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$2 off via Vegan Challenge @ Boost Juice (App Required)


Select "Herbegan" under vegan challenge in Boost Juice app to receive $2 off. Expires in 7 days.

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  • Thank you!

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    Will never buy boost juice again. Total rip-off. 30 cents of crappy apple juice plus about 50 cents of berries and other ingredients. Cost $8. The juice is the stuff you get off the shelf not the refrigerated section in the supermarket for $2.50 for 2 litres. Utter scam of a company.

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      welcome to capitalism

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      Think about McDonald's Coke: 0.5 cent for the Syrup and 0.005 cent for carbonated water. $4 cash or card?

      • Don't forget the ice mate .😏

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        Worked there as a teenager, the cup is actually the most expensive cost for them.

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          Working at Hungry Jack's now, can confirm the same

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      Well.. with that mindset.. I hope you never purchase any food outdoor because thats literally how all of them works.. You can't exactly compare the price of raw material to the retail price and claim its a ripoff.

      In saying that, it has gotten quite expensive. Just a few short years ago, I remember a regular size boost was what.. 6.30? Now its 8.3, huge jump in just a couple years.

      • I know how things work thanks. Boost however trades off its health credentials. And basing their juices largely on cheap crappy apple juice is not healthy. And the markup is significantly more than most other food outlets. We are talking of at least 800%. Except possibly Krispy Kream. And yes both of them are a complete bloody ripoff and if people are paying $8 for their not healthy product then they have more money than sense.

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    yes that is how businesses work

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    Love Boost but its just getting too damn expensive. I wouldn't be surprised if in a year or two they start charging nearly $10 for a regular size drink.

    • I've never seen any analysis but it seems the inevitable result of the growing wealth gap. Do you try to price items to what everybody can afford and go to efforts to convince a large number to spend money they won't easily part with, or just cater to the very rich (or their children) who can and will happily blow more money in a week on unnecessary items than others will in a year.

      Totally outside my field of expertise though so could just be blowing smoke.

    • I suspect and hope we have seen peak Boost and can see them having priced themselves out of the market and hopefully people will realise their products are not really that healthy either.

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    Great to see you all complaining about juice costs on this deal, rather than getting triggered by the 'v' word again.

    We are progressing as a society :)

    • -2

      Ah nope.. hate juice. Rather eat the fruit whole.
      Hate vegans. Rather all meat than all vegetables.
      Vegan isn’t progressive it’s not a proven systems or lifestyle.

      • What do you mean not a proven system or lifestyle?
        I know people who have been vegan their whole life. They are a lot healthier than me.

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          "I know people who have been vegan their whole life (except all the times they cheat in private so they can judge others when in public)."

          Fixed it for you.

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          Causal. Not scientific.
          I new someone who smoked cigars and lived to 100 .. doesn’t mean cigars are healthy.
          Veganism is still young. Wait for the next or next after generations of vegans and let me know how healthy they are.

          Also.. not proven sustainable. Some lame is not suited to anything but livestock. Also not enough land for crops worldwide to be sustainable,

          Again, vegan isn’t progressive. It’s actual lay more digressive.

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        Plus I don’t know anyone that eats only vegetables. Most eat fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, etc.

        Also don’t know anyone that only eats meat… that must be a horrific time on the toilet… in the cardio ward.

        • -2

          You do now.

          1. Jordan Peterson (and his daughter too I think) eat only meat and salt. Or least he did the last I heard.

          2. I recently took a break, but I've eaten only (in order of intake quantities) meat, butter, cream, cheese, and salt for months, and I'm about to start again. So I know from experience the claim about toilet and hospital is 100% baseless nonsense.

          In fact when I was eating a 'varied and healthy diet' I would be on the toilet up to 20 times a day, straining one minute, diarrhea the next, raw skin bleeding from the straining and/or frequent use of toilet paper… Then I switch to meat only and all that quickly goes away. (Several times over several years.)

          The main stuff people poop out is WASTE. So how is it in any way healthy to be eating so much food that much of it doesn't get digested!? Vegans invariably push vegetables, fruit, grains, etc, much of it containing indigestible fibre, meaning most of what goes in must come back out. Reduce or eliminate those from the diet and it's not the 'unhealthy fantasy' of straining constipation vegans postulate, because now there's little waste that needs eliminating.

          Meat is obviously protein which is mostly expressed by the body through urine. So just up your water intake (which everyone on every side of every fence says to do anyway) so you're not peeing gender-studies-professor-coloured hair and you don't NEED to poop near as much because there's less waste to eliminate.

          In other words, it's not a case of "Argh I can't get it out!" because it's not in there in the first place, needing to be eliminated as frequently.

          Of course you still go. Anything from a couple of times a day to once every few days. But it's much less and far more mild on your system. This is a huge relief for some people like those with irritable bowel syndrome, because they're no longer reliant on mapping where every toilet is located when the urgent need to eliminate a ton of useless undigested plant matter arises.

          Like eating anything you can get constipated. But the simple addition of some type of fat solves that.

          You're also far less hungry now because a) meat has more weight in your stomach, b) takes longer to digest, and c) the added fats switch off hunger. Meaning you eat less. Meaning you lose weight, but due to the protein uptick MAINTAIN muscle, stamina for exercise, which translates to increased or maintained skeletal mass (which 8+ out of 10 vegans can't achieve and quickly tire out without adding pills and powders).

          Then there's Eskimos who (traditionally at least) ate blubber and of course meat almost exclusively for months of the year. Yet they consistently produced better blood work, had more stamina and all around better health than many who eat a 'more varied diet' (including most so-called 'healthy' vegans).

          Doctors who monitor the bloodwork of people on diets like Atkins and Keto find many of their patients soon no longer need their diabetes and blood pressure medications.

          Finally, as above, is the fact most vegans 'cheat' anyway. Making their judgemental attitudes and silly claims largely redundant and irrelevant, not even of anecdotal value.

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