[VIC] Free Water Watcher for Yarra Valley Water Customers


"All you have to do is pop us on your taps and allow us to watch over you as you use water.

We are gentle and fun reminders for you and your squad – we’re not timers. Hopefully, with us watching, you’ll remember to turn the tap off quicker and use less water. We’re here to help! "

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  • Next time I get the cute little graph with them telling me how much of my bill goes towards each initiative, which section does this sort of crap belong to?

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    Uhhhh doesn't seem very environmentally friendly to be adding this plastic into the world vs the pay off it's suppose to give…

    • It's 100% biodegradable rubber though

    • We’re 100% natural rubber.
      We’re biodegradable, so when you’ve become an expert Water Watchers and no longer need me on the tap, place me in your home compost or in your garden (I like topsoil), and over the years I will return to nature thanks to sunlight, humidity and fresh air.
      We’re BPA, phthalate, PVC, nitrosamine free.

  • Future landfill! Completely useless

    • -2 votes

      I think you're supposed to dispose of them in your nearest Yarra Valley Water Dam…

  • Absolute mindless bs. Some plastic crap instead of an actual initiative.

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    What a useless idea.

    I guess we'll all pay for them with higher water rates…

    Ordered 3, thanks…

  • I got one of these a while back. I reckon they got a job lot of s3x toys and repurposed them… :)

  • Good to remind young kids when washing hands and whatnot. Only available to yarra valley water customers though. It stops you when you enter your address.

  • Yarra water: Here's some useless plastic trinket to tell you to stop using water even though you pay more per gallon than industry!

    Agricultural industry: Yeah stop using up our water!

    Textiles industry: Selfish jerks

    Sugar cane growers: How dare you?!

    Soft drink manufacturers with unlimited water extraction rights: Please buy more soda again

    Notoriously thirsty cash crops like wheat, corn, rice, cotton, and sugarcane lead the pack in water usage.

    For example, the report revealed that a single 5-pound bag of refined white sugar uses about 88 gallons of water, most of it from the farming of sugarcane and sugar beets.

    Creating a single pair of jeans requires about 2,866 gallons of water.

    All in all, it takes between 180 and 328 gallons of water to produce a 2-liter bottle of soda


    • household consumption is like 1% of total usage and they demonise people for standing in the shower for a minute longer than they deem is necessary

      • Don't forget that households get completely gouged on pricing versus industry, why? Shut up that's why.

        Households paid an average of $3.29 per kilolitre
        Industry paid an average of $0.43 per kilolitre


        I know I love paying 8 times the industry rate.

        And yet when they do speciate data it shows that household usage has been falling year-on-year.

        Total water consumption in Australia fell by 28% between 2004–05 and 2009–10, from 18,767 GL to 13,476 GL, with household water consumption falling by 11% to 1,868 GL over the same time period.

  • It's biodegradable rubber, plus they're not forcing you to have it. Jesus christ, people just want to complain without even reading it.

  • I've got nothing good (aka polite) to say so best to keep quiet.

  • get some water tanks so you can tell them to f off

    • This! An actual initiative would be subsided tanks, but it wouldn't come from these guys obv

  • I thought sex toys were banned on OzB.

  • What a stupid waste of resources - downvoted

  • Rad. My little ones will love this. Cheers.