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The very popular series is back, this is really part two of this deal.


Previous deals for reviews/context: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/468419

Personal Review

This is the best book series easily on kindle unlimited, and was one of my standout new fantasy series over the last couple of years.

Series is sutable for adults and mature teenagers

I personally give some of the earlier books a 4/5 and the later ones 5/5 which I consider must read/highly highly recomended.

Cant beat free!

Series Descriptor

Unsouled is the story of a young member of a clan within a hidden valley. Within this valley everyone has an affinity towards one of four styles of magic. Except Lindon, he is what is called an unsouled and has no affinity. Thus, he is forbidden from learning the clan’s techniques. Unsouled, and the series Cradle as a whole, features a wonderful non-western setting that is reminiscent of martial arts in Asia. If you’re a fan of Shounen style anime, this series will be something you enjoy, it’s a Xianxia fantasy story.

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  • I think I’m still trying to power through chapter 3.
    While the writing is definitely of a quality, it starts out a bit slower than many other stories.

    • If your talking about the first book in the series then your right about the start being a bit slow, but it picks up soon after. The first time I read it I couldn't get past the opening arc, eventually it did come out on Audible and that helped a lot. The narrator is excellent and I spent the whole week binging the series. Not sure if its an Audible member exclusive deal or not but you can get the audiobook version for significantly cheaper when you already own it on kindle.

      • Yeah.. I’m on the first book and it just feels like a slow burn.
        Thanks will put it in the circle back to pile.

        • Its a bit slow at the start but that is just due to it being a fair bit of setup of the character.

          IMO would be alot worse of a book series without the start of the first book.

  • Going to get this, really want to start using my Kindle more. I haven't read the first series, is that an issue?

  • This was good series. Got it as part of the previous deal. Good enough to get me to pay full price for ‘Uncrowned’ -the follow up book.

  • Thanks Op :)