This was posted 6 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Switch] Warhammer Mechanicus $5, Skully $10, Sports Party $19 & More + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ EB Games


As title - lots of games on sale at Eb, I'm just highlighting switch ones

Warhammer $5

Skully $10

Kingdom Majestic (pre-owned) $15


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  • Man lots of Switch clearances going on…are Nintendo leaving Aus lol

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      Nope, overproduction of third party games that are pretty niche…

      • Not quite a Wiiload of shovelware yet, but definitely getting there.

        • Back in the Wii’s day every game, including shovelware, needed to be physically manufactured. Nowadays you just publish it digitally on the eshop

          • @FireRunner: Don't you remember WiiWare, from back when Nintendo still didn't care about using suggestive names?

  • got a warhamer, now to get a switch!

    • Did you miss out the 299 deal at eBay?

      • Yea I did by 5 seconds.

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    I went against my own advice and bought warhammer. Possible save corruption issues. But.. $5.

    • Couldn't agree more

    • is the gameplay like XCOM ?

      • Yeah, somewhat in the same vein. There's no cover system though. Still, really fun.

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      Me too hahaha

      Hail the Omnissiah!

    • Possible GAS.

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    Anyone here play Empire of Sin on the Switch?

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    Grabbed Skully. Thanks

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    Trails of Cold Steel III for $29. This will probably be as low as a new copy will go on the Switch before it gets sold out. PS4 version is no longer listed on their website.

    • Hard to find in store

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      What's so special about this game?

      • It's a long running turn-based JRPG series which is often praised for it's world building and easy to learn combat mechanics. It's not everyone's cup of tea though since there's a lot of anime tropes and it is very heavy on dialogue.

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          Never heard of it, your description sounds like my sort of thing, looked up reviews, definitely seems like my sort of thing.


          Out of stock in stores. Priority delivery (StarTrack) $14.95


          Get stuffed

          • @Slashee the Cow: It was still available around a few metro stores in Sydney when I commented but unfortunately they were disappearing as quick as Warhammer Mechanicus. The EB staff was surprised at how cheap Warhammer was when I picked it up.

            • @DuckKnight: Guess that's what I get for being late to the party… I'm pretty sure I'd use more than $15 worth of petrol on a round trip to Bathurst to get it.

              But seriously EB, why the hell? I'd be fine paying $5 shipping or something and I don't care how quick it gets here.

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            @Slashee the Cow: Why is ebgames shipping so expensive? It stops me from buying off them every sale.

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              @Hunterex: Dunno. They're pretty evil in general, so… to rip off people who just blithely enter their credit card details without looking at the cost of shipping? To try and get you to buy stuff you didn't particularly want to justify the cost?

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    FYI Kingdom Majestic is a bundle released for Nintendo Switch which includes Kingdom: New Lands and Kingdom: Two Crowns.

    • I haven't played it yet but reviews are gameplay look fantastic

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        I really enjoyed Kingdom: Classic on PC.
        Kingdom: New Lands was also good.
        They're simple / repetative games with minimal buttons but I like playing them whilst watching a tv show.

    • trying to see how good a deal it is Deku shows it as unreleased?

      • Deku only tracks Amazon, a lot of EB games are "exclusive" (outside of independents like gametraders) aka they agree to buy 5,000 and noone else gets it.
        Its to make sure a game atleast breaks even.

        • still it should be in the estore right ( no switch on me to check) and therefore deku should have that price?

  • Thumb caps and Trigger grips for $5 ( PS4/XBONE) for anyone interested

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      Do not buy these as they damage the rubber thumb grips on the controller.

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        Agreed. Have experienced it myself.

  • thamks bought a Warhammer Mechanicus

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    I've never seen EB Games have a sale! Wow!

    • They always run sales. Most of the time the discounts are lame but occasionally you’ll find some good deals

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    Will their Ebay store also reduce their prices?

    • There's no more ebay plus free shipping. :(

      • Wot? Wow. I see you mean just ebgames has no plus listings.

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    Nice, barely anything available at my local EBs, money saved woo!

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    Thanks OP, grabbed the last Warhammer mechanicus at local store. Woohoo!

  • Trade bait. Time to pre order mario golf :)

    • Is it not in the exclusion list?

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    Missed out on the warhammer deal. Enjoy to all those who managed to snipe a copy!

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      Same. I waited too long to secure one locally, thought I got one - nope, no stock.

      Nearest ones were 45mins+ drive away. I'd spend more on fuel getting there and back than on the game.

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    Thanks OP, got a copy of warhammer :)

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    Damn. I just bought a copy for $19.95 the other day. I like the warhammer series.

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    Hey guy, the ebay ebgames has warhammer and cold steel price updated now. But shipping not free, it's 6.95 for me, but it's cheaper than ebgames shop as I am buying trail cold steel.

    [Cold Steel III] (
    [Warhammer] (

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      Thanks, just bought Cold Steel with a gift card that I had! Only two left at time of posting.
      Now I just gotta wait for a Steam sale on the rest of the series, since I heard that you have to play them before this one.

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      Cheers! Just bought Cold Steel, was never going to buy it at $15 postage.

      @wheresthebargain Might be down to 1 now :)

    • They had that many instock, I ordered with CC instead of discounted GC, expecting no stock.

      Every decision I've ever made has been wrong, complete opposite of my expectations.

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        On the bright side, you managed to get hold a copy.

        • My bank balance doesn't think it's as bright as you do.

          • @Slashee the Cow: LOL! Are you in Sydney region? Next time we can combine postage for orders like these to save further.

    • Anyone else get an order cancellation for Cold Steel? Just got a message saying that they can't find any stock of it.

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    I picked up Warhammer and there was no shrink wrap, is that normal?

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      Yeah various places don't have shrink-wrapped games

    • Same. I picked up Warhammer from Maddington and there was no shrink wrap

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        Most switch games, especially from EBGames, Big W, Target doesn't come in shrink wrap. Even Amazon sometimes doesn't wrap the game.

    • Thats because the generally store all game carts in the drawer. Dont think they stock a lot of games other than whats on the shelf which all have been opened.

  • So strange - thought I'd missed out on the Warhammer deal. Then I saw this deal and managed to click and collect from Top Ryde store…

  • No game in stock near my area lol