Belong Data - Why Not Just Upgrade for One Month

Wondering why people are buying belong data, when you can upgrade for one month and get 80Gb.

It seems that if I am on the $15/month plan, I can upgrade for only one month and get an extra 77GB (80 - 3) of data for an extra $30. That's 38 cents per Gb.

Am I missing somethng?

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  • Would like to know as well. People now selling at 50c is too much

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    But some people may be on the old 10 dollar plan and upgrade means they will lose out the $10 plan?
    I haven't done the maths, but just making a guess?
    Second guess, may be laziness to upgrade and then downgrade? whereas pay someone to get the data is easier. I have paid few times to buy the data myself and hence can relate to the laziness :)
    Btw, I bought at 30c and 35c :)

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      I am on the $10 plan, I always ask my dog who is pretty good at churning through belong sims to send some data to me. All I have to do is give him some tasty treats!

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    Wouldn't it be slightly cheaper if you just buy a new $25 sim, activate it and gift the data to yourself? The bonus is that if you refer yourself, you get $20 credit.

    • yes it is cheaper to do it yourself… like everything in life… why go out to eat when you can cook for cheaper yourself… =P

      • I would argue that this is kinda not quite the same. There is a chance that the seller on gumtree/fb marketplace/classifieds is dodgy, would you order food delivery off gumtree/fb marketplace/whirlpool/classifieds? And then there is the waiting for payment to go through, etc.

        Maybe I like things to be within my control. :) To each their own, I guess.

        • Yeh that's true. They can be dodgy but I guess

  • But if you run out middle month then you have to wait, the data topup rate is a lot higher.

  • Yes the reason is it's a new plan in the last few days.

    Prices have to be adjusted again. It was a nice short lived price rise for data trader.

  • beware according to whirlpool, if you are currently on $10 plan you can upgrade, and later downgrade no problem but not to the $10 anymore but the lowest is new $15 plan

  • You might need data right now, and weren't able to plan in advance to have more data in the month where you ended up needing more data.

  • yep looks like i need to lower my prices to 35c/gb now….. dammit =P

    although those on $10 plan might not wana move cuz you cant go back…

  • It's cheaper to follow the Hack For Existing Belong Customers in this post

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