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[VIC, NSW, QLD, WA] 12 Original Glazed Doughnuts $12 on April 12 @ Krispy Kreme In-Store (or C&C on April 13)


Bought some on the weekend and asked the young lady about upcoming promos who kindly volunteered the info. Called a few stores to confirm. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Update 10/04/21:

Yes, you heard us correctly! On 12th April 2021 ALL Original Glazed® dozens are $12! Come down to your local Krispy Kreme store to score yourself a delicious, freshly glazed dozen of our iconic Original Glazed® for only $12. If you can’t make it, no troubles! This offer will be available via Click & Collect on our website on April 13th. You will be able to collect your dozens from the 14th and up to 60 days after.

Instore T&Cs: Not available at Krispy Kreme Liverpool or South Australian stores. Maximum 8 dozen per customer. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Not available in 7-Eleven, BP QLD, Woolworths or any delivery service.

Click & Collect T&Cs: Orders must be placed by 13th April 11:59pm. Available for collection from the 14th April. Not available to order for delivery. Not available to order for South Australian stores.

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  • +5

    At least it will be fresh with this offer.

    • +1

      Are you talking about the scoopon deal?

      I went in and made them change the box for a fresh one at Narre. I just asked nicely and they agreed to do it.

    • I thought they are always fresh no? What happened?

      • +2

        Stores stopped making them and now they all get shipped in.

        • +1

          username checks out!
          oh thanks for clearing that up @clear! ;)

        • All stores?? That sucks!

        • +4

          You sure? It was always the case that only large free-standing locations make them.

          • -1

            @DingoBlue: Not sure at all. It's what I heard.

      • Freshly delivered, here Narra Warren makes them all for the state. There you can get a warm one off the convery belt, everywhere else it's delivered out before we get up.

        Source - Went on a tour, it was awesome!

        • closest is fountain gate / chaddy for me ugh

  • +12

    (VIC, NSW, QLD, WA)

    In TAS there's a legitimate black market for these. People who can travel bring them back in exchange for $$$. COVID has made it worse.

    • +26

      I didn't know doughnuts were illegal in Tassy, strange place.

      • More like Donut King make stale dough holes that shouldn't be called a doughnut. Pre-covid we'd take our $50 return flights to Melbourne and bring back a few dozen boxes in carry on. Then proceed to sell them on Facebook Marketplace with a markup.

        • what type of markup do you get? 20%? 50%?

          • +2

            @sigplay: 15-20% yeah.

            • +1

              @Clear: Where are you based? I can bring some back for you tomorrow evening.

              • @zelliot: Thanks but I actually don't need them myself.

                • +1

                  @Clear: Never realised they were a big deal in Tas. I don't like them myself.

                  • @zelliot: It's the same for me. They're good if you're drunk with the munchies and come across a 7/11. Otherwise they're a bit meh.

        • Wait what? I thought this was just a satire or something but this is real? TIL lol!

          • +3

            @donkeyhokey: Yes I'm deadset serious. A fun game when waiting for baggage is to count how many people waiting/leaving are carrying bags of krispy kreme. You can typically fit 2 dozen boxes without trouble in your carry on.

          • @donkeyhokey: When i worked at Melbourne Airport before KK came to Narre warren. I would see flight attendants from returning flight carrying boxes of these doughnut back. Even when traveling from SYD to MEL there would be a number of people with boxes of doughnuts.

        • Perth was the same until ~5years ago when Jesters first started stocking them.

          Every airport visit was a fun game of seeing which returning passengers had the most boxes.

        • I'd say a freshly fried Dount King could go round for round with a fresh Krispy Kreme.

          The cinnamon style donuts at Coles or Woolies are hot trash. Why bother.

    • So flights are $110 return with checked baggage. Guess who is going to get 23kg worth for the black market?

    • That used to be WA before they made their way here. When the store first opened the wait was literally hours and it was blocking up roads. Now the stores are pretty empty after the hype died down lol

  • +7

    Can this promotion be paid with liven app? still have credit from the last cny deals

    • +1

      Still have $1 for $1 package ($50 spend) on liven, so would be great if could stack!

      • +1

        I paid using liven in Swanson st

        • Sweet thanks!

  • +4

    Bought some on the weekend and asked the young lady about upcoming promos who kindly volunteered the info

    Should've asked if cashback is included.

  • Wow didn't realise there was a Krispy Kreme in Bulleen and another one in Sydney Road(Melbourne)

  • +2

    I can finally visit the new store in Cannington, WA.

  • +3

    The Biscoff Cheesecake one is just worth dying (literally from heart attack) for.

  • +1

    How long can i store these in the fridge cuz i have to eat all 12 by myself :(

    • +4

      5 mins.

    • +8

      You can store them in fridge until they rot and get mouldy if you'd like. It's your fridge. Stand your ground - Hold your frame! Don't let anyone else convince you to use their KK fridge timing schedule!

      • Don't let anyone tell you how to eat your doughnuts, vegan or not!

      • +1

        With all the chemicals in them, they will never rot. Just like a McDonalds cheeseburger

    • If you have this problem and you like coffee maybe try giving James Hoffman's recipe a go?
      Krispy Kreme infused coffee sounds pretty tasty to me I reckon.

    • +1

      Given they taste better warmed up, why not individually wrap each one and freeze them?

      you can defrost 1-2 in your fridge each week and eat as you wish?

      Enough sugar and oil in these things to last a week I would think.

      • +1

        individually wrap each one

        seems bad for the environment

        • +1

          Donuts aren’t exactly good for health either:)

    • These things are so full of processed crap they should last indefinitely.

  • Drive thru ok ?

    • +1

      Yes its ok

  • -2

    i don't understand people's love of these?
    i tried them once and they didn't taste like doughnuts at all

    • +21

      Yeah well that's just like, your opinion, man.

    • +3

      What brand donuts taste like donuts to you?

      Really curious about your reference donuts

      • -4

        home made ones
        or ones at stands at school fates, or food trucks at events
        Donut King can be very good if you get them fresh and hot, and it's not manned solely by incompetent teenagers

        so my reference doughnut is hot, fresh, fried, drained, a little bit doughy, a little bit greasy, and coated in cinnamon sugar

        • +2

          I was with you until the donut king comment

          • @Wiede: trust me they can be good, they're just usually not.
            finding a good Donut King is like finding a diamond in the rough.

            my secret method to find good Donut Kings:
            * step 1; open google maps and search for Donut King to see all the shops in your area
            * step 2: you've got to drive around and find a family owned franchise with adults working there. if you walk up to a Donut King and everyone inside is under 25 years old - turn around and drive to the next Donut King.
            * step 3: you have to go in the morning; they have to turn the fryer off 5 hours before closing so it has time to cool down, because of safety bs which means they aren't allowed to leave the stand unattended if the fryer is still hot. (personally i think if a vandal jumps in there and burns himself maybe he deserves it - i want fresh donuts in the afternoon.)
            * step 4: don't buy the premade Donuts sitting in bags when you arrive - buy donuts you see them make. if necessary when you order request fresh donuts and watch them make yours

        • How many do you buy your dozen cats a week?

      • @krisspy Username checks out

        • market research


    • +1

      This aggression will not stand, man

  • +1

    Crack doughnuts. Nice.

  • Great birthday present for me coming up… :D

    • +1

      Advance happy birthday day then. 🍩 than 🎂.

    • +1

      Have you signed up to their list? You get a free 4-pack or $10 off your online order for your birthday.

  • +1

    will these last say… 8 days in the fridge? asking for a friend

    • +3

      Depends how hungry your friend is.

    • +4

      Freeze them and reheat in microwave for about 20 seconds.

      • +5

        why is this comment negged? I usually do it for 10-12 seconds and they turned out well.

        • +2

          Guess that depends greatly on the microwave

          • +1

            @KLoNe: If in doubt, always go less time on the microwave and add time if necessary

  • any chance this would go online?

    • +2

      Click & Collect T&Cs: Orders must be placed by 13th April 11:59pm

  • Please remind me later, I’ve got a bit on before then

    • +5

      There is a reminder link at the top of the page.

    • +2

      It's on tmr

  • +7

    Why no Krispy Kreme Liverpool 😭

    • +5

      I only just noticed this. WTF!!!!?

      I'm not driving all the way to Auburn for this shit. Ah who am I kidding, I probably will…

    • +1

      Perhaps you can get it today from Liverpool? New email I received today doesn’t mention any exclusions.

      Edit: Apart from SA still.

      • Trying to, but the website is slower than molasses on my computer. Can't even access it on Chrome mobile …

      • so did livo work?

        • Yep; got a reminder to collect my doughnuts today (I picked today as the day I would collect them)

  • Friday night Netflix binge sorted!

  • Any one know yet whether this can be stacked with Liven?

  • Better stock up on the insulin and metformin for this deal.

  • Just went this morning they jacked up their prices

  • +1

    Apparently people in the West of Melbourne don't deserve a Krispe Kreme. We'll just stick to our far superior Daniels Donuts I guess. ;)

    • Daniel's Donuts are trash. Overrated and pumped full of cream. Try TODCO.

  • Just got a dozen COLD donuts,even though they were cooking fresh ones.
    Usually they do give fresh hot ones, if you ask.
    The sales person said the neon lights outside (cooking now) should be on to get hot donuts.

  • +1

    FYI, I collected a dozen at Narre. A guy was set up with 50 to 100 boxes in an express line format.

    No thanks.
    Just go to the front and order them fresh off the rack. Krispy are trying to get on the front foot but imo the quality goes down once they have been sitting there since the wee hours of the night before in preparation for todays offer.

    • Did you get the result of your blood test yet? Hopefully you don't have the diabeetus

      • Wednesday. So hopefully sugars are low enough to factor in the last 3 days of gorging!!!

      • +1

        Sugars are lower and so is cholesterol!

        All systems a go!!

  • +2

    For the online orders, it will have the original price but update to $12 at checkout

    • I tried to order 3 packs on mobile last night and it initially showed as $36 (even when selecting delivery option). Did it again this morning on my computer to double check, and yes, the 'discount' does not show if you select delivery. A bit disappointing, but at least the light rail in Sydney CBD goes past Central Station. Previously I would have to walk.

  • +2

    Manage to use liven care package yesterday. So it’s another 50% off.

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