get lost (or alternate word of choice) and you'll call the police :)

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      It literally hangs up in 1 second after you pickup..

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        report the number via google so it appears as spam for everyone else. I guess that's how the system works

        Also you mentioned that the other end hangs up, I heard that often these robocalls don't connect you to a person unless they hear you say something, so if you say nothing it will be silent and then hang up

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    Your number has been flagged as live and has been passed around all the spamming lowlifes.

    No good calling the police or reporting them as they will be based overseas and the Australian law can't touch them.

    Only two options, ignore them or change your number.

    • Yeah I've never picked up. Used to get a fair bit but very rarely now

    • Thought the same thing when the Police were mentioned…

    • What do you mean? If you piss them off they will flag you as annoying you'll get more?

  • I get the same - Why bother ringing and hanging up ?
    Thanks Hithere that explains it.

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      I get the same - Why bother ringing and hanging up ?

      It's automated. If there is someone free at the call centre, your call will get diverted to them, if not, it hangs up.

      Personally, I just say hello, and then they start their script, and i just put the phone down on the table. After talking for a minute or two, they wait a while and finally hang up, having wasted a few minutes of their time for nothing…

      That way it costs them more than it costs me…

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    Every flipping weeknight I get two-three calls from 03 7037 XXXX (the XXXX numbers are always different) just have set my phone to reject unknown numbers. If it's someone legit they'll leave a message.

    • Yep same range for me, got one literally 17 minutes ago. I use an app that blocks 03 7037 XXXX now, but I still see them in my call history.

      • Which app you use? I need to block the same series of numbers.
        Samsung spam filter is pretty decent and gets most of them now, but not all.
        And I still unfortunately get SMSs about a missed call from the number. Admittedly its a first world problem, but is annoying regardless

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      I was getting calls from them constantly as well. I reported every single call to the Do Not Call register (I was also blocking them as they called) and after asking them politely not to call, I just started answering and doing something really loud down the line like screaming or blowing a whistle. They stopped pretty fast after that.

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      Okay so may not work with you but I got a call from the same number for like 2 weeks.
      After an absolutely shocking day at work, and after being called soooo many friggen times. I thought f*** it, I might as well say hi, and I did. Talked to the guy a bit.

      Basically he says he's from the UK, trying to sell some "money getting" software, only needs $100 downpayment which you use to make cash. I read online its a bitcoin software thing, but I unno.

      To be honest I joked with the guy a bit, I learned a lot of sales tactics from it (not on purpose, just the way he'd keep me on the phone, and what he'd say so I don't leave, and how he'd guarantee things).

      Anyway at the end I said "I'm have to go so I'm about to hang up, but nice to meet you" (so he had no way out or way to stop me). And he said "thanks, you to" and left. AND the calls have stopped.

      I have no idea if this was good or bad, or if I'm now on a list of "identified working numbers" or what, but the calls are now gone, and as much as I hate scammer telemarketers, it wasn't too bad.

      • Unreal. You'd think after the first 50 times I blocked the calls they'd get the message but no.

        • I know, I find it wild that they'll call me every single day like clockwork no issues in annoying me. But when I'm like "hay nah I'm good thanks" they actually are like "oh yeah sure no worries". Like I assumed the calls would continue just because they don't care but eh.

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            @trustnoone: One way these number are used, is they are kept in an auto dialler and they just keep being run by different people in the call centre till they get through.

            Only once they've made contact do they consider it attempted. So yeah, I think ignoring the calls can some times just result in more calls.

            I often pick up wait to hear that it is spam, then put them on mute and but my phone down and wait till they hang up on their own.

      • Yep, that's crazy, but mine unfortunately hangs up so no chance to even talk to someone..

      • Said he was from the "UK"??

        • Yeah, said he had an accent though (but spoke English quite well, but obviously not native I don't think) but said he was from the UK and it a "UK approved product" or something, so its "completely legal".

      • This needed more dragons

      • i found wasting their time works also

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      Same, started sometime early February if I remember correctly. 03 7037 63xx every time.

      After the first 2 calls of picking up only for the other end to drop I stopped answering with "hello" and wait for the other end to speak first, then when I realised the number was always from the same batch, I stopped answering them.
      After about 3 weeks Google phone app on my Pixel seems to block them automatically as enough other people have already flagged the number. I still get an SMS saying I have a missed call but the caller didn't leave a message.

    • Same! I blocked every version but then another wouls pop up. A couple of weeks ago I answered and said “WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING ME? STOP IT!” They hung up on me BUT haven’t called back since.

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      Yep, I get them too. Shopback data breach related?

    • Same here! And we had a fight - they accused me of signing up for their get rich quick scheme when I ask where they got my number. Different guy at time.

      Lots of calls from education plus too

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    You can join the Do Not Call register, set up by the Aus Government. It hasn't stopped all the spam calls, but it has definitely reduced the number (

    • thanks for reminding me :)

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      Has no effect on the type of calls being discussed here, they will be robocalls from overseas looking to verify if number is active or not, same for spam and scam callers. Unless they are based in Australia they don't give a crap about the DNC register and very very few are Australian based. Also the type of people doing these calls USE the do not call register as a source for more phone numbers.

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    My pixel is very good at filtering out spam calls. Apparently you can get the same functionality on any android by installing the app:

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    In addition to what others have said, start practising better data hygiene. Whenever you're using a service that asks for a phone number, consider if they really do need that number. If it's mandatory, ask yourself if you really need that service. You might also consider getting a separate number for purposes where you have less trust.

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      That doesn't stop auto diallers that just go through numbers 1 by 1. Then if you pick up once they flag the number as successful and send it onto their affiliates.

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      I got a new number after getting too many spam calls and texts. Always only enter my old number into websites or to give to businesses. The old number sits on an old phone in my living room. Have deliberately not even memorised my new number so I don't slip up. Have not got a single spam call yet after about six months, so the auto diallers that check every number haven't found me yet.

      I can see this isn't a solution for OP as their number is associated with a business, and you can't change that so easily (alienate every current customer) and even if you do you need to publish it somewhere.

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    • Unfortunately OP don’t even know who they are, so can’t call on local or overseas bikies for help.

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    Hi cheapass88

    I use and recommend

    I like the way it answers know spam numbers and hang up on them.

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      Thanks, I'm going to give this a shot!

    • Looks like its a paid service?

      • Use the free version.

    • The world needs an app that answers known spam numbers and, rather than then hanging up, attempts to waste their time as much as possible.

    • Update, it's no better than truecaller. So i think I'll go back to it

  • Until I dumped my landline we got a lot of these calls. We put an answering machine on and screened our calls.

  • Engage with them. Be super positive. They usually hang up after the first response. I actually got through three questions the other day so I might be loosing my touch. (don't share personal details)

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      (don't share personal details)

      Share fake personal details. ;-)

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    Have you typed your phone number into competitions?
    i used my number in some competitions once and got spammed like crazy, i learnt from ozbargain that you need a burner phone for competitions.

    • simple rule, if a competition or web site wants your phone number without a very very good reason then don't use them. Same thing for Date of Birth or other personal details that are high risk.

  • This happened to me after I foolishly provided my personal details when signing up for online trading demo accounts.

    Every single weekday I would get about 10 calls from different numbers. The numbers were predominantly from VIC, NSW, the UK and other overseas countries. When I call back, they are no longer in service or just reach an automated voicemail.

    I added my number to do not call register but after 30 days from registering those calls didn’t stop, so I religiously filed a complaint but that didn’t seem to have any effect. Then after 3-4 months suddenly the calls stopped altogether, and interesting that was when I also switched from Optus to Vodafone.

    Towards the end I was also getting calls from legit numbers belonging to regular people, businesses or a cafe interstate and when I told them I just got a call from them, they were perplexed. So I thought the scammers were now hijacking regular people’s numbers or just display their numbers somehow.

    I’m using iPhone and changed the setting so when unknown contacts call, my phone doesn’t ring.

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    Unfortunately many use fake caller IDs as well, so it's not always unknown and not always the same numbers they call from, but i add them to my contact list with names like 'Finance Scam' or 'solar spam', and when they call I answer with 'Solar Panels Devonport can I help you?' and they hang up. If my phone says a Potential Fraud number is calling or an unknown number I often answer with 'Solar Investments can I help you' to cover both. If I do get caught I tell people I'm so rich I don't bother with investing anymore. This girl last night wanted to jump through the phone and marry be because she liked the sound of my home in Fiji and KL my yacht, etc. She asked what I invested in. I said nothing, but how did you get this wealthy… And I explained I started by selling a paperclip (old movie)…. So I toy with them a bit …. When I have time… Major pain though, but don't let it get you down.

  • Just swear at them and hang up. It’s like waving away flies, not the end of the world. I presume you registered your number for no cold calls which will eliminate most of the legitimate nuisance callers.

  • Better to not answer

    Thy capture your voice and use it to authenticate to. Bank account. Access

  • if you have a smart phone, it should have a spam filter you can turn on
    it autoblocks numbers that several people have reported as spam
    it lets you report numbers for other people

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    I made the mistake in entering one of these OzBargain marketing thing…. and ever since then I began to be targeted by all sorts of marketers. So… has OzBargain SOLD my number?

    • Interesting… You should look into it and let us know

    • Could be a coincidence. All those promotions or advertising campaigns where they require your number, keep your number dormant for months or a year or two, and only then start spamming you so it is impossible to trace it.

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    I just never pick up my phone if it's not a contact I've got saved. If it's important, they'll leave a message.

  • Switch providers or get a new number. I switched from ALDImobile where I was getting multiple spam calls a day, to Boost. I now get a couple a month.

    • I'm actually with boost now

      • Request a change of number if that's possible considering your business requirements.

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          It's too much work to do that. I've downloaded the app from above and i will see how it goes

  • Answer and press #, don't talk a word, press again repeatedly # until they hang up or talk to introduce themselves.

    Works for me.

    • Wait, what does the hash key do here?

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        Perhaps the caller (machine or human) detects a device, not a human so such number will be removed from further spamming.

        Perhaps. But it works.

  • install true caller

  • The problem is, anytime you give your mobile number away, it most likely results in getting added to a calling list. Signed up for harvey norman delivery? They got your number. Renting through an agent? They got your number. Purchased from some random online website? They got your number.

    You get the story. Its really frustrating, the only other way is to have one personal mobile and one just for work, this way you know that pretty much any call to the work mobile is legit.

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    Just answer and waste their time. I found if you waste their time talking non-sense, they never ever call me again.
    I think they have a "blacklist" or something of numbers which are time wasters.
    Three days ago I got a call from a "Telstra Support Technician" saying my IP address has gone public and it is a major security risk… even though I don't have a single service with Telstra! Wasted 20 minutes of their time, even got transferred to their "Senior Manager" or something, before they realized I am just playing a dumb pensioner, told me to "f-off c***" and dropped the call. Made my whole day :)

    • -2

      Cool story bro

      • Now he’s on your blacklist too!

  • all of them are indian scammers, lately ive been getting Chinese scammer callers too

    • indian scammers

      They are the ones who have been calling me frequently using spoofed mobile numbers (ever since the Shopback data breach) claiming to be from Services Australia.

      Indian Scammer: Hello sir. My name is James West (said with such a strong accent it is hard not to giggle). We have a warrant for your arrest since you have an overdue tax bill.

  • Youtube has great videos where good samitarians trace and expose, and at best reverse scammers.
    Perhaps the funniest one is markrobber but there are many others.
    If females ring me I sell them my M.O. machine that so far has fixed every one of them. Sadly Indian males are near impossible to offend!

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    Use the Seinfeld technique. Ask them for their personal number so that you can call back. They won’t give it and then you can tell them how you feel about the whole idea of spam calling.

  • I get many from an 02 or 04 number, it's always a recorded message in Chinese, no idea what they are saying. If I don't answer, they'll call 3-4 times in the same day. I'll block the number, only to get a call with the same recorded message from another number a few days later. Very annoying.

  • Once you on one of these marketing lists your number is burnt. Take it from someone who has put up with it for years, im not willing to change my number so I basically only answer the phone for people in my contacts.

    Not sure of the state of iOS at the moment, but on Android the solution for me has been Yet Another Call Blocker - auto block numbers based on rules. The default android call app doesnt seem to work that well but this app has been a godsend.

    • iOS has Silence Unknown Callers under Settings, Phone, Silence Unknown Callers, toggle on.

  • Register your number in
    Lodge a complaint whenever you receive a spam call. It can only be reduced if everyone put efforts in it.

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