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½ Price Himo Electric Scooter H1 (Grey) $574.50 + Delivery (In-Store/Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Until Sunday get yourself 50% off^ the current ticketed price of a Himo Electric Scooter H1 (Grey). Simply present the Exclusive Coupon below at any JB Hi-Fi Store in Australia or buy online by visiting jbhifi.com.au, adding the product to your shopping cart & entering the Exclusive Coupon code in the space provided at checkout.

Limit of 1 each per Coupon. Available instore & online. While stocks last. Offer ends Sunday 4th April 2021. Available in selected stores only.

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  • +21

    looks like circus bike for monkey.

    • -1

      It certainly does.

    • +5

      monkey bikes are illegal in VIC.

  • +11

    What is this, Scooter for ants?

  • +1

    Haha I'm so tempted by this, has anyone tried one?

  • +3

    18KM/hr top speed. 30KM range.

    Speed is the killer for this.

    • +1

      Too fast?

      • +2


        Main reason why you get a mobility device like this is to get somewhere. Most other devices are typically limited to 25KM/hr. With a 18KM/hr top speed, i'd also be concerned about abililty to climb gradients/hills.

        • This looks cool as a 'last mile' option for the tram/train but yeah, 18km/hr seems too slow :/

        • +1

          Do you really want to be going more than 18km/h on something like this? Look at those wheels!

    • +1

      20k max range according to JB!
      18kph at maximum charge, then slower…

      Saw display model in store - far too tiny & limited for me. Foot rests are miniscule. Wouldn't want to go over a bump - ouch!

  • +2
  • +11

    Not suitable for any self-respecting individual.

    • +14

      Perfect for OzB then?

    • +2

      On the jbhifi link, the person photographed with this thing, their face just happen to be outside the frame of the photo :)

  • -1

    These might be good for doing the weekly shopping.

    • +1

      Where does the shopping go?
      There's hardly any room to put your feet.
      Saw it in store.

      Carrying shopping in a backpack would make you far too top heavy. And look more ridiculous & prone to a fall at first bump on the path.
      Be prepared to be followed by kids laughing & videoing you!

  • +2

    Not quite scooter, not quite bike…

  • +1

    My wife will be ashamed of me if got this

    • +1


    • I think you have given yourself an idea.

  • It's cheap because they used wheels from a trolley

  • From VicRoads:

    Is my scooter legal?
    If your motorised scooter:

    is powered by a petrol motor
    has an electric motor with a maximum power greater than 200 watts
    has a maximum speed greater than 10 km/h

    then it cannot be legally used on a road or any road related areas, including footpaths, share paths and public areas. The fine for an illegal device is $826. Other penalties may also apply.

    • Illegal also in Nsw

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