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ToolPRO Low Profile Jack $59.99 @ Supercheap Auto


Edit - the ToolPRO discount is no longer auto applied and is no longer valid. The jack is now at the sale price of $59.99.

I needed a low profile jack so I bought one with click and collect. It's on special for $59.99. When I went through checkout it came up as $53.99. I checked for Club Plus credits and discounts but I couldn't see any being applied, just a $46 discount off the $99 normal price. Let's hope it gets honoured Monday morning. Screenshot here -

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    FYI doesn’t reach middle mounts on a few cars I’ve tried like Mazda 3 astina as the front bumper is long and low so no room to use the Jack.

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      Yeah you need to drive up on some pavers or timber first.

      But then I find this jack doesn't go all that high either.
      Only just fits jack stands at the side points on their lowest setting

    • I own this jack and agree with both these comments. Reach and lift height could be much better, it may be hard to lift your car high enough to put jack stands under depending on what you own. Also, not as low profile as you might like it to be if you're car is lowered, or has fancy side skirts.

      That said, can't argue for it at this price.
      Its an OK back up jack or one thats much more portable as its quite small compared to better (and more expensive) low profile jacks, eg like Costco's.

    • According to the owners manual, the highest point of this jack is 135mm. The 85mm is BS, because the 135mm is what matters (in terms of bumper clearance - which would be the issue you've run into)

      • Yes, I found that out after I picked it up yesterday. It's the same height as my existing jack at its highest point.

    • This size of jack is not designed to jack the car up at the front/middle.

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    1 out of 5 stars. · 3 months ago Absolutely terrible
    Absolutely awful, doesn’t hold the weight of one side of a Honda jazz. And when dropping it , it drops at the speed of light which did damage to the car. Do not buy this


    1 out of 5 stars. · 6 months ago Weak as, don't bother
    Rated to a VERY optimistic 1600kg despite being tiny.
    Couldn't lift the front axle of a 1400kg car high enough to get jackstands under it, despite spending 30 minutes pumping… don't waste your time.


    1 out of 5 stars. · 6 months ago Crap, spend more and get something better
    I’ve purchased two of these and over the past few years and both have failed just outside of warranty. Neither was able to retain pressure. Just spend more and get something decent… as the saying goes, the poor man pays twice.


    1 out of 5 stars. · 8 months ago Doesn't lower the car in a controlled manner
    Bought this a few months ago and have used it a few times now. It is kind of sketchy when lowering the car, doesn't do it slowly and just drops down which I don't like, lacks any kind of control for the lowering speed. I would recomend just buying a better jack to start off with than this one. It does lift the car ok but gets a bit weird once its maxed out.

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      30 minutes pumping

      😂 Doubles up as a tricep machine

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      JV, you have cut and pasted the 4 lowest reviews. Play fair, the jack has a 4.5 / 5 rating with 142 reviews. You have only shown the lowest scores, which is skewing the data. You should know better.

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        JV, you have cut and pasted the 4 lowest reviews

        They were the first 4 reviews in my sorted list.

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      User error in some of these reviews.

      You can lower slowly if you release the valve slowly.

      I have used it on my car to lift the front and the rear and the car is 1600kg.

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        This Jack is the only jack out of 4 I have that have actually failed. Even with correct use it would actually slowly drop whilst in use, making loud creaking sounds as it went down. Otherwise it is a great jack for the $$, I might have just got a dud. As others mention it can be lowered slowly it just takes very slow movement

        • It probably isn't full of oil. I know mine wasn't completely full when I bought it, luckily I read the manual about topping it up.

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    I recently purchased one of these jacks for $48 using the eBay/Latitude promo. I've already used it and I'd be willing to bet that at least a couple of the reviewers above didn't bleed air trapped in the system during transport, despite there being a big label on top of the jack warning the user that the jack may fail due to trapped air.. it takes a few seconds to bleed and ensures your jack won't drop unexpectedly.

    And the last review is just stupid.. All the user had to do is not be so strong handed.

    • Good point, ill also try the bleeding method before using next time.

  • checked for Club Plus credits and discounts but I couldn't see any being applied, just a $46 discount off the $99 normal price.

    Looks like it is part of the catalogue sale; the low profile 3000kg one is discounted to 249 and there are a few other on sale.

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      It's advertised as $59.99 but at checkout it comes to $54.99.

      • I follow, sorry I completely misread/misunderstood your initial post, my apologies.

        It's coming to $59.99 at checkout for me when I click through. They might have fixed it?

        • I just did it again (Chrome on Android phone) and it still shows $54.99. Just checked on the PC, same. Says discount -$46.00. Not logged into Club Plus, no mention of promo code either. Dunno.

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            @Tony76: OK, I am seeing the extra discount if logged in. Without logging in (guest checkout) its the advertised price.

            When I enter TOOLPRO as the discount code, goes green, applies, no further discount applied though, so suspect holdenmg is correct, auto applying toolpro discount.

            • @MorriJ: Yes, it is. I just saw that. Didn't show up on mobile.

              Mods, feel free to delete this deal.

              • @Tony76: It doesn't show up in normal browser, still a good deal. The TOOLPRO is supposed to be expired. I used it to grab the 3000kg one. Thanks OP.

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    They could be applying the "TOOLPRO" Promo Code mentioned elsewhere on OzB.
    It should have expired…

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    The 3000kg version is also on sale down to $250 from $379

    I have this one and love it!

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      It's the one I was looking at, with TOOLPRO it's $224.99, so even better. I think I'll grab one for the ute.

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        You gotta love your Ute. :+)

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          I realised how much I needed it in the floods this week. No way in or out for a week and needing to get the tinny to the river for supply runs was going to be a challenge without it.

          I'll need to register the thing; so need to fix the handbrake and the ABS sensors, time to get it up on jack stands I think.

    • I also have this jack - ridiculously sturdy, well built and durable. Highly recommended.

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      112mm at the lowest for a low profile is shit.

      • Height Lowered: 85mm

        • On the 3T one its 112mm, 85mm on the 1.6T.

          • @MorriJ: yep this guy can read

            • @HelloOzB: Sorry, on the mobile phone it's hard to tell you were replying to the 3t jack comment. It won't let me revoke the neg. Feel free to neg this comment if that helps balance things.

    • I've also go this 3000kg version and it's great, super sturdy and effortlessly raises the car without any worrying creaks and groans.

      The main reason I wanted this version compared to the 1600kg version is the raised height - at 505mm vs 375mm it means I can get it higher up on jack stands so working under the car is easier.

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          You won’t be feeling your anus if the jack fails.

          Please don’t work under an unsupported car.

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                @Dogsrule: A new calculator would be flattering, I doubt he even has an abacus.

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                  @truetypezk: The best calculator in the world won't help you if you don't have the sense to use it like this guy.

  • I’ve had 2 off these.
    Both had the same issue where the Ram wouldn’t hold pressure.
    Personally I prefer using the SCA branded 1400kg rated unit I paid $19.99 for.

  • Happy with my Dual Pump Arcan i got from Costco if anyone is looking to spend a little more on a more premium jack with higher rated capacity. These days i just use Ramps as its easier but for any work where i have to have the wheels off this and some magnetic jack pads make the task so much easier.

    • Arcan is definitely better

    • TBH I'd say they're both made in the same factory in China.

      • Same factory doesn't mean the same quality. The factory has the catalogue of product design and specs, and the buyer choose what they want.

        • Yes, the buyer gets to choose the colour and label 😂

          • @dcash: It's way more than that from the factory if you buying in volume, you can choose the material of the pump, frame etc.

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    Better than the jack that comes with the car but wouldn't buy it again given the choice

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    Widowmaker jack

    • Damning comment man.

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    I agree with comments regarding this jack. I used mine on weekend for a basic lift to check one of my tyres and boy was I sweating when lifting (small corolla hatch) and after a certain point of lifting I can hear this loud spring noise, barely made it enough to fit my SCA rachet stand on lowest. The release is not the best also, even though I released it every so slowly it would fall fast. Also the jack can move around when lifting, just be careful.

    For those interested, I noticed Bunnings sells Stanley jacks:

  • I bought one of these a while back, wasn't too happy with the way it dropped the car onto the jackstands (effectively folding up my jack points)

    ended up removing the release screw, cleaning it and removing some overspray that was 'jamming' the release screw closed when tightened.
    Just to be on the safe side, I also use an adjustable spanner on the jacking rod(?). Gives me more control over the whole thing

    as a whole.. not too happy and wouldn't recommend it.
    buy a better 'regular' jack and get a set of low-profile ramps from GKTech (which I now have and can vouch for)

  • I bought this a while back and love it. I followed the instructions and bled the system and have used it to jack up many cars. I do have trouble jacking up the Jazz, as even though this is a low profile jack it still won't fit under a modern hatchback. It lifted my ute no problems as well.

  • Does it work on a SUV which is slightly higher? Or better off with a higher jack?