Affordable Thredbo Ski Accom for Two Families?

Hey All,

I know this is prolly a stupid thing to ask, but does anybody know of skiing accommodation (ie a chalet) in Thredbo in late September for 6 adults and 3 kids all in together that won't require a 2nd mortgage? There might not even be any snow there by then! Is there a way to grab cheaper accom than going onto say

Cheers, UQ.


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    Whatever you end up booking just make sure you can get a refund if they shut state borders

    • Good luck with that.

      I booked last yr this time at Thredbo.

      Covid kicked in. We were in lock down. Travel was a no go. The accom. wantes to keep 10% for cancellation. I didn't fight it to be fair they did offer to change dates but at that time who know what was happening.

      Thredbo and cheap/affordable does not go hand in hand.

  • Best to go skiing in your home state in case of border lockdowns…

    • I agree - if only there was skiing on the Gold Coast.

      • There is…

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    Cheaper accommodation if you are a member of a ski lodge.

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    No such thing as a cheap snow holiday in Oz.
    Thredbo YHA may be an option but snow late September is not guaranteed.

    • Seconded. In Village accomodation is stupidly expensive. If you can get to NZ, it's not much difference in price (flights included) but you'll get more bang for your buck.

      Since OP is asking specifically for Thredbo family accommodation. If you're set on that, prepare to shell out a lot of money (1k+/night) or get really bad snow coverage (tail of the season). We had a family trip in a chalet that was about $800/night 20 years ago. I have to see what a similar place is like now.

      Alternatives are to stay nearby: Jindabyne is still alright, or Canberra and wake up early).

      Also depends on your goals: to play in snow, or to ski. The latter is iffy in September (but someone with more recent knowledge can share).

      • I wouldn't stay in Canberra, the mad rush dash to Thredbo is 2.5 hours alone if OP need to get to the early morning lessons.

        If the goal is to purely play with snow then there's Corin Forest.

        • Corin Forest isn't much fun. The snow is so compacted it is like walking on rough ice. Difficult to scoop snow and throw a snow ball and near impossible to make a snowman (can't roll a big ball as there's no soft snow for the ball to pick up).

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      It used to be doable for almost nothing. Before Merlin were bought out by Vail, I was doing Hotham for $1 lift passes (Merlin/ Jucy partnership) and on mountain lodge accom for $43 per night (breakfast, noodles, bread and fruit inclusive). A business class flight to Melbourne using 12000 QFF points (so could take all gear with 63kg allowance, plus load up on complimentary food / drinks in the lounge prior. Plus I got a hire car as a one way transfer from the airport arrival, to all the way home for $1 (and they paid for all fuel and provided chains), parked outside the resort caught public transport bus in for $7. That was hitting the snow Ozbargain style. Saturday to Tuesday snow trip for around $150 in reasonable comfort ($50 of that being for a big frozen lasagne and garlic bread, tomato, greens, tuna,… and a case of beer ;)

      Now you would be looking at $120 per day lifts, $160 per day accom, 2 ppl, low season) , $40 per day car hire, $30 per day chain hire, $70 fuel, $50 per day resort entry, plus $100+ per day gear hire.

      Treble Cone in NZ with an RV relocation is now probably the cheapest you could now do the snow. The best I could manage was 7 days of skiing in NZ at $780 including paid QF flights (pricing error), accom (RV), car hire (get a diesel hatch) and lift passes.

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    Simple. Stay at Jindy or Cooma instead.

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    YHA during a covid epidemic, in a cold environment…

    PS. If you share a dorm you can get maximum exposure should someone arrive with the Ronii!

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    Spend the money going to NZ for sure.
    Rip off Aussie dogs don't deserve your money.

  • Stay in Jindabyne

  • Cheaper to go overseas.

  • I know this is prolly a stupid thing to ask, but does anybody know of skiing accommodation (ie a chalet) in Thredbo in late September for 6 adults and 3 kids all in together that won't require a 2nd mortgage?

    No, but there's a handful your first mortgage might just cover. Not quite "on snow" … closer to Wagga Wagga.

  • Thanks everyone. As I expected.. I'm gonna get bent over and rogered. Will aim for NZ next time.

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