expired GausWheel Unicycle Scooter Skateboard $179 - $40 Further off OzBargain Exclusive


The Hottest New Scooter Worldwide

OzBargainers get $40 further off with coupon code "topbuy40".

Two colors available:
California Orange:
Groovy Green:

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  • +4 votes

    LOL what on earth is that!!!

    News clip on it: http://video.news.com.au/2144076725/Gauswheel-its-a-wicked-r...

    Also ebay "buy it now" with stock for $109 and free shipping. $80 more expensive doesn't sound like a deal.

    • +1 vote

      from watching the video, doesn't seem like it gets much momentum.


    Looks like someone invented something just for the sake of it…

  • +3 votes

    Just buy your kids a normal skateboard…

  • +2 votes

    AWESOME! Just what I always wanted, I'm not disabled enough for a normal wheelchair but too retarded to ride a skateboard, all the kids at the special school are going to be so jealous!


    From the video… something that is small but still has a big wheel!!

    I just LOL'd so hard at work people thought I was having a fit!!!


    The Hottest New Scooter Worldwide

    I found a photo of a hot chick putting one together, but still not enough to make me even remotely consider this contraption.

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