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[PC, PS4, XB1, Switch] Free - Top Llama ME Topper for Rocket League - In-game


Another little freebie for Rocket League on all platforms where Rocket League is available.

You will get the Top Llama ME Topper.

In the item shop go to the "free" tab and claim it.

During this "Llama-Rama Event" you can also get other rewards through playing.


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    Wow! Nice one!

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    Thanks! We need more posts like this for free Rocket League content.

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      Really? I feel like anyone who plays rocket league is already well aware of this llamarama event, and anyone who doesn't isn't going to start playing because of a free llama hat.

      Or you're being super sarcastic and it hasn't come through in text format

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        Actually this post got me update my rocket league on switch, logged in and played a few matches

        • If you've got a PC that can play it, get it on Epic. That breathed a tonne of life into it for me after playing on switch for a while. It's so much more responsive and easy to get it to do what you want - going back to the switch feels like driving a boat in comparison

          • @Domingo: Probably because the PC is a much more powerful system than the Switch.

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        Personally if I see free "content" for a game I own that I might play again or have played a bit of in the past I jump on it. That and free games for my accounts.

        I understand where you're coming from but I'm sure there are lots of people (like me) who play this rarely and would happily load the game up to grab the freebie then just close it. Permanent stuff is always appreciated for most games, especially in ones that emphasise dressups like Rocket League.

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        I play Rocket League quite regularly and own the Rocket Pass (currently on 200+ levels which I attribute to the Xmas break).

        When an event comes out, it's great they come out with event challenges and event online matches. Although I find it is not intuitive to go to the Store and checking the Free content, so this post is a great reminder. Similar to how we have posts for Borderland golden keys and Dead by Daylight blood points.

        I would love more posts like this (no sarcasm here).

        • That’s a lotta rocket pass levels. It’s my main games, I’ve done every challenge and only 179

        • I recently hit about 200 myself on the rocket pass.

          I'm in the habit of checking the store each time I log on just to see what's there, although usually I know when something free is going to be there because my google now feed has already told me about the upcoming release, or from checking the weekly challenges and seeing the giant banner that takes up half the screen.

          I've recently gotten into trading a bit and have sold a few items for 1k+ credits that were just sitting in my inventory doing nothing, so along the way I've managed to pick up a fennec, a grey octane and a few other cool things. Getting into that has helped me pay attention to the shop and value of things which I guess helps me see the free stuff

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